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How to prepare for IAS without any coaching|| एकदम शुरू से UPSC 2019 की तैयारी कैसे शुरू करें ?

– delhi without which you cannot clear
that is what most people advise you this is also called advice that people
give you whenever you start thinking that you want to write civil service
exams and this webinar let us dispel this myth without quitting
your job without attending any coaching class preparing from home you can do all this people have done
this and so can you so let’s dispel this myth once and for
all but to begin with let us look at the
pattern of the examination it’s a three stage process Prelims mains and the personality test let me talk about first
very briefly about personality test because this is where i need to spend
less than two minutes and we can close this chapter in personality test your
knowledge will not be tested why because your knowledge has already
been tested in prelims and mains so what is tested your attitude your
aptitude your presence of mind your suitability for a career in civil
services and bear this in your mind my dear friends this is something that cannot be taught
in any coaching Institute it comes with knowledge and this knowledge widens
your horizon so these things personality presence of
mind no coaching Institute can teach you so here you are on your own so personality test your knowledge is not tested
because it has already been tested it’s the test of your personality your
intrinsic traits which define your personality but what about Prelims let’s talk about problems because we
have two stages or we can divide prelims in two parts general studies and CSAT but
basically prelims in test those people who are unworthy of
becoming is officers they are rejected at the stage eliminated at this stage
non-serious aspirants who give this exam because their father or their mother’s
dream is this or the grandfather has told them please apply for this exam so all these students who are non
serious all these aspirants are eliminated at
this stage but if you look at GS and CSAT let’s talk about how you can prepare
for GS and CSAT while sitting at home without joining any traditional coaching
class now see that the bulk of focus in csat is on reading comprehension there are 80 questions in csat two and a half marks each that
makes it two hundred but reading comprehension comprises of thirty-five
to forty-five percent of the questions so if you’re good in English if you’re
good in reading comprehension you can easily clear csat because csat
is a qualifying exam all you need to score is 67 marks if you
score 67 marks your GS paper will be evaluated that means whether or not you enter into
maIns examination that will be determined by GS paper and not your csat
paper but in csat thirty-five to forty-five percent questions are asked
from reading comprehension so basically a passage will be given and
at the end of this passage some questions will be asked based on the knowledge that is provided
in this passage but how to master passages how to master passages without
joining a coaching Institute please read the newspaper newspaper in
any case you will be reading for your GS exams but newspaper articles you have to
read newspaper opinion pieces you will have to read but while reading an
article try and understand and read in between
the lines while reading an article try to understand what is the objective
of an article what is the general idea that is conveyed by the
author because both of these questions that are
asked in your csat or something like this which of the following the author
is most likely to agree or disagree with it so how do you know whether the author
agrees with the statement or disagrees with the statement that means you will
have to understand this passage how can you understand the passage
practice practice is the key to csat success but how can you practice it read
the newspaper read it to regularly never miss it while reading an article please
try to understand what is the object to article what is the general idea
conveyed by the author and then you’re able to master this you will be able to
solve all the questions in reading comprehension I’m stressing on the word when and not
if because i know you will be able to do this when you’re able to master it
you’ll be able to answer all the questions that are asked about from csat In csat the focus is also on tenth
standard maths if you’re scared of maths please skip it
there is no need to even attempt any questions in csat but this 10
standard Math basically talks about pretty broad things such as time
distance and speed mixtures and allegations but it’s very very basic
questions that are asked apart from this you have a logical
reasoning you have data interpretation mental ability and you also have sometimes decision-making questions
but since csat is qualifying in nature all you need to score is 67 out of 200
then your GS paper will be evaluated and based on that you will enter into mains
but in all these areas practice is the key practice the
question papers of the past many years 2013 2014 2015 and you will understand
what I’m talking about these are very basic and very simple
reason questions which anyone can answer a standard traditional coaching is not
required here and if you’re able to score in excess of hundred marks in
csat in all these three papers if you’re able to score in excess of hundred there
is no need to further invest your time on csat and please focus now on general studies and now let’s talk about
the general studies again general studies which determines your future which
