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How To Master & Control Your Emotions

Reynold King

100 Replies to “How To Master & Control Your Emotions”

  1. first time i see your video, i can see in your eye, you are very sad person.. and i'm not finish see your video but there's 1,2k people dislike, what happen?

  2. This video changed my entire mindset. This has got to be, HANDS DOWN, the best video I've ever watched. I can't believe content like this is free. This video probably took over an hour for me to watch just because I took pages and pages worth of notes. Leo, you're a lifesaver. And it's such a coincidence that I found this video RIGHT after I encountered an external situation/circumstance. I loved so much the examples you used throughout the video, it helped so much. And it's like now that I think about all of these situations in the past, both positive and negative, I was the one in control of everything. I wish I can share this video with everybody that I know, but I don't think they ready for that. I'm a time in my life where I'm so self-aware, and it honestly starts with you wanting that for yourself first. I'm 19 years old and I couldn't have found this video at a better time.

  3. Leo I'm going to give it a try. You are so right my husband made me mad this morning all the thoughts that came to my head oh my.

  4. Ever since I got sober I realize how much I allow the external environment me to control my emotions. Took me about 3 years of being off of alcohol and drugs to finally feel it on a visceral level, now I am in a place I can work on it. Very painful issue to have but I’ll work through it over time…

  5. I had to realize this when i was in the Marine infantry. I used a litttle of this type of thinking too when experiencing extream pain as well.

  6. Okay I get it. To be honest, I love controlling my emotions. I do it by broadening my perspective, and as much as possible, I consider everyone's perspective and call it the General Perspective. This video help me to better understand how General Perspective works in my life, so thank you.

    But here's a problem. You guys gotta help me with this one. What if somebody rape someone close to me? What's the best interpretation in order to filter my thoughts, and generate a positive emotion and a positive results out of it?

  7. I think too many people nowadays combine & overlap subjects & wind them together to create a whole. Truth is, feelings are not emotions & thoughts do not create either feelings or emotions. Each is a separate response. Making a long & winding story to bind them all together is just story-making.
    Feelings are body responses, physiological in nature. They are either from the autonomic nervous system or the sympathetic nervous system. Feelings actually happen & THEN your mind labels it. Feelings first, thoughts second.
    Emotions are responses of the experiences & triggers. Emotions are not OF a person, they come over a person. (ie. a child falls & skins knee, but does not cry. The same child falls & skins its' knee & the people around flip out and scream or shout OH no! Are you okay?! & respond with chaos…now the child cries, because it has been shown to flip out as a response to what is going on. Emotions are also memory-based.
    Thoughts are responses of scenarios OR thoughts are something the brain is employed to do as in thinking for example when filling out a form or doing a test, etc. Thoughts are controllable & are a tool. They have no power.
    Power requires action. You can ~think~ you're in power, but truth is, you will have to act on that potential to make it so.
    Emotions are active, but do not create.
    & feelings are motivation – your feelings you work with make you have the ability to rise or fall.
    Feelings are NOT active.
    All 3 states of tools are not permanent or innate. All 3 are based on experience, the memory to & the dedication & focus to that experience.
    Experience is outside of the body in regard to others & situations.
    If you Feel as though you can do it, your emotion builds & motivates you & you rise to the occasion & put your thinking cap on (if need be…cause really, there's no need to think about running a marathon, you just DO IT! ) & in other cases, the thoughts on the how-to & such, is the final stage & then you command your abilities to make it all so.
    Creative spark leads to emotional desire & then thoughtful ways to manifest. 1. feeling 2. emotion 3. thought

    **the more time goes on & the more indepth cultures & ethnicities & such become one via media, the easier it is to see things as a whole – whereas, looking back at actual manifestation, even in your own life, will show the true manner of order to creation, in any arena 😉
    *take or leave what I have said here, it is your feelings to it that will decide & your emotional state will support that & activate a thought about the why-for you give it 🙂

  8. SOMETIMES, I just want to be numb at everything. I'm good at giving advice to other people because I can relate to them most especially when they are feeling bad for themselves but unfortunately, I can't even apply those to myself. Easy to speak, hard to apply hahaha lol

  9. Hey Leo, I haven’t watch the whole video but this just got me thinking, “what about mental illness?” I feel that some of us really struggle with this but there are real biological causes that generate this and cause us to have terrible emotions, it’s not just are thoughts

  10. Ahhhh.. Like some of your videos but not this one. Hate to be the odd one out. The self improvement paradigm is the proverbial and perpetual carrot on a stick. You can't control which thoughts arise.. Which thoughts are believed.. When and where you will be mindful of your thoughts or when and where that mindfulness will allow alternative "positive" thoughts or whether your habits and tendencies will continue to play out. Conditioning may change or not. New conditioning may come in because of mindfulness practices or because of a funny movie that you watched. Or because of a new belief structure. You are not separate from your environment to be able to influence your environment. You are not the doer of your actions, feelings or thoughts. Hate to break it to you all….

