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how to mentally prepare for going back to school

Reynold King

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  1. does ANYONE have any good freshman advice? i go back to school on aug 26 and i'm going to be a freshman. im like 70% nervous & 30% excited, someone helppp!! <3

  2. i’m barely watching this and school starts for me on wednesday and my sleeping schedule is not good 😂

  3. me: watching this at 12:00am the night before my first day of high school
    ava: “fix your sleep schedule”
    me: “well uh that’s too late”

  4. This popped on my recommended right as I was about to have another mental breakdown Bc school is about to start 🤣

  5. ok here me out. they should make it so One or two months or even three months our school and then they have another month after that which is a summer months once they get off and then after that they go back to like the two or three months and then you do it again. Because when people are in school they get bored at school and then sometimes and he will get bored of summer. I wish it was like this. i used the microphone for this so dont mind the grammar

  6. Me:
    * barely watches Ava *
    * lives in Australia which means it’s winter *
    * not on summer break *
    Also me:
    Watches this

  7. 4:37 I'm sorry but this kind of way of thinking actually annoys me. How is not shaving your legs gross? Hair is SUPPOSED to be their. Don't get me wrong I shave my legs but not shaving isn't gross.Having hair on your legs is normal and not disgusting. Hair is hair.

  8. thanks so much Ava! Also it’s really funny how America get a full month less of school then people from New Zealand and Aussie soo idk why everyone complains 😂 love you America

  9. How I mentally prepare for school:

    1.I say “school sucks” repeatedly at 4 am downstairs so my mom gets creeped out
    2.I rip old homework in my room and say ”HA! U WERE TOO UGLY TO LIVE!”
    3.I get my chocolate and vanilla ice-cream and cry in bed with it
    4.I think it is not that bad
    5.The morning I go back to school is regret number 4

  10. i need a new wardrobe cos like i barely got new clothes this summer cos i legit am broke so like ya 🙁 i need to start saving lol

  11. I start my junior year in eight days and I’m not nervous I’m very excited cuz I got the classes I wanted I just don’t want to wake up way too early, sit in block classes pretending to pay attention, and then go home and pretend to do my homework

  12. She says to watch what you eat before school starts
    Me during video: eating cherry pie
    She says to fix sleep schedule before school starts
    hasn’t gone to bed early once this summer and school is tomorrow

  13. wait so when you said i had to wake up 30 mins before i usually do for school that means i have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning ;-;

  14. My tips:

    – pack everything the day before
    – set so many alarms so you aren't late on the first day
    – set out clothes you want to wear on the first day
    – chill out and think about many scenarios and how to fix them or deal with them?
    – get some rest so you don't look totally dead
    – figure out your bell schedule and when and where your classes are

  15. Summer starts:YAYYYYY SUMMERRRR
    A week later:I have nothing to do when will school starttttttt
    Edit:I feel bad for all of you guys going to school in August btw I go to school September 5th 🙁

  16. ik this is old but it rly bothered me how she called not shaving your legs disgusting even if it was just a joke, remember you don’t need to shave if u don’t want to! <3

  17. People doing videos about what they bought for school new year, back to school, how happy they are to back to school and Im just like:*… I need a video that tell me how ACTUALLY being ready to that hell..* so, thank you

  18. My summer? Craap
    My life? Good? 🤗
    School? Absolutely fricking hell
    Math Homework? Hell naw
    Friends? N…n..none 🤫🤣
    Comedy? mY coPinG meCHanIsM how bout u? 😚

  19. When she said “I am so proud of you” I felt that 💕 (also this video is just what i needed thx sm💕💕💕)

  20. Im really scared because when i come back to school back to hard subjects dude im only 6th grade but we have physics cuz my school is way advance 😭

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