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Hello fabulous and welcome back to The Moon
and The Mirror Youtube video channel. I’m Sophie. In todays video we’re going to talk about
practising mindfulness as you dress. We all find it hard to get the time to actually
practise it, but something we all share is a time in the morning where we get dressed
and this is the perfect solution. Practising mindfulness is all about getting
aligned with you day, your present moment and if you do that, you set yourself up for
the most marvellous day. Now, let me walk you through it. Before I even begin, I ask myself how am I
feeling today and I dress to illuminate a good mood, or banish a bad one. And you know what, a really great place to
start is with colour. I am loving colour at the moment, but I gotta
tell you – a whole black outfit is amazing. It doesnt signify anything bad if that is
how you choose to interpret it, so where I go to from there is with accessories and adornment. My background is in Art History so for me
a crescent moon or a peach or something like that, it all represents something different
and this can trigger your thoughts to go back to the present moment to getting mindful about
where you’re at, how you want to be thinking and just to ground yourself all over again. A really great reference book for this is
The Book of Symbols, as you can see, I adore this book and I go through it alot because
it is really important for me togive meaning to the things that I wear and sometimes I’m
the only one who knows about them, but it’s just for me. It’s not for anyone else. Ok, so now, you’re all adorned, you’re all
dressed it’s time to sit down in the mirror and do your hair, or your make-up, whatever,
and practise gratitude. It’s great because you are looking in the
mirror and getting really clear about what you’re grateful for and you’re taking that
with you into your day. So I want to share a couple of gratitude lines
that I think about, but they change every day because my day is different, everyday. So, one thing I am really grateful for is
every kindness that has been shown to me and the opportunity to show that kindness in return. I am grateful for being an Auntie to my niece
and nephew and being able to bring them the magic and creativity that I live in my life
and I am grateful for the day ahead of me, because today is a new day. Easy, huh? Alright, you’re at the point now where it
is time to put on your shoes. Two feet, two affirmations. Affirmations are slightly different to gratitude. Gratitude is something that can change, it’s
fluid. You get grateful for different things every
day, but an affirmation is a core belief, a core strength and something that you can
say at any time that will pull you back in to your mindful place, your place of alignment
and connection to your heart and soul. So, let me put my shoes on! I am creative in everything that I do. I bring joy, and love into every part of my
day. Practising mindfulness during a time we all
have in the morning is such an awesome solution. And the more you practise, the more aligned
you will be. The present moment is so important for you
to be there for. Don’t miss a bit of it. Live every now. Alight guys, that’s enough from me today. If you like this video, subscribe, click the
little like thumbs up thing and I will see you really soon. Thanks again.

Reynold King

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