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How to Raise Your FTP, Full Workouts and Training Plan

Reynold King

100 Replies to “How to Raise Your FTP, Full Workouts and Training Plan”

  1. Thank you for generously sharing knowledge and insight! You don't beat around the bush, episodes are just the right length, easy to digest and understand. Thanks, coach!

  2. Great video again Dylan!

    Is it OK if a key weekly interval session also ends up being my weekly long ride?

    I tend to ride 1hr chaingang with my local club on a Saturday but tag on mileage before to make this my long ride. I run long on Sundays so would have to drop the Club rides otherwise

  3. Thanks for the video. Two questions:
    1) What about intensity around 105% of of FTP (sessions like 4 x 10 min)? Is it considered as high intensity and should be done closer to race season or still FTP training?
    2) What should I do if I already had 2 months of intensive training? Take 2 weeks of rest and return to endurance training?

  4. Great videos and content. I think the addition of a dedicated microphone like the Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone (there are many good affordable options on Amazon) and a more simple background (like the one used by unbox therapy) would greatly help improve your videos. Thanks again and keep up with the good content.

  5. When doing zone 2 endurance ride is it ok to go into higher zones for brief periods as the terrain changes? Is normalized power at the end of the ride a good measure to determine if the ride was indeed a zone 2 ride. Thanks…….your videos are excellent.

  6. Thanks for a great video, i also liked your review of the Zwift workouts, and learning how things don’t need to be so complicated.

  7. Solid video! If you could talk about ways to prevent injuries (knee/back), if its important to do stretch work or core.

  8. One question, assuming you aren't super focused on "target" events but consistent overall improvement, what's the best way of knowing if you've reached your maximum potential FTP for your current level? (i.e. as you say, you maximise your gains after a few months). I assume this refers to reaching the limit of your FTP for your current fitness base, if so, my guess would be to use Z2 HR, though I have no idea if this method is reasonable.
    As of recent, I was plateaued at 270w FT for a while, and at this time, my peak Z2 HR of 161bpm was reached at around 202w. After a good 4-5 consistent months of general training (not base specific, but lots of sweetspot and a fair bit of threshold + Z2 as well), my current FTP-test FTP is 285. I've also noticed that my power at the top-end of Z2 HR (161bpm) is now around 223w, which I feel could imply that my maximum potential with current fitness base could be as high as 297. I guess the only way to know is to keep training, however i'd prefer a training plan that yielded consistent gains (even if they were slower), than to hit a peak and plateau/fade.

  9. Hi, you seem to favour the tempo 2x20min as the mid-level/fatigued interval session, are there any others that could work this way after a harder day?

  10. Hi Dylan! Great video, thanks a lot 🙂
    I was wondering, what should you focus on during the months prior to the ones where you do FTP? What I mean by that is, when would you include VO2 max or short sprints? (I race shorter races) Thanks!

  11. Dylan your videos are absolutely brilliant! You are always straight to the point and you back yourself with actual science (which by the way is lacking too often even with cycling coaches). If you keep uploading content like that, you'll sure get a ton of followers. Now I have one question for you: what about VO2Max training? I'm sure you could do another entire video on the subject and it would as good as this one! Like when is it best to start a VO2Max block in the season, what are the benefits of such training blocks, what does an actual workout build looks like (e.g. how many 3 mins intervals @ 95% of VO2Max should you do), etc. Again, great work!!

  12. What if you are trying to achieve higher volume? Like working towards 15h -20h weeks? Do you just add more zone 2 effort overall and specifically have longer interval sessions by adding that zone 2 work in the end of interval session?

  13. Great info. I recently started doing Zwift. Raised my FTP from a very beginner level 160 to 196 in about a month and a half. Then in 3 month I raised it to 219. If I train properly as suggested in the video, for 6 hours a week, with one gym session a week. What FTP gains should I expect?

  14. Thanks Dylan! Great info! Living in cold snowy Canada I decided to join zwift and if I wanted to do 1 or 2 races a week as a high intensity workout (spending 20-25 mins in zone 4 of a 50 minute race), then would the other 3-4 workouts be the lower/longer intervals in zone 2? Given that I wouldn’t need to do any zone 6 stuff until closer to any races?

  15. Can you only make gains with high intensity for a month or two? So just do endurance for most rides and them high intensity for the two months before a race? Or should we always work on high intensity like 4 days a month?

  16. Great video, answered so many questions I had. Between you and Tom Bell, I am learning so much even though you both contradic each other a little. I would love to see you and Tom go head to head in a Zwift race!

  17. Dylan how do you feel about Vo2 work and where should they be placed in a training program? I race in the NUE series for reference on the type of athlete I am.

  18. What is the optimal cadence? I usually alternate between 70 and 90 (sitting and standing) … hurts my taint and hips to stay planted.

