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How To Start Calisthenics – PUSH UPS & DIPS | THENX

Reynold King

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  2. Got a question Chris on this video is it necessary to have the open hand position for the push up or can they be done with the hand in a closed fist position

  3. Thanks for your vedios. I have learned a lot from them. I like your wood box very much and I want to have one. Could you tell me the exact size (width, length and height) of your box 🙂

  4. Awesome vids Chris you’re amazing I’m inspired and have tried to start callisthenics alongside weight lifting and I have become so much stronger

  5. Ok so no one ever told about keeping elbows in, near the body.. I have to learn proper form from the beginning. So it means lots of people are doing it wrong ?

  6. Cant say it bothers me or ect but for real…Doing a pull up is what i struggle the most..I can do more easily A chin up but a Pull up i cannot perform even a half way up…What i do wrong..What kind of muscle i should be working out in order to perform properly at least one! :S

  7. My core is not strong and my back is weak. This makes so much sense and definitely motivated me to keep pushing on. Thanks my back doesn’t like regular pushups at moment but hopefully this helps

  8. Вот чему должны учить в школе на уроках физкультуры!!!
    Спасибо Крис!

  9. Just curious. I'm 6'7 going into the army. I'm a big dude, I'm heavy and my body is clearly built for power lifting but I want to do what you do. What should I do? I can't do pullups but I looked over your video to get good at them, and I'm decent at pushups. Dips are not as good either and I don't have a great core. What should I do?

  10. So I'm doing slightly worse than I thought. I came back to this after I thought I had perfected at least 7 pushups in a row. But then I picked up on that part about tightening the core and phew… I could do 3 or 4 lol. It's a bit harder than having your core loose. Good stuff.

  11. See I wish I established the basics before going into weigh lifting. Probably would have saved my rotator cuff in the process. A strong foundation is so important.. Being able to build push and pull strength as well as a strong core is where you get the strength to build muscle. I always felt weaker than I should be, and it’s because I’m out of shape. Great content man

  12. Dude this guy is amazing, the more and more of his vids I watch the more I learn I could do 50 push ups but just realized I did them rong .. ur amazing man 🙏🏻❤

  13. This idea of progressions is gold. I recently started to do push ups daily and was dumb enough to think only a classic push ups were worth doing. I’m starting this strategy as of today. Thanks again, Chris. Love you bro.

  14. I have been working out for years but i cant seem to do more than a few tricep pushups without having to go to my knees. Other tricep workout i can do pretty heavy wieght. I cant seem to progress on tricep pushups:(

  15. Hey man, I realize you probably don’t read comments on a two year old video…but thought I would give it a shot. I have a condition known as Poland Syndrome. Basically I am missing both my pectoralis major and minor on my left side. Dips are proving very difficult to not put all of my weight on my right side. Should I avoid dips to prevent possible injury? If so, any recommendations for a replacement exercise?

  16. My pecs are assymetrical, my right's is bigger than my left's, how should I work out to correct this ? Like should I push more with my left arm when I do push ups ?

  17. I can't speak English.
    I downloaded the app and translated it.
    I can't translate many programs.
    Do you have any translation program plans?

  18. Super Jacked Guy: Cranks out 30 pull-ups with sloppy form

    Chris: "That's not impressive…"

    Super Jacked Guy: cries

  19. I've been building muscle using my workout routine but noticed I'm not getting better at push-ups. Time to buckle down and focus on the basics, thanks for this!👌

  20. Starting Monday with Push ups and boy am I scared LOL, I got in an accident last year and my chest muscles are still a bit strained. I can be mobile, but push ups are going to challenge me. I’m excited though! Will definitely check the app, loved this video. Thank you for your time.


  21. Wish there was someone like you around when I was younger! I'm glad I found this even tho I'm here a little late in the game! I love your encouragement for perfect form!!

  22. Make a video for the people who are transitioning from body building. I can do the basic stuff but trying to figure out at what point should I be able do muscle ups and hold my body on a pole sideways😂

  23. When I'm training at the park and I see people doing open elbow, short range of motion, bent body pushups, I always struggle deciding whether or not tell them how to do it right

  24. Chris sees a guy at the gym doing that garbage dips

    Chris: what is that?

    Chris had me laughing😂😂

  25. When i started i could barely do 7 knee push-ups , after 11 days i can finily do 10 regular good push-ups. I am 14 and i needed it for PE classes. Thanke you so much i will update when i can get 20.
    update: i can finaly do 20 so happy , i recommend this to everyone

  26. Tried doing dips and bring Bam boom pulled my peck no more working out for 4-6 weeks.
    Shoulda watched some vids first eh?

  27. Can you do pull ups every day or push ups every day? Or should I be giving a day or two in between ?

  28. You are incredible. I learned handstand in a day and I'm progressing with push up. Your video are really helpful. Thank you Sir.

  29. I want to ask you something bro. My right hand cant fully straight coz i got an accident 8 years ago. But i want to do this calisthenics workout. So can i do this workout?

  30. Chris you are the best ever thank you so much i realise that i was doing a lot exercises in wrong form thanks Bro. Much love from Africa, Sudan.

  31. Thank you so much Chris. I'm a novice and upper body strength is a real issue for me. Just wanted to say your approach is so great – no shame in needing elevation for push ups and encouraging good form against reps. It can be hard as a beginner feeling rubbish sometimes when you see others smashing it, but your empathetic approach is very encouraging. Love you lots.

  32. the first progression is knee push-up
    I can't even do that…
    I can do the elevated push up but not the knee push-up..yet i can't even lift myself up

  33. I can finally do the knee, typical and diamond push-ups. But the explosive and archers are quite difficult. I'm not giving-up though. Thank you, chris. 🙂

  34. Bro , nice vid but , i k this gonna sound dumb … Whats the difference betwen doing fast reps and slow ones …. Advantages / disadvantages..

  35. In the first 2 minutes of the video I have learned that i'm doing push ups the wrong way my entire life. Thank you so much Chris. You opened my Eyes. Maybe now i will achieve some progress 🙂

  36. If I don't go to a gym, where can I buy a parallel bar like that? I'd love to have one in my garage so I can progress and keep pursuing my goals. I really hate the small short dip stations. I'm pretty tall so it's uncomfortable, also I can't add a dip belt as the weights hang too low. I can get a dip stand but I wouldn't be able to do the backwards dips or go backwards or forward. I don't know. Maybe I can build one?

  37. Finally a video with beginner level to expert level and with detailed description of the movement and error that beginner will do.

    Genuinely I've never done a perfect pushup.
    Hopefully I've become stronger when I come back months later.

  38. Thanks for the Knowledge, i am now able to up to 500 push ups a day and let me tell you im starting to get bigger triceps now

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