determines whether or not you will enter into the mains examination a 200 marks
paper hundred questions are asked and each question is of two marks but if i
can divide this I’ll divide GS into four indispensable without which there is no chance
of qualifying gs 1 history polity economy geography these are four indispensables apart from that you have
environment science and technology in the India year book economic survey and all incompassing in all these things is what
we see that interferes but we will discuss that a bit later so these are for indispensable history
politics economy geography followed by environment science and technology in
the yearbook and economic survey but what to read head for history and
particularly for modern history read modern history by Mr. Rajiv Ahir but then these
sets of books anybody can tell you so what is the
difference here why I’m telling you that read rajiv ahir
and not any other book so you can tell me a scores of books which people tell
you that you should read but i’ll tell you read one book ten times rather than
reading 10 books only once but here again the focus has to be on how to read
when I see how to read follow a pattern called five W’s and one one H which means
what has happened when it happened where it happened why it happened who
were the people involved and how and when you apply this formula you can not be able to miss
any question that will be asked to me examination but there is also a linkage
that you will have to do for example when was emergency imposed in this
country 1975 last year we had the prelims
examination 2015 so how many years 40 years these anniversary dates become very important first
year 10th year 25th year 50th year hundreds here so upsc
had to ask about emergency because it was the 40th year of Indian emergency
but they asked in a different fashion who fought against emergency mr. jay prakash narayan JP as he was
called in that movement was called JP movement JP fought against emergency but how do
we know JP in history in 1935 he found that Congress Socialist Party and this
question was asked in the examination consider the following statements
regarding in Congress Socialist Party and which of the above statements are
correct that means what is the link here the question is asked on Congress
socialist party but why unless until you understand why upsc a
certain questions you will not be able to prepare in a better manner so the question was asked in Congress
socialist party it was because it was the 40th year of
Indian emergency and who fought against emergency Jayaprakash Narayan and the question on
Congress Socialist Party was asked similarly you have to use this for real the 5 Ws one H while you’re reading
any topic let’s say for example you’re reading quit india movement when was quit india movement
launched August 1952 August 1942 it was launched ok who launched it the fact of the matter here is it was a
leaderless movement because on the morning of 9th of august 1942 all the important
nationalist leaders were arrested and all of them were arrested there was no
one to lead the moment so who was the leader of this moment no one it was a leaderless movement so if
tomorrow you’re asked who led quit India movement Gandhi Nehru Tagore Patel the answer is
no one led them movement it was the people’s movement
in absence of important nationalist leaders who were already in jail but the
important quote for question now you should be asking is why was this
movement launched this was launched because second world war broke out three
schools of thought were there in Congress party one set of Congress leaders were saying
now this is the right time to hit the british empire let’s start a People’s Revolution and
overthrow the British Empire once and for all these leaders were seeing that we
should take advantage of the Second World War we should take advantage of the weakness
of the British Empire and we should overthrow it second set was of mahatma gandhi mahatma
Gandhi said I’m very sympathetic to the British cause why because British is
fighting against the fascists and the Nazis but there was another thought of
pundit Nehru pundit nehru said we shall neither support we oppose Britain we will be not
interfering in this area and subsequently this position was taken up
by the Congress party and they decided neither to support Britain nor to oppose
Britain but then Mahatma Gandhi thought that if Japanese will invade India and an
absence of a popular revolt in India people my people the people of my
country will not be able to revolt so that is the reason why then this quit
india movement was launched so you know what to read history is very
important in history the focus also has to be on art and culture and in modern history and in modern history please read one book by spectrum
publication the book is by mr. Rajiv ahir it’s very important that you read one
book than reading 10 books only once because revision here is the key to
success now you know history is important which
book to read for history rajiv ahir and how to read fight abusing one
edge use this formula and you will not be able to let’s come to polity there’s one bible if I may refer to it like that M.Laxmikant again last last year in the last year of the UPA
government many scams were occurring in their scam such as 2g Commonwealth Games
scam coal scam so all these scams are taking place so
since these scams were making headlines upsc had to ask a question on them but
they asked in a different fashion they asked a question on public accounts
committee public accounts comittee is one of the committee’s of