  19. Hey Dylan – great videos! He fact that you take a structured approach to the topics and quote real research adds a ton of value

    Question: is it possible to effectively coach someone completely remotely by scrutinizing their activity in systems/apps like Zwift? All the key ride data is available, and it is easy to calculate other metrics you discuss like HR-to-power ratios. If the rider were to enter a few structured notes in the comments I assume you could get a reasonably clear picture of what is going on without ever meeting them

  20. Nice video, Dylan. I would add that progressive overload isn't the only "proper" way to plan a training block. See Ronnestadt's 2012 paper on block periodization.

  21. The only time I can find time to train during the week is at night after the family has gone to bed. Any downsides to this?

  22. In regards to switching up between FTP & HIT does it matter whether HIT is off the bike (cross-training) or on the bike? A lot of my training happens off the bike due to gym/bike accessibility etc. So I'm trying to blend on-the-bike with cross training reasonably.

  23. Such an informative video, as always!
    I was wondering what there was much correlation between CTL and FTP and if they both decrease at the same rate during time off the bike? Cheers!

  24. I recently heard a bit about VLaMax. I'd be curious to hear more about manipulating this value to emphasize sustained power demands vs. sprinting.

  25. Hi Dylan. Thanks again so much for this video. Two quick questions:

    1. How much would you suggest increasing the wattage for intervals week on week if you are going to increase the load by increasing intensity (and keep volume about the same)? By a certain percentage? Or a certain number of watts?

    2. If I want to do a big ride on the weekend that will have a lot of time above zone 2 (a big climb, for example, or a couple of them), how would you suggest re-working the week (if at all)? Perhaps by only doing one interval session and converting the other to an endurance ride?

    Thanks again!

  26. Hi Dylan been watching your videos for the past few weeks and your advice seems to segment between z2 days and interval days. Are these interval days always defined as at/near threshold? Where does tempo riding come into play? Thanks, -m

  27. Love the simplicity. Plain science based sense. Thanks. (P.S. "Share with a friend" – no bleeding chance, you're my secret weapon :D)

  28. Very interesting you/tube , my only question is ? To increase FTP at 45 + years old , I’m not sure 🤔 . I believe it a different approach . Older guys just gotta ride longer and longer to increase FTP , kudos

  29. Hi Dylan. I can't find you on Strava; there a lot of Dylan Johnsons! Can you link you Strava profile here so I can follow you? Thanks.

  30. I know you’re probably right in what you say but… makes me so depressed that I do ALL the things you not to do like hard 1 hour sessions everyday but have no time for base miles 😭

  31. Finished watching it just now even though I liked it days ago.

    Please enlighten me or us about Cadence. Which the best used for certain training, variate it.
    For me the best my 20 mnt TT was on 90 rpm. I've always used that on every training. But I feel more efficient with 100 rpm on the long ride. I would never use higher than 80 rpm on recovery because it is easy to out of zone ( I only depend on feels. I own none of either HR monitor or power meter ).

  32. Great video mate. There is one question i have, so if i understand correctly in a block of a month there will be 3 or 4 ftp interval workouts. Let's say i would do the 4x10min ftp interval at 300 watts. Should those 3 or 4 workout all be at 300 watts or should the first workout be at 300, the workout the week after be at 305, the third be 310. What's your advice on that. Thanks!

  33. Great video. How long out from 100 mile endurance events do you recomend doing threshold work? Also closer to the endurance races do you recomend any zone 3 tempo work to dial in race pace. Also what zones do you aim for in 100 mile mtb

  34. You're making some great videos, Dylan. You had me at quoting Dr. Seiler and Dr. Rønnestad and other researchers in your videos. Fighting bro science, one citation at a time.

  35. Great video Dylan. One question though, in longer marathon races, say 6hr+, your FTP is not as relevant as the percent FTP that you can sustain for a very long time. So a rider would want to train in order to get that long, long, effort to be closest to FTP. While benefits of 10-20 min intervals at 95-105% FTP are common throughout the literature, what kind of intervals would one do to try to increase IF? Logic would point to longer intervals, say ~80%FTP for an hour? Or simply doing more 20 min intervals with shorter recoveries accomplish the same?

  36. New subscriber. Seems like great content. I'm currently doing the "New Competitor" from Chris's book "The Time Crunched Cyclist". Keep up the content please👍

  37. Dylan
    Absolutely the best training video that I have watched! I just subscribed! BTW I am an old cyclists, making the same training mistakes for decades. I am that guy! Get on bike, hammer, die, then my repeat. That had been my training plan. Thanks.

  38. Hey Dylan, I m a big fan of your videos and I ve learned a lot. Now I would like to know what are the important training points of the weekend s long tide. I also would like to know more about the low pace/low heart rate training, how it has to be done and what are the benefits of it. Thanks for all the tips!

