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How To Train For Your First Triathlon | An Introduction To Triathlon Training

– Okay, so you’ve plucked up the courage and you’ve entered your first triathlon, but where do you start? – Well we are going to help you out. GTN are going to be bringing you a series of training videos to help you train and prepare for your first triathlon. – But wait, before we get
stuck into the training, let’s make sure you’re really ready, and you know what to expect. (energetic intense rock music) – Well let’s put it this way. Some athletes will train almost all year for an event so they hit it
in the best shape possible. – Well that’s the ideal, and probably what you’ll find the pros doing, but it’s not always the
way for everyone else. So, I would recommend a
minimum of 10 to 12 weeks to fully prepare and be ready
for your first triathlon. – That’s not to say it’s
not possible in less time, but to turn up feeling
relaxed and confident, then this length of preparation
should do the trick. So we’re going to be gearing
these series of videos to a 10 to 12 week training time. (intense rock music) – We’ve got three sports to train for and juggle, but how much
time should we spend on each? It’s a tough question,
and it’s not as simple as one rule fits all. – If we take a triathlon event, about 1/5 of the total duration is swimming. – 1/2 of the total duration is cycling. – And the remaining 30% or so is running. – Now it’s not particularly scientific, but if you weigh up the
duration you spend training on each discipline, then it’s
a pretty good starting point. Let’s say you can fit
six training sessions into your normal week, so
you could break it down as swimming twice, cycling twice, and then running twice, but, they don’t all have to be the same length. So, for example, you could
cycle up to an hour in length, you could have your
swims at 30 minutes each, and then your runs could be 40 minutes. – But what should you do if, say, you come from a swimming background? Well, it’s actually really common, and you could probably
get away with spending a little less time on
your stronger discipline, and spending a bit more time working on your weaker discipline, at least to get them up to a comfortable
level, and you can, of course, play to your strengths, but that’s probably something
for a little later on. For now, we want to make sure that you complete your
first triathlon comfortably. (inspiring electronic music) – How hard should you go? – Forget it! Whilst training for your first triathlon, it’s mostly about completion, so following a gradual and sensible plan
that keeps you consistent with your training is the key. – I like to think of it
as though you’re building a foundation block, so
you can’t start to go forwards and upwards until you’ve got a really solid base. So, although it’s quite often tempting to want to go hard and fast now, it could end up being detrimental if you try and do it before you’re ready. – Well, we’ve got three disciplines, that means three different
sports to buy different kit for, and then we’ve got a race kit too. It really starts to add up
when you buy all of that. – But, unless you really want to, you don’t need to take out a
mortgage for a new bike and kit before you’ve done your first triathlon. Now, as much as we’re sure
you’re going to love this sport, it’s probably best you have a go before you splash out on a big spend. – So, here is a list
of the main essentials for your first triathlon. (groovy funky music) – A working bike. Now, it doesn’t have to
be all singing all dancing like this one, as long
as you’re comfortable, and it’s something that
will get you around safely. And, if you are keen on looking at your aerodynamics, and
you don’t want to invest in a tri bike, then you can try using some tri bars like these that
will fit on most road bikes. – A tri suit. It’s not essential. In fact, I wore speedos and a t-shirt for my first triathlon, but, looking back, I slightly regret that now, but you can get changed too. However, I would say a tri suit is a really worthwhile investment. It’s one suit for the whole race, and it has padding for the bike, but not so much that you can’t run in it, and it’s really good to swim in too. A helmet! Oh! Again, it doesn’t need to be
anything fancy, just safe. – A swimming cap. And goggles. – A wetsuit. Unless, of course, you’re
doing an indoor swim, or it’s too warm for a wetsuit. – You can do the cycling
in your running shoes, or, in your cycle shoes. It’s important to keep
your energy levels high when you’re doing a triathlon, so find out what nutrition works
for you, and then stock up. – And there we go, you should
be a little more clued up on what to expect when you’re training for your first triathlon. And make sure you keep an eye out for our series of training
videos that are coming up. And, best of luck for
your first triathlon, I’m sure you’ll get the bug, just like Heather and myself did. And if you haven’t done so already, please click on the globe to
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hit that thumbs up button. And, if you haven’t actually chosen your first triathlon yet, you can see our ‘How to Choose Your First Triathlon’ video by clicking down here, and to see our ‘Triathlon Myth-Busters’
video, just click down here.

