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How to Prepare for Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Reynold King

26 Replies to “How to Prepare for Your Social Security Disability Hearing”

  1. Thanks for the video. My hearing is this week and this boosted my confidence. I suffered a stroke and was promptly denied disability. I've waited 19 months for a hearing.

  2. Nice overview of the hearing process. Good point about when a witness makes sense – since these hearings only last 45 minutes to an hour, I rarely use them but as you point out there are certain circumstances when a claimant is not the best source of testimony.

  3. Thank you . Very informative. I am going thru a serious health crisis I don't think I will recover from. The damage has been done.On so many levels the causalities of my failing health that I am trying to address all at once and all I see in the road ahead is I can't get there in time.My question.Am I better off having legal advise the day I decide to make my claim to SSI or should I make my initial claim for benefits on my own.

  4. Hi ma'am my name isRhonda Pickett I receive Disabilty ma'am these people cursed me to death, my body is full teeth and I am sick off/ on ma'am I am looking for a way out I hAve bipolar/ paranoid real bad they think I'm drawing attention to them who I am and other things. I just wanted to meet you!!~~~ Rhonda Pickett

  5. No jeans? So what is the alternative corduroys? I am poor and don't have many clothes and can't wear dresses.

  6. I have seen people in the nursing home able to watch a tv program so does that mean they can get a job? Maybe a job watching tv. Nevermind.

  7. I dont understand the very last part. If you receive work comp benefit it needs to be written off in a paragraph. What does this mean?

  8. Its a shame we have to do a hearing ssdi says if you have a medical condition that keeps you out of work for 1Yr you are eligible. Its our money we earned it

  9. I did not go to hearing they don't do that Gastonia NC-charlotte.i didn't need a lawyer I went throw alsups. disability company .takes 1-year ss ask questions on the phone bipolar paranoid could not go outside scared they called 2 people about me ask my job boss. and mother. anxiety got to get school records I failed a d disorder

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