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How To Train Employees: Effective adult training programs | Employee education for adult learners

Suppose you want to train your
department in a new skill. You could just lecture them but you know
there must be a better way. How should you train adults? A quick
Internet search will show that there’s a ton of research on adult learning but what’s most important, the Vistelar Group has boiled it down to three keys. First, adults want to be engaged. use small groups, discussions and simulations to create active learning experiences. Second adults want to use their experience, discover their
knowledge and help your students apply those skills to new situations. Third adults want feedback. Give them opportunities to practice and coach them so they feel confident using their new skills. Engagement, experience and feedback. When you build your training around these principles you have better outcomes
and happier students. That’s why the Vistelar Group has developed our Performance-Driven Instruction method. We use a variety of activities to promote collaboration and practice with real-world situations. As a result, our participants have better outcomes more confidence in their skills and immediate success in challenging situations. The Vistelar Group: Training to address the
spectrum of human conflict.

Reynold King

10 Replies to “How To Train Employees: Effective adult training programs | Employee education for adult learners”

  1. Key concepts to develop and deliver effective training within a 1 minute video – very nicely done. Thank you.

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  4. Employee training can be a troublesome investment for some organizations to assess. One the one hand, there are some conspicuous expenses related with it.

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