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How to Master Self Discipline (NO SHORTCUTS METHOD)

– For a very long time now, I’m being asked this
question about discipline. How do you become more disciplined? How do you become the type of person that does the right thing, that is a disciplined individual, that when they know they
need to do something, they just go out and do it? And I’ve been asked about
this from people on the street that randomly recognized me, that met me. People in live seminars, when
I do seminars for 100 people, there’s always people coming
up at the end asking like, Mario, how can I become more disciplined? How can I do the things, I
already know what I need to do, but I’m not doing it. People in live events, people in comments, people in messages and
emails, I kept being asked this question which
brings me to two issues. Number one: most people think that if they had more discipline, every single problem in
their life would be solved. Most people attribute their
problems and the lack of success to a lack of discipline. Number two: most people have no idea where to begin to build discipline. They are always mentally
masturbating about it. They’re using wishful thinking. They’re trying to visualize something. They’re trying to figure it out. Nobody’s taking any action
to really build discipline. So I’m gonna share with you
two things and in this video that will help you become more disciplined if you wanna take action. If you’re gonna work hard, if you are willing to put in the work, you will become more disciplined. It’s not gonna happen overnight, and when I show you how me
as a person who came from a position of being a pro gamer. I played World of Warcraft
12 to 14 hours a day. I was the least disciplined
person in the world. Least disciplined person
among my peer group. My family never considered
me very disciplined. I was successful but I was not successful because of my discipline. In high school, in college, all these, I went through I would delay
things up until the very end and then I would kinda squeeze
in somehow and figure it out at the very end. I was never really that disciplined
person that would do the homework day one, that
would do the work day one. I would always delay the project. I was always pushing things
up until the very end because I loved procrastinating. I loved the instant
gratification of delaying things. Now today, I’m the polar
opposite of that individual. Today, where I’m at right now, I am choosing to delay that
gratification because if I look back, okay so one thing that I would say, now about all the things that I know. Bring success in life. Out of every single book. I read 500+ books on success. I built a company from scratch
that now serves hundreds of clients every single year in fitness. Transforms your body,
transforms your life. I influence millions of people. How do I do that? And if I could attribute this
one single skill that can bring you success, that will
bring you success if you follow this one thing that is the
ability to sacrifice short-term pleasure for long-term gain. That’s what it comes down to. If I could boil down success
to one critical skill that you absolutely must have, it is the ability to delay
gratification and that is what really discipline is
at the end of the day. It’s to be able to discipline
yourself to not eat the cake right now so that you can
have a six-pack in four months from now, so you can have the
best body of your life in six months from now or a year from now. So you don’t go watch Netflix
right now so in two years you’re gonna have a company or
an audience or a business or whatever you wanna build that
you want to have as an asset in your life that’s gonna
enable you to live free and live on your own terms. You’re not gonna go
watch Netflix right now. You’re not gonna go get drunk. You’re not gonna go out and party. Which is the exact same thing
that my peers when I was grinding out building my
business when I was working on myself, upgrading
myself, going to the gym, dieting, doing all those things. Most people that I knew
and most people of my age and people that were doing things. They were watching sports, drinking, going out, partying,
not really working hard. Watching TV shows, watching movies. You had to delay all of that
and I had to delay all of that to get a level of success
that I can enjoy now and live the life that I wanna live. Alright, so that’s the number one thing. So discipline, look, it’s very important, but it does not solve everything. That brings me back to the
first point that I made. Discipline is not the actual end game. The end game is habits, alright. Discipline is a stepping stone. Discipline is actually a tool. If you have good discipline, you’re able to build good habits. So why I’m able to enjoy the
life that I have right now and how I’m able to actually
be successful is because I’ve used discipline to build habits. Not because I am overusing
discipline every single day now because discipline will
eventually run out for everybody. It is a limited resource because discipline depends on willpower. Once you run out of willpower, you run out of discipline. So you can’t keep relying on
discipline for years and years and years every single day. Because things that require
willpower all come into that one single reserve thing that you have and if it’s something that
overwhelms that thing, you will run out. So if you’re looking to achieve long-term sustainable success, it is
going to come down to building habits and using
discipline to build habits. Whether it’s fitness,
business, relationship, whatever it is, it is a set of habits. You are what you repeatedly do. We know that intuitively. We understand that. But we still think discipline is the, lack of discipline is the root
