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How to Lose Weight Rowing On The Concept 2 Rower

Reynold King

64 Replies to “How to Lose Weight Rowing On The Concept 2 Rower”

  1. Lol i know all about erging for weight loss…..just go for as long as you can. Dont worry about splits….just overall distance…..

  2. i have been rowing for 4 months now, and during the first 8 weeks i lost 9 KG without changing my diet habit. i was amazed to see the change in my body weight and form, and i am even more amazed that i really grow fond of rowing.
    i am rowing 4 days a week with different types of sessions ( intensity and volume/distance ) and i am not afraid of going to the gym and more as i used to when i first started.

  3. Great video. It can definitely be rough when lots of "Beginner Programming" (like Pete's Plan for Beginners) will really crush the soul of someone unfit looks for guidance on using the machine. Allowing yourself and your body the time required to acclimate to it is so important.

  4. Super refreshing to hear people talking about weight loss from a psychological/ mindset perspective. Another great video!

  5. I just pull at full force max drag all out for 30 mins non-stop. Form is the ultimate. Pulling incorrectly has little benefit to your overall conditioning. No yolk.

  6. I am so Glad I came across this video,You covered it all for me,and though I am moving toward the same ideas ,thoughts like these are a great reinforcement to keep you focused on your goals,since I have rheumatoid arthritis,Its great to know that this is a low impact form of many times I've been told to walk my weight off but I am tired of explaining how painful a simple thing like walking can be..I had made a huge mistake of going to the gym,and ended up with a my lesson ,and thankfully I have a rowing machine at home yaaay lol..Thank you once again 🙂

  7. DarkHorse…Glad I found your videos…I like the row machine workout but don't have a comparison of what "being good" at it is… I like doing 5000M for 30 minutes (1000M per 5 min). What kind of workout do you do?…

  8. Good lawd, I got lost in a YouTube black hole & somehow came across this video at 4 in the morning and now I've found my husband 😍

  9. Great information and great video! I started indoor rowing last May and have lost ~10 lbs thanks to nutrition changes and the intervals we do in erg class. It really does come down to the mindset, especially for people who are emotional eaters. Thanks for the helpful video!

  10. I am doing Charles Poliquin's Interval sprint program, 16 weeks, 4x a week. Days 1 and 3 are :30 sec all out, 90 sec rest for 10x, Day 2 is 2:00 sprint with active rest for :90 sec, 6x. Day 4 is 30 minutes for distance ( I usually get 5800 – 5700ml, aiming for 6000m at end.)

  11. Stand more than you sit. Walk stairs vs elevator. Don't drink soda or eat red meat. Walk at least 30 mins a day.don't eat bread or chips or crap.

  12. Interesting info. I just started rowing about a month ago and really enjoy it so far. I'm 70 y/o, in good shape but not one who enjoys working out in a gym. I've got a home gym with most of the equipment, but just got tired of the routine. Rowing is new to me and I like that there is no impact and yet most of my muscles are getting involved. Look forward to viewing more of your videos, even while rowing away. Thanks.

  13. Medium build, 60 lbs overweight, used to be very active, now a couch ipad-tomato. What type / brand of row machine is recommended for puchase to acquire some better exercise habits.

  14. I tried looking for this bt did nt find anywhere in ur vids. Can u tell me how to divide the sets. how much time exactly should I row n rest. Or jess like running we should do it at normal pace for say 30-45 mins. I do 3 sets for 7-6-5 mins n rest in between at normal pace.

  15. Rowing has changed my life. Not only have I lost over 60 lbs. in the last year, I've discovered a lot about myself. Knowing what we know about how effective rowing is, I'm amazed that people almost universally ignore what is right in front of their eyes. Rowing really works as a weight loss tool. Try it. But even more important, stay with it.

  16. I usually do the elliptical. Today I did the rowing machine for 15 minutes on level 3 resistance. I have Cerebral Palsy so the right side of my body is weaker. I felt good and enjoyed the workout. Do I need to do reps? I've lost 33LBS, looking to lose 15-20 more. I want to lose weight more than "tone". Should I take it easy on the resistance for weight loss?

  17. Great contribution, thanks. In my experience rowing is the most effective way to loose weight without stressing your joints. It is amazing how fast your body adapts to the movement and increased work out by the week. But you need to cut out the usual crap you eat and drink. Avoid sodas of any kind, show McD the middle finger and go moderate on booze. Another prerequisite for weight loss is being aware that it takes time and a constant effort. You did not get fat in a week or two, why would you expect to get slim in a short time then ? Make rowing a part of you weekly life. And believe me – its getting easier every time. Good luck my fellow fatsos.

  18. Just discovered rowing. Or more truthfully, just got brace enough to go to the gym and the rowing machine is always free!! I love rowing since I was a kid at summer camp and otherwise, don't always have access.
    Your directions to slow it down is just what I needed to hear!! My ego is a trip!! I could do 5, 5, 10 with break time in between!
    Thank you!!

