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What’s up YouTube people welcome to my channel again today I’m going to show you how to install profile and device management in your iPhone iOS So that you can easily install third-party apps and keep them trust certificate from this profile and device management option Here you can see I have no profile device management system in my setting so for this different, I’m using iPhone 6s plus, and I was Eleven point two point one so let’s do this Sorry about too much sound For installing profile and device management option in your iPhone first you need to go to your suffering browser in your iPhone then just type beta dot So Here you can see two option one is signing and one is Sign up if you have no Apple ID then just hit sign up and if you have Apple ID then just sign in I have Apple ID so I am flipping signing Just type in my password Designing Here you can see a to option do not allow and allow just click allow option, and you can find a Apple ID verification code, which is really important for this process? Just keep remember this code So I submitting this code in my verification function So In the above another some option Apple data software program guide Enroll your device. Just hit enroll your device scroll down And you can see one option up Download profile just click download profile Now allow Ok and you can see I always beta software profile just hit install You need to provide your iPhone password Okay, there’s some option just click install install Okay, you need to restart just click restart It will take some time don’t worry Okay, I think Spanish Now go to Settings General and Boom here you can see profile Is better softer profile? Is nice I was better softer profile you can also remove this profile just clicking remove profile So I hope you understand the process if you liked this video. Please hit like back button if you Have any comments Please comments below if you want to get more upcoming video of this channel about IPhone or Android please hit subscribe button now, and thank you for watching

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