cause of all our problems. If we had more discipline
we’d solve everything. That is not the truth. If you want to be successful, you will have to build habits. Now you will need discipline
to build habits and that actually brings me to the second point. How do you become more disciplined? And here’s my strategy. Here was my strategy that I
used to actually build up my discipline from scratch, from zero, from nothing, to actually
becoming disciplined to a point where I could say no to
things and I could delay that gratification enough
to get my momentum and to start changing my life, okay. So you start by expanding
your comfort zone of what you say no to. You start with delaying
some simple pleasures. You start by challenging yourself
and getting some of those simple things that you find enjoyable and pleasurable out of the way. Let me give you an example. You go take a shower. You just slightly make it colder, alright. Just don’t give yourself the
pleasure of full comfort. You start removing comfort from your life. You start building up some resilience. You start adding some friction. And when you start adding that friction, you start building that willpower muscle, that discipline muscle. And you start expanding this. You start doing uncomfortable things. You start saying hi to strangers
in the shopping mall or when you’re doing your groceries. You start doing things that
you find uncomfortable. You start expanding that comfort zone. Because that comfort zone
is either expanding or it’s shrinking, so it can go both ways. And it’s in constant flux. If you’re not consistently
keeping it expanded, it is gonna start shrinking. And then even the basic stuff
like taking the garbage out can become something that you wanna delay and procrastinate on for days. It can do that. It will do that. I’ve been there. I’ve been the guy who
didn’t want to do anything. I’ve been the guy who was
the least disciplined person in the world. I wouldn’t do absolutely
anything to move a finger if it required hard work unless
I absolutely had to. Unless the consequences
were terrible, right. To avoid that and to not get
to that position which is a lot of negative momentum and
it’s a deep negative spiral, you have to start building
up what is outside of your comfort zone to make that
inside of your comfort zone. So slowly start chipping
away at that comfortable life that you’re living right now. Put yourself in a slight calorie deficit. Feel hungry a little bit. Add friction. Add some
suffering into your life. A little bit, not too much. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Don’t do like day one fasting all day, no food, water fast for five days and do ten hours of cardio. You’re gonna burn out and
you’re just gonna crash. You’re not gonna make it. But if you slowly start
expanding that comfort zone, if you slowly start working on it, if you start just delaying
those simple pleasures like when that instinct comes to go watch
your favorite show because the episode just come out. Delay it for the weekend. Push it away from the week
and when the weekend comes, push it away to the next weekend. Wait for four, five episodes
to gather up and then binge watch them all at one time. But delay it. Learn how to delay. If you can delay, if you
can just remember this word, delay. Delay the gratification. If you just do that, that’s what’s gonna build your discipline. Just delay the gratification. When you find something nice
and you wanna get it right now, your first instinct,
your first reaction is I’m gonna grab that ice cream. I wanna grab that cake, that dessert. You delay it. I’m gonna do it next time. Get into the habit of saying next time, next time, next time. Let me just wait a little bit. Create that gap and once
you create that gap, you start building that
discipline muscle and over time things start becoming easier. Saying no becomes easier. Don’t say no to random stuff. Someone calls you up and says
hey dude let’s just hang out. Randomly out of the blue, no I can’t. You start becoming more
comfortable with saying no. Now you have more time. You have more discipline. You have more willpower. Now your life starts changing. Instead of doing random stuff, now you’re not spending
time on random stuff and now we have all this free time. Now you’re starting to read books. Now you’re starting to get into courses. Now you’re starting to get mentors. And now your life started changing. And that’s really how it all starts. You first discard a lot of
the things that make you unsuccessful so you remove
things from your life. You remove distractions from your life. You remove things that
are holding you back. And then that opens up space, both mentally, physically, and
energetically and time-wise, opens up that space in your
life that now you can start adding things back in that
will make you more successful. And that is how you
expand that discipline. And that over time that
discipline as you keep repeating, reps and reps and reps and reps, now you’re starting to build habits. And that discipline, because
you now invested it in the building of habits, once
you build the habit, let’s say going to the gym. You eventually will build
that habit up to a point where you don’t need discipline anymore. If someone stops me on the
street right now and asks me, Mario how do you get yourself to the gym? You’re so disciplined. I’m not disciplined. I don’t need discipline to go to the gym. I need discipline not to go to the gym. I would need discipline to
hold myself in the house to lock myself up. You would need to put me in
the prison to prevent me from going to the gym or to prevent me from doing the right thing, to prevent me from reading
