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How to Train Puppies : How to Crate Train Your Puppy

Hi! I’m Melanie McLeroy with Taurus Training
for Expert Village and today we’re going to talk about puppies. Crate training your
puppy can be a very important part of housebreaking and rearing your puppy. Now a lot of humans
have an inherent abhorrence of crates because we see them as cages. Well we’re not the
same kind of animals as dogs. Dogs really like small enclosed places. They love their
little den and that’s what their crate can become. You can use the crate for housebreaking
and to keep your puppy safe and out of trouble. Letting your pup just wander around the house
and setting him up to fail could put him in some danger and it also sets you up to get
mad at him for him doing something that is really your fault that he got into in the
first place. So please consider a crate for your puppy. Now when you’re choosing a crate
for crate training your puppy, there are a couple of different options. This is a wire
crate. A lot of people really like these because they’re light and open, they’re really
nice for down here in the South and Texas for our hot summers. There are also the plastic
airline crates which dogs tend to like even better because they don’t have quite as
much room to see out of the crate. Now just like everything else, the leash and their
collar and learning their name, you need to move slowly, don’t just put your puppy in
the crate. If you have gotten your puppy from a responsible breeder he should already be
used to a crate. So what I want to do is, little puppy, good boy, is have little Barto
here, have positive associations with the crate. So I’ll give him some treats near
the crate. Good and then I’ll simply throw a treat part way into the crate and hopefully
he’ll run in and get it. So see he’s not even going all the way into the crate yet.
I do not want to immediately put him in there and shut the door. Now I’m going to try
a squeaky toy because he doesn’t see the cheese. So see he’s thinking about it. Now
since we’re short on time, let me just describe the progression because this could take several
days even up to a week. You throw the treats farther and farther and farther into the crate
then you choose something that the puppy likes to chew on whether it’s a tasty bone that
will take 30 seconds to a minute for him to finish. Then you can close the door, but open
the door before he actually finishes the treat. You can also feed your puppy in the crate,
good boy. See the idea is for the puppy to learn the wonderful things happen every time
he is in the crate. So then when you need to leave him for an extended period of time,
check out the video on the housebreaking your puppy if you haven’t already or you need
to go to the vet, you can transport him safely and he’s as happy as a clam in his crate
so that’s how to crate train a puppy.

Reynold King

100 Replies to “How to Train Puppies : How to Crate Train Your Puppy”

  1. This is exactly why people shouldn't get puppies. Take the time or don't get a DOG, I hate irresponsible people.

    P.S. if you were informed before buying a dog, you would know to leave her in there until she quiets down and reward her for being quiet, let her out and give her a treat.

  2. dont trick them with snacks just coax themin THEN give them the treat dont just throw treat after treat in there and expect him to like the crate

  3. I did similar techniques, but I used a different type of "crate". What do you do when after all this is done and the puppy is comfy in the thing, but when you leave she starts crying? And at night?

    I have a 2 mo. old that stays in a huge 6ft.x4ft. 42" tall play pen thinger at night and while people are gone. (she's a pitt/lab mix, she'll fill up most of that space soon lol)

  4. are not* lol.

    you know nothing about your dog btw, he ever tell you he doesnt like small places?… or even watch the video?

    " good things happen inside his crate"

    if your mother told you that every time you went into your room as a child you would get candy you would do it and like it.

  5. every time you let it out of the crate bring it outside always using the keywords "potty" or "outside" a dogs bladder is as easily routine trainable as brushing your own teeth.

  6. what do i do if the dog starts whining when i leave it in there? i have class and so i wont be home all day long. i dont want my frenchy thinking that the crate is a sign of me leaving or him being all alone.

  7. @XMonsterXRawwrX ur clearly ilogical. How is training your dog to not potty on the floor by putting him in a crate inhumane? Your dog would hate it because he is not trained. Crate training is the best thing for a dog. Not only does it teach him to hold his bladder, but teaches him control,protects him from getting into things he shouldnt/hurt himself..and when u travel hes already used to being in a crate.
    Wake up plz.

  8. dogs – by nature- dig small holes that are cosey and private. some may call it a "den". a crate is just a recreation of this. youre dog would Love a crate if he/she learns out to use it. you probably spoil youre pet so it would be nearly impossible to train your pet to use one now. and puppies need a pack leader. if everyone is on the same level as youre dog, eventually youre dog will try to take the Place as leader, and run youre household.

  9. Im in desperate need of help, i recently adopted a 9 week old English staffy
    i bought him a tonne of toys and puppy pig ears, and i got him a big play pen, cause i have to leave him every now and then, but my problem is that whenever i put him in the play pen and leave him he cries and moans and parks and it scares me am i doing something wrong? i feel like im doing some kind of animal cruelty iv read all about puppies in play pens and i know i need to ignore it but do you have any tips?

  10. You said that a pet carrier works just as good… is this enough for a small puppy that wont get bigger than 10lbs? I dont want to buy both the crate and carrier. Thanks!