indian parliament this comes under the polity section of
your syllabus but why was public accounts committee asked because this
public accounts committee was looking into all these scams so that means whatever it is important
in the news link it to your syllabus and you will anticipate the question that
means not just answering the question memorizing the facts you should also be
able to anticipate the questions that are asked in the examinations so if today you will ask me what are the
important topics for the coming problems examination can be article 356 why it is President’s rule is imposed in
order not to produce before then an in Uttarakhand the matter is spending
with before the Supreme Court so why President’s rule is applied in
states what is the rationale behind that that
should be your focus area also money Bill we saw if at all you’re interested
in reading the newspapers you might have noticed that our bill was
tabled as a money Bill and looks about by the money Bill how is it different from an
ordinary bill how is it different from a financial
bill all these things you should be able to understand because these will be you’re coming prelims also defections
our party hoppings a member of a political party once he’s elected
to looks about Rajya Sabha he changes his side joins the opposition and he shall
be disqualified because this is what has happened in Arunachal this is what has happened in Uttarakhand and if this has happened this comes under your polity syllabus
this becomes potential question that will be asked in the civil service
examination so polity very important close to 12 to 14 questions are asked
every year from indian polity for this please read and lakshmikant but how to
read it again the same formula 5 w’s one H and if you will understand this
formula and apply it you you can answer any question for example in 2013 a
question of attorney general three four statements were given and
almost every aspirant that i know i was able to locate and decide that just
three statements are correct but i’m not sure about the last statement and
ultimately they skipped the question because they were not knowing whether the
Attorney General is also part of a committee of indian parliament or not
because this is not written in a book so they were confused because of this one
statement they were not knowing and ultimately what they did to skip the
question and missed their chances if they would have applied five W’s in
1h formula in this they would not have skipped this now let’s talk about another important
area called Indian economy and in Indian economy I mean the most widely important
respected book is indian economy by Ramesh Singh but how to do this last year a question was asked on PMJDY why why was a question on PMJDY asked because this was a popular scheme launched by Prime
Minister Modi not just a popular scheme this was the scheme which entered into
the guinness book of world records and when it entered into guinness book of
world records upsc had to ask about this but UPSC
asked what is the objective of the scheme so everybody knew what was the day it was launched what are the papers that you
need to submit to bank to open a bank account under PMJDY but what is the objective of the scheme please tell me many people faltered on this because
they do not use this formula why was the scheme launched the scheme was
launched because the objective was financial inclusion so basically the idea is to tell you
which books to refer but at the same time how you should
effort to these books you should be able to read in between the lines keep your eyes and mind open because
there’s an ancient treaditional Sanskrit rig vedic hymn which talks about Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah let the noble thoughts come from all
sides and embrace those noble thoughts what about geography very important to understand please go through NCERT’s
from class 6th to 12th there is also a book called certificate
geography by GC Leong last time we discussed that a question on
these scams were asked but the question was public accounts
committee what about geography since coal scam was a news upsc asked in
which form coal is produced in this country how do you have to look into all these
resources that are available in this country and to understand in which form
they are present in this country know whatever is important in the news whatever is making headlines and
dominating the news debates please focus on that and trying and
dissipate the kind of questions that can be asked and that is your key to success
but after reading all these sources include training environment science and
technology in the yearbook economic survey here a newspaper and in this case
Hindu or indian express you can choose either of the two Hindu or indian
express any national Indian newspaper if you call me if you tell me if you ask
me this is the Bible for your success you
skip newspaper there is absolutely no chance never ever
miss a newspaper but read in between the lines once you read in between the lines you
will be able to answer all the questions that are asked in the examination
because let’s not forget in please bear this in mind whatever upsc asked in examination
whatever and anything that they ask is entirely
is related to the important and developments that are taking place
in this country beyond that upsc does not touch any aspect but after
reading these sources you will end up covering and answering
close to let’s say on average 60 correct questions so clearly 60 correct questions you’re
answering because if you’re falling all these sources and you are true to your