books and working on myself. That’s what I need
discipline for right now. Because my default now that
I’m operating at is the right thing and that’s exactly where you get. And the good part about that
is once you get all those things out of the way
so all those things now are a part of you. They’re a part of your belief system. They’re a part of your
mindset or your core values, however you wanna call it, your identity. Now when you have that now
you have all this discipline, all this willpower, all this
self-control that you could invest in new things and pushing
yourself in some new area. Maybe you wanna learn an instrument. Maybe you’re gonna build a
business. Maybe you wanna go out. Maybe you wanna approach strangers. Whatever you wanna do, now you have that discipline
leftover for that because you invested it and built
habits in other areas. And that’s how you start. You start by slowly
expanding and remember, discipline is not the end-all,
be-all solution but it is something that’s gonna get
you started and is gonna start making you successful. It is gonna start changing your life. It is something you have to
work on taking your own control right now because if you
keep procrastinating, if you keep delaying, if you
keep delaying the hard work, you will not make it. There is no success without hard work. I have to say this every time
because people here always thinking about the four-hour work week. They’re thinking about the
random supplement that you can take, the electric ab stimulator, the shrink wrap, the keto
supplement or whatever the hell. People are thinking about shortcuts, shortcut, shortcut. There is no shortcut
at the end of the day. You have to put in the work. You have to put in the time. You have to put in the effort. And you have to be patient. It is gonna take some while. But guess what, the time
is gonna pass anyway. Now a year from now
looking back at this video, you could be in a much better position. You could be in a position
where you’re looking back a year and you’re just looking at yourself. You’re like oh my God I
made so much progress. I can’t even recognize that person. That’s what happened to me. I don’t think I could even sit
down and have a conversation with myself from five
years ago or ten years ago. More accurately ten years ago, before I started my journey. I don’t think we would have
anything to talk about. Really. Like that person was
a totally different person. Different belief system, different core values. I had to reinvent myself. You have to reinvent yourself. If you’re not happy
with yourself right now, maybe you don’t need to
reinvent your entire area of your life. I don’t know you. I mean maybe right now
you’re not struggling with your social life. Maybe you’re not struggling
with your business. Maybe the only thing you’re
struggling with is your fitness. Maybe the only thing
you’re struggling with is how to get in good shape. But that’s the belief system you need to change about yourself. That’s the part of you
that you need to change, and that’s the part of you
when you look back a year from now you can’t recognize yourself
making those choices and you won’t be able to relate to that. And that’s if you do that every year, every year looking back
you should be smarter. Every day you go to bed you
should be a little bit smarter than you were yesterday. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Life is about progress, and if you push yourself, if you keep expanding comfort
zone as I said earlier, you will get to this level
in your life where you are insanely disciplined and
most people will be very, very jealous and envious
of where you’re at now, because they’re able to sense. They can sense that
you’re the type of person that gets stuff done. When you say you’re gonna do something, you’re gonna do something. And that integrity is
something that’s very, very polarizing. People wanna hang out
with people like that. People wanna hang out
with people that know what’s the right thing. They do the right thing and
they don’t make any excuses. Those are leaders. Those are influencers. Those are people that
inspire action in others, and those are people
that make other people wanna become more disciplined. That’s where I see you. That’s where I see you going
and that’s where you should be. Now look, if you wanna
become more disciplined. If you need help in the area of fitness, I got you covered. There’s gonna be a link in the
comments below where you can go and check out some of the
results that I’ve been getting with my clients and if you’re
interested in that same page, there’s a link on there as
well to apply for the program. No strings attached, you can
just check out the results. See if you like it. See if you resonate with that. If you do, go and apply. If not, if you don’t need help
with your fitness right now, that’s super cool. Work on your discipline. Build habits. Get healthy. If you want to know what to do, and if you need my help, if you need help from my team so we can guide you step by step. We can grab you by the hand. Then go to that page, check out some of the results
we’ve been getting with guys. Listen to some of the
videos and some of the guys, the stories that they’re
sharing about their journey. If you relate to that,
if you need that help, we’ll be here. My company, me and my team. We’ll serve you. We
will help you get there. But you do have to put in
the work to improve yourself. There is no shortcut. I gotta say this once again. And I appreciate you watching. Glad you were here. Glad you got this. Let me know in the comments. If you like this, share the video. If you find this to be helpful
for your or some of your friends that need to
build more discipline, and I will see you in the next video.