  19. for someone who has a physical job walking around for 8 hours how much rowing should I do before or after work

  20. I'm on chemo and being photosensitive/like allergic to the sun, have set me on a course where I find myself too fatigued at all times (Lupus and Leukemia survivor but treating Lupus with chemo) have set on on a heavier much more painful path. To top it all I have Osteopenia secondary to Lupus, and I just recently jokingly made a bet that I would get the rowing machine on my small budget, and try my best to work my hardest to help me loose the weight that I'm mercyfulllessness (yes it is a word lol) gaining because of all the drugs, chemo and corticosteroids my physicians have me on. The sad thing is they have me on harmful drugs but don't agree I'm in any shape to even try and exercise at home since I can't face the sun literally and I can't go running at 4:30-5am because that's almost sunrise we're am at and again, not an option.
    Nevertheless I got a rowing machine, not a concept2(for what I hear they're amazing, but I've medical bills and bad ones) so I bought a stamina rower yesterday off Amazon by Dazadi so, although not the one thing everyone's told me to get I got what I could afford because if not me, who? And if not now, when? Can't afford to get heavier, my heart could drown. But I'm trying and I need this to work so your intro video gives me hope that I may as well get somewhere, I don't know how far but I can't imagine there is traffic since many quit before they begin and I'm eager to start feeling better and I feel like you can help me because you want to help people like me. This is the most genuine video I've found as of yet. Thank you so much!

  21. Why people say this type of machine is bad for muscle building? If I keep uping the machine's resistance so I really need to use my muscles, wouldn't they grow? I don't wanna be huge, just lean and defined.

    I keep hearing that I wont get defined with this, just lean.

  22. I came across this video as I was looking for a vid on correct techniques. I have chosen the rowing machine as my means to increase my fitness before trekking the Incan Trail in eight months for charity. I look forward to checking out your other videos.

  23. Nice to see this …. Far too much out there just focuses on food and maybe the exercise but for the first time in my life i'm putting most of my effort into my mind battle. Its the mental battle of weight loss that defeats us 9 times out of 10…. this is my approach now … so thanks for talking about it…. and i'm back on my Concept2 after a long break due to knee pain

  24. Hi. I’ve been hearing a lot about rowing to get fit & thank you Dark Horse for detailing it further. I’m seriously looking for a good brand right that will cater to my family’s needs so all 5 of will be inspired to get fit.

  25. hi all rowing has made me supper fit . and i started rowing just to lose weight. just a few points . remember why you are rowing TO LOSE WEIGHT don't get obsessed with times or speeds . the only thing to think about is the calorie setting rowing will make you fit FACT will rowing make you slim NO it will help you YES but ultimately its what you eat I can and have rowed harf marathons in morning and then in the evening and done this for weeks and weeks eating like a horse the only thing that stopped me was blisters on my hands . a good tip for that is rub vaseline on your hands before going on the rower . Try rowing 30 mins in the morning thats about 400 cals do not eat before. .stop eating 5 hours befor you go to bed .Then 2 hour before you go to sleep do another 30 mins on rower .I have lost over 6 stone doing this .just to see what wood happen i once did 14 harf marathons over 7 days eat what i wanted . and lossed not a pound .the next week i did the same but eat 26 egg whites 6 bananas 4 large potatoes and huge plate of peas every day. It work out at about 1500 cals. i lost 1.5 stone IN 7 DAYS so remember ultimately its what you eat a harf marathon on the concept 2 at 213 pace is 1200 cals and take just over 1 hour 30 hope this can help some one out thire Its all about what you eat no what you do

  26. ⚡️Des conseils de qualités sur rameur indoor en cliquant sur ce lien

  27. I know this isn't for everyone but those long rows burn a LOT of calories and feel absolutely amazing. This season, I've done ten half marathons, two full marathons and three 50,000m pieces. These long rows have helped improve my aerobic capacity immensely. Started rowing about 1 year ago at 254 lbs and I'm now about 233 lbs.

  28. What is the best brand rower machine under $500? What specs should i look for in a good rower? Are there any “dupes” of the concept 2?

  29. well, I was up to 2 miles of good, non-stop rowing about 3 times per week, and then we went through a move to a different house, area, and my rowing stopped. I went to see the doctor because we changed health insurance companies and she said I can not have my other knee replaced until I lose 30 pounds. Good motivation to get back to it. I almost sold my concept 2 rower, thinking I would never be able to lose the weight, but I'm gonna try again. Hard sometimes, with arthritis in my knee and shoulder, but at least it's low impact otherwise. Thanks for all the great videos!

  30. Great video, thank you! It was encouraging with good tips for someone at the beginning of their weight loss journey.

  31. Excellent advice, especially about starting with low volume. It helped me just to make a habit of getting on the machine and rowing every day, even if it was only for ten minutes. If you can just improve something about your row every day, the numbers will take care of themselves in time. But you have to actually use the thing more than twice a month – so focus on that first!

  32. Great video ,just got my concept 2 yesterday. Love the fact you covered the mental aspect. Recommend the book "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" by Joe Dispenza.

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