Reynold King

66 Replies to “How To Train For Your First Triathlon | An Introduction To Triathlon Training”

  1. For my first Tri I even rented the wet suit and the bike (I did train on a bike I borrowed from a friend), so investment can be even less… This is for your second event that you start piling gears up 😀

  2. I would say rather than tri-suit for initial triathlon/s is to use Triathlon shorts and cycling jersey.
    You'll get more use out of the cycling Jersey in day-to-day use and it has zip in front to allow cooling when on the run!

  3. Any advice for those newbies who have work/life schedules constantly changing? I have a young family and run a business. It’s tough trying to stay consistent at times with training.

  4. Sir/madam good morning
    I am in india
    I want to one best purpose 4500km long travel upcoming the year.
    My budget 1,00000 lakh inside so please best cycles brand with model names tell me sir?

  5. Could you also do a video/series on how to run? I just did my first two runs (3k and 5k) and I feel more broken than any endurance mtb race has ever exhausted me…

  6. Can't wait for the training videos! Perfect timing since I just began training for my first tri. Looking forward to your guys wisdom and insights!

  7. Hey, Just had few questions about it. I don't know how to swim but i have done marathons. How many years would it take someone like me to prepare for a triathlon? considering if i spend this year learning to swim. A little advice from you would keep me motivated. This was a great video, so simple and so informative. Thanks in advance.

  8. hahaha I'm watching this video because I want to start training, but my triathlon is happening next weekend, I'm screwed!!

  9. I'm a seasoned triathlete, but am always curious on different people's tips for beginners… And while watching the video I noticed you both rocking different On models for the run portions. I am the rep here in the US for Southern California for On and it was a pleasant surprise to see that! Really dig it, guys!

  10. Any videos or suggestions on bigger or overweight people trying to lean down and build up for a triathlon. Btw, I absolutely love your videos. Very informative and funny at times. Keep up the good work.

  11. Dear Brother। you have done a good job। I have been an International swimmer। Now thinking to start Triathalon। I वास looking for useful tips। I am sure your Chanel will guide me and। ह। provide good। help। some others like me। Many Thanks and। Best Wishes❤️💜💗💛💚💙💜💗💛❤️

  12. What about post race training? I just did my first tri last weekend and I wasn’t sure if I should take a few days off, one day, no days? And should we resume the heavier schedule right away or ease back into it?

  13. Thanks GTN…after 3 months of training, completed my first Tri today…an Olympic distance (Columbus, OH…USA). Turning 50 tomorrow. Thanks for helping me achieve my goal!!

  14. I can see why there’s not many black people in this sports. The equipments are quite expensive. Those people in Kenya and Ethiopia would definitely dominate this sports if someone would sponsor them.

  15. Personally, it is my belief that you work on your weakest event the most; your strongest the least. I did the Nautica Triathlon last summer in Malibu and the tenth wave of athletes could not make it past the wave break. There are videos here on YouTube. I was astonished at the poor swimming quality of at least 1/3 of the athletes.

  16. Wow I had this random idea to cycle-run-swim-rest (repeat) for the past 5 weeks. Today I woke up thinking hey I could do a local 1/8th triathlon in 10 weeks. Now I see this video and the timings on the different disciplines are exactly what I've been doing. I'm really starting to look forward to it now!!! Keep it going!

  17. Thanks for the great video! For the suits, do you mean we wear the trisuit then for Swimming, we wear the wetsuit over the trisuit?

  18. 10 weeks buahahah. Maybe for sprint. I want to start with Olympic one and im not sure if 6 months are enough. Cmon, you are swimming with open hands. I didnt even start and i can see your mistakes already zzzz

  19. I come from a backround of all these things (swimming i need practice)so im good doing my first one in a week soooo excited

  20. I'm preparing for two distances: 70.3 and ironMan. For half ironMan I assumed one year of preparation is ok, and another year for full ironMan. I have a swimming background, but I really struggle with running. So most of my training are easy runs. Like, 5 days to run, 2 days to swim and 2 days to cycle. Often combine swim and cycling in one day.

  21. 10 to 12 weeks, that's pretty dangerous guys. With that period of training I would recommend a 1/4 triathlon as a beginner. Preventing injuries will be a lot more important!

  22. You should not take a road bike off-road. There's a reason it's called a road bike. Also, you don't need a working bike. You need a working road bike.

  23. What is a triathlon? 😕

    (Not native speaker)
    I translated with G but it says 3 patatos marathons

  24. The area I live in just held their first Tri today. I'm motivated to jump in to the fray next year. Thanks for the excellent advice.

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