  11. Why would you want this. Who would want to be the guy laughing at his mother's funeral. The negative in life is just as important as the positive. If it were really possible to stop feeling negative emotions, your life would become boring, numb and you would never learn from your mistakes. I'll just trust my subconscious with my emotions

  12. Dude – On you podcast – you said you had a funny head on your shoulders. You have a great head on your shoulders brobeans. I don’t think you could ever get a double chin – that jawline is sharp as.

    But your sexy head burns too much data so imma gonna go back to your podcasts. ❤️

    Edit: oil thanks for waking me Leo ♌️, I didn’t just swallow the red pill, I choked on it 👍🏻

  13. how do you interpret something most of us consider evil in a way that will prevent us from suffering? lets say…the destruction of the environment? whats the difference between ignorance and taking control? If anything is subjective, why is compassion such a factor in buddhism?

  14. It's a nice idea – that you are in control of how you feel – but it really makes no logical sense to me at all. It is analagous to saying you are responsilbe for how you feel physically. If someone is hitting you and it hurts then it is not you making this feeling, it is the person hitting you. You could say to yourself: "This is all in my mind, I am making this feeling of pain" but you would just be lying to yourself as a way of dealing with the horrible situation. I Can't see the difference between this and saying that someone tormenting you psychologically or emotionally is not causing you distress but rather it is how you think about it. True in a way but only in so far as if you detach yourself from reality and pretend all is OK and you are in control, but this is really just a form of madness in that case is it not? Nice idea, wish it was true, but I can't believe this as is just wishful thinking and not wanting to be in a situation you actually don't control. We could all pretend day is night and night is day and try and get a sun tan under the moonlight, but we won't.

  15. I am so lucky not only me I think many people cause emotional suffering is very common to people just differ in degree but there are no much teaching in society how to control emotion but Leo gura has done and doing great job

  16. Watching this because I lost the woman I'm with for this past 1 and a half yrs and now I'm so fucked up broken and my heart hurts so bad

  17. The only problem is when abusive people try to use this logic on you….lol It is your fault if you are hurt, or having any response to the abuser that isn't positive. Whether the abuse is psychological, emotional, or physical. I have only had abusive partners try to use this method on me sadly…now my interpretation of this is skewed. I need to clean my filter out…lmao

  18. I lived abroad for 5 years, and I felt I've developed myself so much in those years! I started being more optimistic, an explorer of the world and I barely found people with bad intentions, and if I saw them, I didn't care – I thought I were the one who decided what was going to happen in that interaction by controlling how I felt. I've always enjoyed the feeling that I am the one who decides what's gonna happen in my life, and there are so many paths to follow!
    A couple months ago, I came back to my country, to my parent's house, and to the previous environment. Bad situations are going on constantly, negative feelings, pain, people talking shit about each other – and that's family, and I can't just change their minds. It has been really hard since I came back!
    First, I had to adapt to being back, and it took me a few months. I needed to change how I was thinking. So, instead of believing I was going back to the past and to my past self, I thought, this might be good! – "I am back, but I am different now! The city has changed so much, so I just need to start seeing my city as a new one to explore with foreigner's eyes" These thoughts changed my perspective and made me happy about being back.
    Now I'm facing new challenges, and I think I am in that negative loop (that's why I looked for some help on this video), and it's been tough to get out. I am starting to make adverse actions because of my negative emotions, so let's hope the results don't go against me…

    This video has helped in reminding me that I'm the one who controls what's going to happen in my mind. We tend to forget it. Thank you, Leo.

  19. You seem to believe that negative emotions are always bad. I don't believe in that (I also don't believe that positive emotions are always good). Yes, they can be very destructive but we can use them in constructive way (example: for me anger is a very helpfull emotion if I want to change sth, it gives me energy, courage to do so). We need negative emotions – it is a signal that sth is wrong in your life and that you need to change sth. If you feel good – why to bother to change anything? But first – I think better than pursuing to be happy (feel good) is to pursuing to accomplish a meaningfull goal (meaningfull for you). If sth really is meaningfull to you then you are ready to even suffer from it trying to accomplish it or figh for it. It is also more stable goal – emotions comes and goes.

  20. What I would say to myself: It's good he/she cheated on my now, and not later, where I would have invested in that person even more.

  21. Summary: You choose how to interpret the external stimulus. The way you interpret is the thing that determines whether you feel bad or good. It's true, you get triggered in the moment and it may hurt, but you can ease the pain by choosing a positive way to interpret what has happened.

  22. The cheating I used last week this happen to me. I have been watching and learning for the past few weeks now. An didnt think I would use the tools to being cheated on and yes i felt angry for the first 5 mins. Then i sat and thought about my feeling my thoughts an emotions. Then how I was not wanting my feelings and thought to go down the negative path. Yes it hurt me to the core, Still does but i am not going to define me and take the path of negativity that will only hurt me more. Not to say I dont have bad thoughts and feelings about it every day. I think i will for a bit. I admit it but i can control to change me thoughts and feelings from a bad to good.

