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How To Grow Potatoes : How to Prepare Potatoes for Planting

Hi! I’m Doug Smiddy with Smiddy’s Gardening
Services here on behalf of Today we are going to talk about how to plant,
grow and harvest potatoes. Now it is time to plant our potatoes. It takes about 3 months
to grow altogether depending on where you live. Here in Vermont, we can plant around
Memorial Day or even a little later. You don’t want to do it when it is too cold. Usually
after the last frost day is a pretty good time. What I like to do first is we’ve dug
our trench. I like to loosen up that bottom layer of soil just a little bit. You can’t
really over do it. I like to give it plenty of room for those roots to get in there and
start to grow will always result in better plants. So now that we’ve got that all set.
We have our cut potatoes, cuts of heels we are ready to go. We are going to put them
in the ground with the cut side down or the opposite way with the eyes facing up because
that is how the plant is going to grow. So we are going to put them in the loosened soil
and again one of the reasons I dig a trench is so I have soil off to the sides, all I
have to do is just drag it down, put it over the potato about 3 inches over the top of
the potato, pat it down like you do with any other plant. The reason you do that is to
get rid of the air pockets. Bring that soil down and put our last piece in, 1 foot apart.
Assuming that you are going to plant in multiple rows, make your rows I would say about 2 1/2
feet apart. You want to give your plants plenty of room to grow. Otherwise if they are too
crowded, what you are going to do is get a lot of potatoes and they are going to be tiny.
So give your plants plenty of room.

Reynold King

88 Replies to “How To Grow Potatoes : How to Prepare Potatoes for Planting”

  1. If you tamp down the dirt to get rid of the air pockets, wouldn't loosening the soil underneath first be counter-productive?

  2. Not necessarily. A light tamping to get right of air pockets doesn't create anywhere near the level of compaction of undisturbed soil.

  3. Doug Smitty has one hell of a bald patch. And what is lovelymomof 3 on about??? It's a video about growing potatoe's isn't it? Where did God get involved??? Salvation by potatoes???

  4. A waning moon is all well and good, but I prefer to sacrifice a goat over my potato trench, and then pray to satan. Potato potatoe I guess.

  5. uh oh, i planted them a foot apart. i didnt know a sliced potato was a seed. i planted my potatoes in february and the stalks are fully grown with flowers coming out, but theyre not ready

  6. So it isn't important to keep the cut potatoes in sun and let the sprout grow? We can just olant them after cutting?

  7. this is going to be incredibly usful information for when the world crisis happens sometimes within the next two years . not today tho lol

  8. Thanks Im trying to convert my entire one acre yard into our own farm. This helped me give me the basic idea how to try my had at potatoes next year.Wish me luck!

  9. @MischievousKittie I love that concept. I think that grass is such a waste of land. Grass has no purpose except to be mowed. Why doesn't everybody grow food instead of grass? I think we'd all be much better off.

  10. Not to mention that your 18 year old bride may become pregnant and bear you a "golden calf." LOL what a bunch of "bull."

  11. it's just an easy way to do it. You can dig a couple long lines and plant tons of potatoes. Also, you can plant February 14th because you live in the south where it gets warmer sooner. Up in Vermont there is still snow on the ground February 14th.

  12. Hello. I am here because I thought I knew how to plant potatoes for good production. I harvested some today and found my potato gardening skills woefully inadequate. I helped relatives plant potatoes when 40years ago when I was a kid. They didn't tell me to dig a trench, but I wish I did. I would have gotten more potatoes if I did so and continued to bury the plant as it grew. Live and learn — the hard way.

  13. ty bro, hey my grandpa lives in north dakota n he use to grow potatoes and barley to keep my family fed and keep their budget stand up, hesa great man and i just want to follow him, i just hope i can grow them h ere in nebraska 🙂

  14. I suppose if you really want to make an easy job difficult you can do it this way… The only way I will ever plant potatoes will be the way I learned from the Ruth Stout No Work Garden book. ( Which I found on ebay for $ 3.00. Best potatoes with least work.)

  15. On my first attempt at growing potatoes in our home vegetable garden I planted each potato just a little too close to each other and like you said it may result in small taters, very small I might add. I'll get it right this year.

  16. Never heard us called that. However we are known for growing potatoes as a widespread food supplement .Mainly because of the historic "Potato Famine" of 1740-1741. About a million died and at least that many migrated from Ireland. However;it was never actually a main food source for everyone as much as it was for the poor!

  17. The "Stout method" works well with very good soil, potatoes are heavy feeders. However ;for poorer soils the "trench method" has been a tried and true method for many centuries.

  18. Why not! Sod strips left between the rows,gives you a great place to walk without compacting soil as well as retaining moisture and reducing erosion! It's just smart gardening!!

  19. No you don't! However;cutting one large potato into many smaller ones with atleast two eyes on each.Will give you more seed potatoes to plant,hence a larger crop.You will get those that argue that doing this will make for smaller potatoes, leaving them whole doesn't.As far as I can tell the jury is still out on that one! Reducing the amount of water you put on them after the flowers bloom.Will cause them to put their food source and water in reserve. (the potato itself) Making them more sizable

  20. Leaving sod strips between rows gives a gardener a great place to walk without compacting the soil where the plants roots grow.It also conserves moisture and reduces erosion and summertime temperature on the soil below. Not to mention gives you a nearby source of nitrogen.Mow the sod before it goes to seed and point the chute towards your beds.When it decomposes the grass releases nitrogen into the soil!! So no, don't get rid of the sod!

  21. It's best to wait at least 24 hours after cutting. Placing them in the sun isn't absolutely necessary but can help the drying time of the cut

  22. The gift from Bolivia and Peru to the world. It saved the hunger in Ireland and then revolutionized the world along with the tomato also from the same place. I think we should call it Bolivian fries not french fries lol

  23. Because grass is a important part of the earth, but fat bitches like you would not understand. Yes, you got a reply from a potato.

  24. A potato that can't even spell it's name. And there is a big difference between natural grasses and lawn grass.

  25. I spelled my name correctly (potato, no need for a capital because I'm a vegetable), and it is still grass you fat bitch.

  26. Try Innocent. You fucking inadequate vegetable. And you don't know what you're talking about. Learn something about the environment. Lawn grass does nothing for the planet.

  27. Try Innocent. You fucking inadequate vegetable. And you don't know what you're talking about. Learn something about the environment. Lawn grass does nothing for the planet.

  28. grass isn't entirely useless, if you keep grazing animals. but I agree, growing food is a very good use of land.

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  30. When is the best time to plant potato's in pa ? And should you let the potato dry after cut in half before planting ? And please answer back need help thankyou

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