Reynold King

50 Replies to “How to Master Self Discipline (NO SHORTCUTS METHOD)”

  1. Willpower is definitely something that most people need to work on. I see this most often when people say “I don’t have enough time for x activity” and then a few days later they tell me they just spent 3 hours on social media/went out drinking. It’s all about priorities and having the willpower to adhere to them day in and day out. Great video as always!

  2. This is just what I needed, Mario. I'm really disciplined when it comes to fitness. As you said, it doesn't take me discipline to go to the gym. However, when it comes to my work and productivity, I'm always procrastinating. Thanks for making this video and will definitely implement practicing delayed gratification. 🙂

  3. Awesome 🙂

    Understood the concept a lot better now.

    Its funny you say about the gym example. When I was swimming, it took me like 3-4weeks to get into the habbit of it being just automatic weather I felt like going or not, I always went.

    But once I started to vomit and all that health problems I had to stop, but… It took me like 2-3weeks to stop. I coudn't stop going. I went every single day except one day. Although later changed that to all days.

    So hehe, I had no discipline to not go lol

    Interesting how you talke the explanation of discipline.

    I'm building small habbits now of coding every day for at lesat 4 hours between X and Y time, wake up at X time and write a blog article for X time and do this for X time.

    It all started with just waking up early, then incoporating coding, and step by step expanding my habbits and things.

    Although with the sleep I went straight up to bet at 7-9pm and wake up at 3-5am in the morning. Though health issues again and I codunt's sleep for 2hours when I wake up in the mid of my sleep…

    I really need to fix my health problems…. hopefully I can do it. 22years old and it got bad since I was 17 – I'm still alive so thats good.. xd but in the past2years it got really bad…

    It's like you say though.

  4. Today I needed this. Coming back from an injury and I've lost my discipline. You're helping and I appreciate it. I've learned that from smokin pot too much during my time off, I just couldn't get back in. Today I squatted first time and the weight was awful. But I did it, and I did it right without too much pain

  5. You should do a course on this with Max with some daily exercises and an accountability group. This video was really helpful. Thank you.

  6. Great video again Mario. Change is hard. But massively more satisfying when you get there as a result. I’m still making small improvements to the mental side of my life. It’s a lifelong journey for sure 💪🏽


  7. Hi Mario, are you still doing this 2 months living in one country and when moving? Where do you right now? What tips and advices on such nomad lifestyle you can give?

  8. Awesome video, my favorite concept is delayed gratification, missed the "peace" at the end, jajaja… Thanks Mario!

  9. Being sick changed my life completely for the better. I was lacking self-love, not taking care of myself, now I'm the opposite person 🙂 Take care

  10. it's sad that this video, witch probably is one of the most important of the things you can learn if you want to do something with your life only have 4k. People don't really want the grind, only the results, but if you do that, you wouldn't get that results you want.

  11. Yo thanks for the free coaching. Make habits you are absolutely right! I wake up at 5am now made it a habit and now I enjoy getting up at 5am to start my day with a fasted workout. Now I walk into work a whole new positive person lol. Heathier and younger it's amazing!

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