  39. I love your videos Dylan, my training has been so much more effective after implementing your suggestions. One quick question though, do you have a reference you could link that defines training terms? Things like, tempo, steady state, endurance, power zones, heart zones etc… it seems like each resource I find online is different.

  40. Very good mteil ! But you should put more drawing in order to vizualize all the talking . It makes easeier to see the whole picture

  41. Hi Dylan. Great video. Could you do a video on how to plan a rest week? Is it just volume that's adjusted, or intensity, or both? Thanks!

  42. I'm very thankfull for your hard work! Hope u have the success u desserve Dylan!! Some questions here: how To improve sprinter qualities? Or neuromuscular power and anaerobic power? Does FTP raises improve does qualities by block periodisation or regular training? Or do you need specific work like 30sec sprints – 30 secs rest intervals?

  43. As a newbie thanks for the permission to do anything to boost my FTP. Seriously though I'll try and take some of your advice onboard as well.

  44. hey Dylan thanks for your videos. I have a question: the wahoo FTP planned workouts says to do a 220pwr target for the 20 min interval, does this means i have to do 220 for 20 minutes? I am new to powermeter and i am planing on doing my first FTP test ever.
    thank you in ADVANCE!

  45. Dylan im 41yo, my current FTP is 151 how much can I reach? im very fit , and started triathlon 4 months ago.

  46. All my training is done on the trainer. I was finding I was kinda getting bored with 5 minute breaks between 20 minute efforts, so I dropped it to 4 and then recently 3 minutes. Enough time for a drink, a good stretch, relax a bit then back into it. My 20 minute efforts tend to be 95-97% FTP, and a 10 minute break would feel like a (very boring) long time. Assuming I am sustaining the 95-97% FTP through out the session, there's no real reason to have such a long break between efforts, is there?

  47. Hi, first of all thanks for great insight:-)

    I’m an amateur from Denmark with limited time less than 10 hours per week. I have use these optimized intervals you can find in WKO4 what is your opinion on these? And how many can I put into a week? I was planning on a stand program on Zwift but after a review of your post then I decided that I will just make my own like I did the last year. However My concern are these optimized intervals can you work with these only or should I put some other stuff in there like over/under 30/30 etc?

    My goal is to win cat. Races, but in the very end I’m missing some power I normally have in the training. Just a bonus info 😂

  48. I was about to hit the like button when I realized I had already done it 😛
    Great info, it is very appreciated. Thanks!!

  49. I thought you looked really familiar. Saw you @ Croatan Buck Fifty in 2019. You passed me about a mile from the finish but you were finishing the 150 and I was finishing the 100. In my defense, I had food poisoning two days before the race. You ride crazy strong. Thanks for the vids. You planning on doing the ORAMM end of this month? If so, see you there!

  50. I paused the video at 5:42 and the TSS for this week seems very low. My last long ride (4 hour 18 minute my TSS was 444) with 44% in zone 1, 15% in zone 2, 7 % in zone 3, 7% in zone 4, 9% in zone 5 and 18% in zone 6. But this is based on an FTP I set on June 13th and I've been training 5 days a week (sometimes 6) since then, so my FTP is probably 10 or 20 watts higher now. My recovery rides are predominantly in zone 1 and for the most part are super easy. On Monday I do moderate to hard 15" sprints as leg openers before the group ride where I go as hard as I can. The rest of the week is a mash up of moderate intensity with some hard efforts sprinkled throughout and then the long ride on Friday or Saturday. The last group ride my TSS was 244 over 42 miles. Really like the channel, thanks for posting these vids!

  51. Dylan, great videos! Thanks for going deep investigating the topic, and sharing your sources. And these sources being actual research papers, not anecdotal. But since you mainly speak, please invest in lavalier microphone. The camera mic does no justice. You can connect the lav to your phone in your back pocket, and clap twice before shooting. This way you can sync your voice and video easiest.

  52. Amazing video! I especially liked the summary at the end (though maybe some bullet points overlay-ed on the video would have been great to take notes) and how direct this is. I have research an awful lot about this topic now, and I can genuinely say that this rather concise video including study references is phenomenal, thank you!

  53. Ive been doing short hard efforts and wondering why my FTP hasn't gone up. I'm finding these longer threshold sessions are making me so much stronger so much faster.

  54. Hey, can you provide a training plan like this one for some one who aim for very long endurance ride. I can ride 120/150km Max but I want to do a 400km ride that we have every year in our country. So how can I train to achieve that goal, I have 4/5 month to train for that. By the way I only use a heart rate monitor.

  55. Dylan, took your advice and switched over to the Wahoo Roam, tired of messing with the Garmin for training. Wondering if you've noticed the CTS power zone calculation in the companion app gives you different numbers completely than the zone calculator in TrainingPeaks or am I doing something wrong. Put the same FTP in both as obtained in the 8min FTP test and taking 90% of that #. Thanks.

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