  23. Who think's all the negativity like me, i think the negative first so i already know 60% of the answer and less expectations. Thinking positive always is like having too much confidence. That you dont really have and you know it yourself lol xcuse my english.

  24. Excuse me sir I'm a Muslim girl and this cycles thing ur talking about is mentioned in Quran and even prophet Muhammed spoke about it 5000 years ago called believing in fatalism and that will prevent ur mind to go through that bad thinking cycle ur talking about

  25. Fearless life is not devoid of feeling hurt. Marcus Aurelius would agree to the validity of feeling emotions. What he believed was not about not feeling emotions but about what was the best for the greater good. So it is not about not feeling hurt or seeing hurtful event… but it is about seeing them in a way that is truthful… which is… when the guy cheated, his cheating did not reflect on the value of who she is… so she can feel hurt that he cheated and that she would have to choose to value herself and close the doors to someone who cheats.

  26. Great video. Ive been diagnosed with complex ptsd so recognising and managing my emotions is incredibly difficult for me. Its like there is a delay in how i process things. but this has been great to learn about this shift and change in way of thinking … its not our circumstances that mould our gative emotions its our interpretation OF the circumstance which creates the negative thought then the negative emotion ultimately producing a negative action. Throughout this whole video I was wondering well how our interpretations become negative and that is through social rules, social norms, what we have been conditioned to believe are negative or positive situations. So thanks for this vid. It really made my mind tick.

  27. 1- humans creat emotions it is not depend on outside. We have a filter that interpert the world around. That interpertation system works like a circle. So If you filter positive thoughts that means a positive acts and a good results.

    2- Mind about what you can control and forget what you can't.

    Pratical tip:

    Be aware of your negative thoughts and write it down.

  28. I deal with a controlling 89 year old woman. It is draining. Why are older people act like people owe them the world. old people need to stop acting so selfish. So an 80 year old will get 70k on average threw there life. I will get 25k WTF . I pay 35% pf my pay check and 40% goes to ssi and medicade., SO makes me upset

  29. I am excited for the help putting all this together for me. I have had trouble putting this information together and it recently cost me (well at least at this moment in time) the love of my life. I let myself get stuck and complacent in the last decade, so once I found that person that best fit me I wasn't ready (for her as in my timing) to start ther rest of our lives together. So now I am correcting my lack doing and controlling my emotions/situations so it does not happen again. Hopefully I find an equal match for me again in life.

  30. Thank you so much for sharing this video and advice with us. I just had another argument with my husband for about the 5th time this week, left the house to cool off, and instead of wallowing in my own self pity (as you briefly mentioned in your video), I decided to look for answers and help myself. “How can I effectively express my emotions to my spouse?” is what I typed into the search bar. And I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued to watch your video. I do agree and can see how my thoughts create my own emotions and I know it it unfair to put that responsibility into someone else. We can’t change other people. All of this I understand, and I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of “what if’s” to various situations. I’m not here to ask a what if- I would just really appreciate your opinion on how to take away a positive from a very horrific traumatic situation such as sexual abuse, rape, etc. I’m sure there is A way, but my own experience stops me from seeing that possibility- so if you could please help me out trying to take a positive from that type of situation and be able to change the thought filter, I would really appreciate it. Thanks again, Leo. Now to share the video to all my friends, I know this will be beneficial for many people!

  31. Yeah I've been automatically doing this for the past five years and….? I got alot of repressed emotions inside me! Sure, not feeling emotion is great until you start having panic attacks out of nowhere and being suddenly overcome with all the repressed stuff that it makes you wanna hurt yourself at random times. It actually takes more work to learn how to start feeling emotions again instead of repressing them.

  32. This video is something I need to watch every so often as a refresher…. it’s easy to back slide if I don’t stay on it

  33. I am just trying to be emotionless. So when I go back to school I can be known as the Savage Emotionless Girl because I have savage comebacks and I have no emotions.

  34. Does anyone has any tips on this: everytime someone flirts with me. I get in a trance and get in this uncomfortable bodylanguage my eyes can't leave the ground and idk why this is happening. Because i am like not a shy person i make friends and stuf really easy but everytime someone flirts with me i get the atack does anyone know anything about this??

    Oh and really i reaxt to quickly on everything! I really say dumb stuf sometimes😫

  35. What you are teaching is basically positive psychology! The best kind of psychology 👌 helped me alot

  36. Leo it's outstanding in depth practical explanation. I am going to try the exercise for next 7 days. Thanks a lot. God bless you

  37. Sometimes i’m too tired and lazy to show my emotions so i end up looking emotionless( that’s what my classmates say ).

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