potential true to your goal and dream correct questions but the cutoff is in the range of now
that the csat is qualifying 120 to 130 so clearly 60 correct questions is not a
safe bet considering the fact that there is a
negative marking for each wrong answer . six seven marks will be deducted so what is the solution here the
solution here is this there are 100 questions in GS but there will be 10 to 12 questions which no one can
answer which no one can answer but when you look at previous years question
papers and find out about such questions you prepare as if these questions are
standard please please and please don’t even prepare for such types of questions
questions such as which of the following species have been
declared as endangered species you cannot memorize all these species even
if you attempt at memorizing these species you will lose this is not going to be
your agenda similarly there are very difficult
questions from art and culture which you might have never even heard of so please don’t even attempt memorizing
or answering these questions because they are very difficult questions that
UPSC he asked don’t even attempt them so the smart intelligent strategy shall be
number one to skip these questions but focus on the other 80 80 to 90 questions sure the strategy religiously you’ll be able
to answer 60 questions that I’ve told you but that’s not enough now you have to make intelligent guesses
for example a statement is given for statements are given and at the end
options are also provided a b c d the options are only one only and to only one and three only one two and four these are the four statements that are
given to you these four statements are followed by
four options but if you civil service examinations you will be
able to atleast understand and know that one of these statements is
incorrect so let us see statement to is incorrect which you know because you have read
about this but what about statement 1 3 & 4 you don’t know about that so normally what aspirants do they
skipped this question and move on to something else ultimately they loose 2 marks once you
have figured out that statement to is incorrect the question is asking which of the
above statements are correct you have eliminated second statement and based on
that you have eliminated option B as well as option D because two
is present an option D as well as option B now the choice is between a and C that
means that is fifty fifty percent chance of your answer being either correct or
incorrect but let’s not forget statistics is an established science if
you’re able to answer this question assuming that you have answered 28
questions like that that is fifty fifty percent chance of it being correct or
wrong assume that 14 questions are correct and 14 questions are incorrect
you previously attempted 60 questions 60
questions will give you 120 marks 120 marks is not a guarantee to success
because the cutoff is in the range of about 130 now because many people are
now studying and studying very religiously 14 questions you are
attempting 14 into 2 becomes 28 but there is also negative marking so 14 into 0.67
becomes something like 9.38 that means 28 – 9.3 it will give you 18.62 mark’s + 120 it gives you 138 and 138 is the
safest score that you can score to qualify for the mains examination so the idea is yes you have to focus
more on GS rather than CSAT because CSAT is qualifying in nature but in gs
what should be your focus area the focus area should be on for
indispensables what are these four indispensable polity history with
particular focus on art and culture economy and geography followed by
environment science and technology india yearbook and the other important
current affairs issues but even after reading all these sources memorizing
everything at your disposal it will not be able to answer more than
60 questions but 60 questions is not a safe thing then you will have to make
intelligent guesses not wild guesses intelligent guesses and once you make
intelligent guesses statistics tell us if you follow a pattern you’ll be able
to score more than fifty percent of what you have attempted and you can easily
cross the hurdle of 130 marks that and smart work but rather than hard work
is what is the focus area so this is what you have to do for problems what about mains exclusive details on how to prepare for GS one two
three and four we have released youtube videos on their
strategies so please go through them ones and you will understand how to
proceed in all these four subjects but means is all about convincing the
examiner that with your answers because you know what to study you know what not
to study you know how to study but it all boils down to how your able to
convince the examiner that you know the best about this question let’s not
forget close to 20 questions will have to answer in two and a half hours that
means roughly seven to eight minutes per question that means there is no time to
think but once there is no time to think you
should be able to anticipate what sort anticipate what sort of questions are asked if I can teach
you 2015 the website is scroll . in the of this newspaper article of this
website article is if whistleblowers bill is passed in the parliament there will be no one left to be
protected in India may 25 this was the headline on scroll . in and
come December 2015 when you had the mains examination exact replica of this headline was
asked by upsc they did not even change the lines they did not even change the
language that means whatever is important in the news whatever is debated in print and
television media whatever dominates the headlines link it please – your syllabus