  11. we keep our golden lab puppy in one beacuse she will chw everything!!! but she doesnt like sleeping on the cold bottom and when we put a small blanket/towell to warm it up she chews it up!! any advice??

  12. @PointeDancerMaddie88 Will she continue doing that for the rest of her life? is there any way you can train her not to? I just got a puppy and am really struggling with that…

  13. mine is fine go in and me shut the door , but as soon as i go upstairs he begins to cry and smack himself agaisnt the crate and he wont stop… what should i do !?!?!?!

  14. what if you have 2 puppies..should they be in separate crates or can you put them in the same crate if there is enough room?

  15. @dianeejanee yea, and you said you need to keep them safe by putting your puppy in a crate……. but it can take a week? wtf am i supposed to do in the meantime? lock him in a closet? the way i see it, the dogs needs to go in the crate by the end of the night. the easy way or the hardway.

  16. @brunette096 definitely. Your puppy should never be in a crate for more than a couple of hours. If it stays in the crate too long it will defecate in it and it will learn its okay to sleep in there own feces.

  17. I tried crate training our little pug when we got her couple years ago and it just never worked. I personally hate crates. I know people leave their dogs inside a crate while they're at work or school and it's not a good idea for it to hold its pee and poop for a long time. Hell, even crating it at night it's not a good idea. You have to build trust with your dog without a crate.

  18. This question is for anyone
    I grew up in the country where we had a lot of room and many dogs. Anytime we got a puppy we always had a place to put them for the night that they could be with the other dogs. Well now I'm on my own living in the city with my girlfriend and I'm wondering where to put my puppy overnight until she's crate trained? Do I put her in the crate anyway? Set up the bathroom for her? Get her a doggy bed for the floor?
    I won't have her for about 3 weeks. Just getting prepared

  19. I have a question, I was trying to crate train my dog with some treats that I bought for him but he didn't like them, so I began using normal dog food as his treat, and it worked, is this good or bad? Please answer.

  20. @theDudeAbides1100 The first few months of her life was tough because she liked to chew on just about anything. We purchased a lot of chew toys for her thinking that was enough, but she would chew on table furniture, scratch our doors for attention, actually chewed my laptop cords, chew on shoelaces. It was rough, but I signed her up for a basic beginner course on puppy training. She knows how to sit, stay, etc. Those are the basic commands that she knows to this day.

  21. @theDudeAbides1100 The one problem we have with her right now is her barking. She likes to bark at just about anything and everything. We leave our door open for her to look outside and when she barks, we close the door to teach her a lesson and she's starting to understand that we don't tolerate barking. Other than that, she's a very good dog. Very mellow.

  22. @theDudeAbides1100 One other thing, my dog can sleep wherever she wants. If she wants to sleep with me, I'm okay with that. If she wants to sleep in her bed, that's fine too.

  23. @brunette096 you and me have the same problem?question my mom is going to buy a puppy and i already have 3 years of experience with dogs(4) from when i lived in puerto rico with my dad but they wher out side dogs so now that im with my mom we have to have the pup inside and ive done research and i know what i have to do to crate train but i leave to school at 7:00 and arrive home at 3:30 and im not suure if thats to much time for a puppy to be in the crate.

  24. Thanks very much. This is helpful insight and was presented very well.
    I'm curious… Why do you leave the vulgar, scornful comments posted by the mentally indigent? Can't you delete them?

  25. Can I ask for some assistance? I have 2 border collies one is 5 the other is 2, they are both well trained and behave well but the 2 year old is very clumsy, he often trips when he tries to walk over something, bumps into things and walks into the glass door. We've had his sight and hearing checked and stuff and the vet says he is fine but I'm just worried he will hurt himself through his misadventures.

  26. So is my dog! Her name is Gracie and when I leave the room she starts to howl, bark, & wine! We've only had her for a few days and she already sits on my lap without me picking her up or calling her over!

  27. if it takes several days to a week, then what do i do do with the puppy during that time to stop him wandering around the house at night??

  28. Not once did i talk shit till u came out ya mouth towards me so stfu cuz u sound stupid as fuck right now
    Talkin bout do i need hearing aids cuz she said " several " when 7 and several mean the same shit so wat was ur point in saying that ??? U tried 2 play me but failed . So i laugh at niggas like u

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  30. Very good video. I personally would use less treats but this method is effective. The crate is the dogs HAPPY PLACE. This is where the dog should be at dinner to keep from begging, at night and for travel.

  31. Oh hello! Have you considered – Carwyn Turbo Potty Training (do a search on google)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my sister got cool results with it. 

  32. Good video!
    I'll tell you some good hints, tricks, and advice to help you to turn your dog into the best behaved, most joyful, jogging, jumping, slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted

  33. I need to crate my 10 y/o 5lb Chihuahua while I am away at work for approximately 14 hours a day 3 to 4 times a week. Should I purchase a larger then needed cage so he can use a pee pad on one side of the cage and sleep on the other side? What size cage should I purchase?

  34. Excuse me but no, your last name is pronounced “Mick-LEE-Roy” not “Mackla-Roy” which would be nicer, yes. But it is what it is. Sorry.

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