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How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills – Gordon Ramsay

Reynold King

100 Replies to “How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills – Gordon Ramsay”

  1. Ojalá que hubiera más youtubers como tú. Muchas gracias por compartir tus conocimientos. Ya tienes una suscripción más.
    Un beso, Laura

  2. No one in Italy would do such a stupid thing as wasting precious oil into water. The oil will stay on top of the water and never meet pasta. To avoid sticking, just stir the pasta gently once every 3-4 minutes.
    The fact that he's Gordon Ramsay doesn't mean that all he says is right.

  3. Esse arroz tá todo errado. Arroz vai alho e sal. Só! Única coisa certa aí foi a água no fogo alto e depois abaixar com a panela tapada sempre pra ficar soltinho.

  4. My grandmother would test if pasta was done by throwing it at the wall. If it sticks it's done I guess. Never tried it. Probably won't.

  5. You seasoned the rice. What in the actual freak are you doing, Gordon!?

    We Asians do it simple yet it's beyond perfect than that.

    When you season the rice with salt and pepper you are ruining the slightly sweet natural flavor of it.

    I don't understand why Europeans are fond of adding salt and pepper to basically anything even in rice, oh my word!

  6. How to make "brazilian" rice: chop a quarter of a smal onion (just like in te video) and a small garlic cove, put some extra virgin olive oil in a pan and saute it (first, the onions, till it's transparent, then add the garlic, just for a minute). Add a cup (part) of rice, saute it along with the onion and the garlic, just for a minute. Add 2 cups (parts) of water (not hot), add salt to the whole thing (not too much, something around a tea spoon – taste the water while you do it – it should taste nice, not very salty) and wait till it's boiling. Dimish the fire, cover the pan half way, wait for the water to dry. It's ready (around 20 minutes).

  7. Alton Brown says adding oil to the pasta cooking water is a waste of oil and time. He says that once the pasta is cooked and drained you can add a splash of oil to keep it from sticking together.

  8. Thanks Gordon for kick starting my love for cooking. I didn't know how cathartic an home cooked meal could be. Thanks Chef.

  9. I can't get enough of Chef Ramsey. I watch kitchen nightmares, hotel hell, and now his cooking shows. I think I'm addicted

  10. I don't think you should use olive oil to cook pasta, this would make most sause slip from it rather than coat it. Other than that, love the channel helps a lot 🙂

  11. My mom also put water double the quantity of rice…I think it depends on the type of rice and also how old the rice are.

  12. Gordon you should know that adding oil to the pasta while cooking will later prevent the sauce from sticking to the cooked pasta.

  13. If Gordon says " put oil in the water " then i put oil in the water. To all those hat say "you shouldnt put oil in the water because the sauce wont stick " well to you i say how many restaurants do you own, how many TV shows are you in or host and do you have 11mil subs on your YouTube channel

  14. Gordon ramsey is known as a foul mouth and use of profanity nd not for cooking 😂😂 what boy takes home economics at school lmao

  15. Ummm – oil in the water??? No good Italian chef will put oil in the water because the sauce won’t cling properly. That’s like pasta cooking 101.

  16. There is more than one way to do most things, yes? If you arent going to sauce your pasta, the oil is ok in the pasta. Because he seasoned the pasta and add more oil after cooking, I'm inclined to think it wasnt getting sauce. Angel hair is very tricky to not overcook and it can become globby easily. If you dont rinse the rice it will be sticky, "to some degree", which may be nice for absorbing soup or sauce but not for single grain fluffy perfection, in my novist experience.

  17. Horrible camera moves, zoom and hysterics close-ups. Why the cooking shows are so poorly filmed? They can't film normally?

  18. that rice looked a little wet. Talk to Iranians about proper rice cooking. I get it, he's Chef Ramsay, but my basmati looks less wet and I put a rag on my lid.

  19. Hi Gordon, I would like to thank you so much and say how helpful this was to me. Ever since I was a child I lost my ability to smell (which also affected most of my ability to taste), but I still cook for family. I just had a surgery a few years ago that has help regain just a little bit of my ability to smell and taste and I have found out how terrible it is to cut onions! Before my surgery I could cut onions any way I wanted to, but now I can’t! Thank you so much on the onion cutting tip! It’s helped so much with joining the world of smellers!

  20. Mi profesor diciendo que el arroz se debe cocinar destapado y yo siempre lo cocinaba tapado y Ramsay también nada más que decir

  21. El aceite en el agua no impide que la pasta se pegue es un truco falso, el aceite y agua de repelen y no funciona… me impresiona que diga algo tan absurdo siendo un chef famoso; lo que hay que hacer es dejar hervir el agua antes de meter la pasta así al estar el agua hirviendo cocina rápido la capa superficial de la pasta e impide que se quede pegado en el fondo y entre ellos… me impresiona mucho que Ramsay diga algo semejante

  22. While he was cooking the rice

    As an intellectual asian

    Im highly dissapointed he season it


  23. One thing I wish he would have covered with the pasta is the heat level. I've seen far too many folks lower the heat to a low which turns the pasta into mush.

  24. Cheff Gordon Ramsay your terrific, what are your thoughts on ketogenic internment fasting eating and do you have any recipes on this plus, you have lost so much weight and look great, how did you do it and what is your exercise practice?

  25. If I was around Gordan Ramsey very long I would have to bend his nose with good right hook. He is rude on his competition cooking shows. Prick!

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  27. Hmm we don't cook rice like that, if I cooked rice that came out sticky no one would eat it. I don't believe that's the perfect rice. Loved the onion tip that's gone save me a lot of pain

  28. Gordon is wrong: no need to add oil to your pasta cooking water. Definitely don't do it if you plan to dress the pasta with a sauce, as this want cling to the pasta. If sticky, just drain them!

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