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How to Train for the 400m Sprint : Tips on Training the Day Before a 400m Sprint

DARREN STORR: Hi. My name is Darren Storr
on behalf of Expert Village. I’m going to show you how to run the 400 meter sprint.
Okay, one of the things an athlete has to remember is that he or she has to be prepared.
The day before your race or the night before your competition, make sure you drink a lot
of fluids. Make sure you have a lot of fluids into your body. Make sure that you’re resting.
Make sure that you’re properly stretching the body out before and after your competition
or your event. This helps a lot in terms keeping the body efficient, keeping the body healthy.
The more rest you can get is important, the more fluids you put into your body. It helps
you to maintain longer on the track. It helps you in your workouts. It helps you in your
daily life.

Reynold King

12 Replies to “How to Train for the 400m Sprint : Tips on Training the Day Before a 400m Sprint”

  1. @TheKINGLyle Yeah the 800 isn't fu n but the 400m is the worst! Its a full sprint! Hurts BAAAAD! I ran both and most of all the 400m is the most painful.

  2. My mind when i run the 400m.
    "shit im flying, this gotta a record or something. ow pain ow ow ow OW OW alsmost done ahhhh." 55.02?!!?! bitch what you talking about, that was like a 45.02… *throws up*

  3. I've heard, "Jog as fast as you can."  That's the best tip I've heard – not complicated, easy to remember, effective.

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