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How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC (and practice making your website)

Hi Guys, I’m Subhang from Today, I’ll be showing you how you can install WordPress, Locally on your computer Now, Why would you want to Install WordPress locally? Normally, if want to build
a wordpress site, you would need to buy domain and
hosting, and then launch your live website But if you don’t want to
launch a website yet, and just want to try and test wordpress, you can do that by watching
this video Okay! So, when you install
wordpress locally all your website’s files will be
stored on your computer, and this means only you will be able to access your website Now, this is a great way for you to
learn making your website for free of cost And, once you’ve build your wordpress
site locally, you can then move it to a live website I’ll show you, how you can
do that at the later part of this video So keep watching And now, let’s install
wordpress locally! Okay! It is going to be
totally free and we’re going to do
it in just 2 simple steps! First, we’re going to download a software called ‘bitnami wordpress’ Now, this is the software which
is going to allow us to run wordpress on our computer So to download it, let’s go to our browser And, then search for
‘bitnami wordpress’ and press enter Now, click the first link And then download
bitnami, by clicking here And clicking this link Okay! So the bitnami
software is downloaded! Now, let’s go to step 2, which is
to install this software So let’s open the
file we’ve downloaded And, click ‘Ok’ Now keep clicking ‘next’ till you reach this page Okay! So this is the page,
where we need to enter the login details of our
local wordpress site So enter your name email address and then the username and the password for wordpress make sure you remember these
details as you’ll be needing this to login into your local
wordpress site Once you’re done, keep clicking next And wordpress
will be installed Now let’s click finish! And it will take
you to this page So, wordpress is now
installed on our computer Now to access your site, you
just have to click ‘access wordpress’ So let’s click that And as you can see, our
wordpress site is now running on our PC! Okay! You can access your
site anytime by going to “localhost/wordpress”
on your browser Now if you want to login
to wordpress, you just add “/login” And, it will take you to the
login page of wordpress You can now login, by
entering the details that you gave during
the installation So, once you’ve logged in, you can
start building your website So this is how you can Install wordpress locally on your PC and start building your website Once you’ve completed
building your website you can then move it to a live website, by watching this
video, here! We show you how you can
move from local host to web host So that’s it! Guys If you liked this video,
just click the Subscribe button to get more videos
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Reynold King

100 Replies to “How to Install WordPress Locally on your PC (and practice making your website)”

  1. WordPress not install my computer ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
    Problem is – Error running C:/Bitnami/wordpress-5.2.2-/php/php -v: child killed:unknown signal.
    ๐Ÿ™Please help me ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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  3. Your video helps me a lot i loved to learn from your videos. Sir please make video on how to connect domain to hosting.

  4. Hello Subhang.Thanks for the lovely tutorial.Is it possible to do it for a website already live and then do changes as needed? Kindly advise. Thanks. Gopi Mundkur

    its the link that i used to open bitnami wordpress
    ahmm. and the layout of my wordpress is like a normal html site with error css codes.
    I hope you get my point. how can I fix it?

  6. It's really useful video and the way of your speech very clear…I downloaded the WordPress ..but it can't be open..

  7. Following this tutorial was really easy, well done.

    I did run into a probelm however, which was an Error where Bitnami WordPress was unable to install Apache as a service with name wordpressApache.

  8. This process is so good , i like this and i suggest this to my friends, but i have one doubt if i want to install more than one wordpress in my computer with using bitnami wordpress , can you tell me that too

  9. They have updated the site I have followed though your instructions but failed after completion there is no access wordpress button

  10. Thank you for the video.
    I have designed the website using this WordPress bitnami but how do I re- login ? Its is showing as 'Forbidden'

  11. as follows your video it is installed but I can't go to login page.When I search "localhost/wordpress/login",it says that "object is not found ".how can I solve this prblm?

  12. Sorry i can't see any of the downloading option on your bitnami software link…..
    please help it's my windows 10

  13. What if I have more than one wordpress site that I want to build at the same time? Do you need to download this app twice?

  14. Hey i know i'm a bit late but when i clicked the bitnami WP taht you provide, the website is not like in your video. there are 3 options which are onthecloud/container/inmycomputer .

    also i tried to dwld from and i find difficulties to do what u did in the videos. so that's why i try to follow ur steps but i dunno which link. can u help ur lost bro haha


  16. Hey, really awesome video for beginners, please give notification or message is it possible multiple sites in a single bitnami localhost.

  17. Hello, this is the best video I've seen to install WordPress. Thank you! However, I am now having problems accessing my local website. I get this message:

    "This site can't be reached; Local host refused to connect."

    Any ideas of why this is happening?

  18. Hi Bitnami! If you can install WordPress in a local computer can you install something (???), to run an Html site? I'm creating an Html site but I want to do all the work in my computer first before transferring my files to a server. Thanks!!

  19. Thanks for the great video!

    One question though How do you make more than one website using this method? I'd like to make multiple websites to practice as much as possible ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Create admin account me koi bhi password nhi accept kar rha h. (Example alphanumeric password 1biggertree)
    Please help me sir

  21. Thank you for the great tutorials. Please advise, what if one wants to have several localhost projects?? Is it possible to work on different projects on different localhost tabs??

  22. cant you just use xampp for hosting or one needs internet. cuz during installation i had xampp running and it requested for sql ports??

  23. I've a question my friend. Already have a theme, host and a domain. But. I want to edit my site locally (on localhost) but ฤฑ cant login on wp-admin page. So, i want to edit my site on my compute.

  24. Bruhhh thanks… I just wanted to try it out all this time xD couldnt find a different way till i came across this

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