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How to Prepare an Oatmeal Bath

Reynold King

100 Replies to “How to Prepare an Oatmeal Bath”

  1. On the bottom of the video, next to where it says Text Comments, click Options. Then select to not have the filter.

  2. what an evil bitch, millions are starving and this simple twisted freak is bathing in food. send her to north korea for an attitude adjustment.

  3. lol what about rose petal baths those are for the very rich and really wow! yeha some people use certain luxury foods and put them on their body instead of eating it.its nuts

  4. yeha oatmeal is so cheap why woudl anyone grip about having it for a bath lol wow oatmeal isn't a luxury food at all.

  5. its not how expensive the food is. it's waisting the food that matters. if she ate it after her bath then thats ok. haha

  6. i was being a moron like you. like i said pop got nothing to do with it. fyi i rarely drink pop and when i do i drink it all. and i dont use cans. so if your going to be a fool and bring up pop then im going to play your fool game and comment on it in a fool's way. i guess u were not too bright to see it was sarcasm. in your face

  7. hey idiot. i heard bathing in acid really burns the fat off of you and slims you down. maybe you should take an acid bath. it'll even cure your skin problems so you don't need to waste food having an oatmeal bath. if you believe the oatmeal bath idiot you can be sure my idiot idea will work too. try it. i'll like it.

  8. @arrrianna9 I did that since I didn't have anything to grind up the oats. First I tried ying them in coffee filters but they broke apart. I'm so lucky I didn't clog up my drain ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. If your skin is irritated and itchy the oats sooth it. I have used this when my legs got covered in dozens of mosquito bites. It can also be used for poison oak or ivy and chicken pox. My sister gave her dog an oatmeal bath because his skin allergies were so bad.

  10. they 4got to say you need water…what good is a blender, oatmeal, and a bathtub if theres no water?

    gosh howcast….

  11. @PumaM12LRV just dont grind the oatmeal ( dry ur self pls!!! ) –
    if u dont dry ur self, ur going to be covered in oatmeal. the birds are going to chase u!! -.-

  12. i did this today but i also added, honey, coconut milk and oil, after i got out i fell into the deepest sleep, and im an insomniac

  13. @ki162 I don't think that's mold. The tub looks very clean, so it's probably places were the grout/sealant has worn away (probably from scrubbing) and looks black because it's dark in those cracks.

  14. All you need is really a cloth and some oatmeal just put the oat meal in the cloth and put it in your bath tub you don't need yo grind

  15. You guys preparing a bath for oatmeal ?
    What if the oatmeal wants a shower instead ?

  16. I was just looking for a talking dogs video……. Seriously what the hell is next ' how to use the toilet'? Seriously I mean this was so darn complicated I think I might need a leaflet :/

  17. @RawrtzItzKara haha I know I know I'm awesome and apparently very modest as well lol but it's true they have got videos on everything it kinda creepy after a while :/

  18. nice to know kayla, randomman, and the other 134 people want to keep their itching "assholes" and "vajayjay's"…

  19. I took a baking soda bath once, and that soothed my skin. Baking soda will work just as well as the traditional bagful of Quaker Oats oatmeal.

  20. This also works for fifth disease I did it when I had the rash all over me and it made my skin relaxed and soft because the rash is always really itchy. Also the swollen red blood cells that make a lacy pattern in your arms calm down a lot and you look normal again but you have to do it like 5 times

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