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How to Do the Romanian Deadlift: Strength Training 101

[Intro Music]>>JOWAN ORTEGA: The RDL is a hip-dominant
exercise that incorporates the hip-hinge pattern, which involves the glutes and hamstrings. Proper execution of the RDL incorporates the
muscles of the posterior chain, which will optimize movement and increase overall performance. To initiate the RDL pattern, begin with a
PVC pipe before you add load. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, keeping
your eyes facing straight ahead. Slightly bend your knees, drive hits straight
back and the load will travel slightly below the knees. The RDL is one of the main hip-dominant exercises. With proper execution and understanding of
this pattern, the athletes will become more aware of the posterior chain and its involvement
to movement. [Outro Music]

Reynold King

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