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How To Have More Discipline

First, a question. What is the greatest enemy of discipline? You might say “laziness” or “procrastination”, and that’s partly correct. But let’s dig even deeper… What is the root cause… of “laziness” and “procrastination”? Alright, I’ll give you a hint. Let’s think about something… that has perfect discipline. That thing would be a machine, right? Now, why does a machine have perfect discipline? Because it doesn’t have emotions. So now we have our answer: the greatest enemy of discipline is emotion. Think about how many times you decide… not to do something that you should do like getting up early or going to the gym because you didn’t feel like it. An emotion stopped you. This is always the case. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that… you should live without emotion… like a machine all the time. What I am saying… is that there is only one true key… to having perfect discipline, and that is to practice ignoring your emotions at the right time. Here’s how I do it… When it comes to something that I should do, I do not allow myself… a lot of time to think about it. You see, thoughts feed into emotions. For example, when you keep thinking about someone… that you don’t like, it will make you feel angrier and angrier. Likewise, when you keep thinking… about the actual effort involved in running or creating a mental movie… and looping the scene in your mind, chances are, you won’t go out and run! Those thoughts feed into the feeling of laziness and it only intensifies until you give up. So, use the 3-second rule: if it’s good for you, don’t allow yourself more than 3 seconds to… ruminate, just begin right away. The more time you allow yourself to think about it, the less likely you are to go through with it. If you step back and take a look at your life, every single thing you do with perfect discipline is the thing you do without thinking. For example, you don’t wake up and… consciously make a plan to brush your teeth, you just do it. This is because… when you do something… without consciously thinking about it… for long enough, a part of your brain called the “basal ganglia” which is the seat of your habits will take over… and turn it into a subconscious action. Eventually, when that action is repeated often enough, your spinal cord will take over and… turn it into an autonomic process: which is an action that can be achieved entirely… without thought, and it is also immune to your emotions. And that is when you have developed… a perfect discipline. Remember: the better you are… at doing the things you’re supposed to do, even when you don’t feel like doing them, the more certain it is… that you will get the things you want, when you truly want them. This is K… signing off. Till next time, Be peaceful. Be powerful.

Reynold King

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  2. I have been struggling with discipline for so long and this is not the first time I've watched a video on 'How- to' have discipline but your video explains that it's actually our emotions that are our enemies! Therefore, it must be ignored if we want to become highly disciplined… now I understand… I always let my emotions run its game on me.
    Okay now I will try to rotate my mindset on this. [Repeated action, unconscious thinking, autonomic process— discipline! ]
    Love how there is a cute sloth when you mention about laziness >< and the teeth brushing scene ^^
    I personally feel your voice in English is super calming, very easy to listen to and follow along.
    หลังจากนี้จะไปตัดคลิปต่อ คิดคอนเท้น เบื่อตัวเองมากที่ชอบ procrastinate และทำงานไม่ efficiently เท่าที่ควร การมีวินัยคือประตูสู่ชัยชนะในอีกหลายๆอย่าง ฮึบๆๆ สู้ๆ <3 ขอบคุณพี่ขุนเขนนะจ้ะ

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  5. “ 3 seconds rule” I heard once from you in get rid of “ fear” then i use this rule and get a lot of new my life. I love this rule so much ❤️ . Thank you so much in your guideing.

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