and you will be able to anticipate the questions that will be asked there is no need to mug up everything
that is mentioned in the syllabus that is practically not possible if you’re
doing it at home similarly last year a question was asked on cuban missile
crisis why unless and until you are not able to understand why it becomes very
difficult to start your preparation so why this question was asked because
United States and Cuba United States and Cuba were coming closer to each other
they were restarting the diplomatic relations this made headlights headlines
throughout the world once this made headlines this became
dominant in newspaper discourses and this question was asked in world history
segment that we got it that is the key to success that means
whatever is important in the news link it to your syllabus to answer every question that is asked so what have we learned today in this
webinar we have learned that joining a coaching class the traditional coaching class is not
required to clear this exam if you’re dedicated towards this exam your dedication alone can take you
towards your goal but the question that is frequently asked to us should I prepare simultaneously for
prelims and mains or should I prepare first prelims and then after qualifying
prelims for mains mains is an ocean prelims is the surface of the ocean the depth of the ocean the surfaces
already covered that means what is important here whatever you think is important whatever is dominated in the headlines
of the newspapers and media that becomes important but prepare for mains prepare
in depth once you prepared in depth for maims
your prelims is automatically covered so you don’t have to separate the
strategies for prelims and mains prepare for mains and your prelims is
already covered there is also a very important element essay and an optional subject we’ll have to write essays on two topics
that are provided to you in the exam and this essay again the dominant themes are
Gandhian philosophies Mahatma Gandhi is the favourate of UPSC and his quotes are frequently
quoted in the essay topics and you have to write on essays on the important
quotes of Mahatma Gandhi there is enough in this world for everyman need but not for every man’s greed this is what
Gandhi said and this essay topic was asked by the UPSC but then again in essay you have to
structure it so there has to be a well-defined
introduction a body and a conclusion conclusion you can put in your own words your own ideology your
own convictions but in body you will have to take recourse to newspaper
articles because you have to quote whatever is important in the news that
is taking place link it to the essay topic and your
essay will be built structure and an optional subject how you can choose an
optional subject will have a separate discussion on that here the entire idea
behind this webinar bores to inculcate confidence in you that without joining a
traditional coaching class you can clear this exam this is doable I’m not mitigating the
coaching classes no they have their own plus points they
minimize effort but that does not mean coaching is a must please please please
remember . number one there is competition yes but your
competition is with your own self remember only you have the power to
defeat yourself no one else second if this is your dream go for it civil service is the only
career option where you can touch the lives of millions of people in one go which other profession you tell me has
the power to touch the lives of billions of people in one go yes politics has but that’s a tough exam
to crack than IAS we live in India and Indians glorifies
successes but how can you define success what is the idea of success in Indian
sense the idea is power the idea is prestige in IAS you get both
and that too in equal measure so please understand traditional coaching classes
where you devote bulk of your time commuting from your home or office to a
coaching class is a complete no no this is not required stay at your home don’t quit your job
without quitting your job and studying at home you can still make it your
conviction your determination your ideology will determine your success don’t even get fed by these ideas that
coaching is a must and going to Delhi is a prerequisite to qualify this exam this is a method that must be dispelled
and this myth must be burned and shown its place you can do so you can do so without
quitting your job while sitting at home but please understand
there is a guidance required hair and that guidance is also a very important
element for your second for further details if you are willing
we can have a one-to-one counselling session after this webinar i will give
you a form please fill that form and if you feel that form then you and me we’ll
communicate over the phone and we discuss what exactly is required how to proceed further because in 40-50
minutes we cannot talk about the entire picture
so let’s schedule a counseling one-to-one counselling with you fill
that form and we can collaborate how to give wings to your dream so in this webinar I hope I’m able to us
watch your concerns because concerned basically was can I clear this exam without quitting
my job without joining up at home can I do that yes you can do this and let’s not
forget Barack Obama also said yes we can and so can you thank you for joining and if you have
any queries I’d be here for another 15 minutes
please write those queries and i’ll try and answer all those queries1 by 1 thank you once again for joining thank

Reynold King

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