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How to Use Occlusion Bands for Blood Flow Restriction Training (Arm Workout)

Alright guys, I want to talk a little bit
about blood flow restriction training. I know it’s a hot topic. A lot of people
look at people training with bands on their arms, and they just think it’s
crazy muscle head bro science. There’s actually a lot of science that
goes into blood flow restriction. Basically what’s happening is, when you
look at the cardiovascular system you have arteries and you have veins. Arteries are
carrying oxygenated blood to the muscles, veins are carrying deoxygenated blood
back to the heart. So the idea we restrict above the muscle that we’re
using, so we can get blood from the arteries that’s oxygenated to the
muscles, and that veinous blood cannot flow back to the heart, and it’s
gonna pool there, it’s gonna cause this acidic environment, and that right there
is going to be one of the factors for muscle growth. Studies have also shown
that this type of training can provide a benefit in strength training, meaning you
don’t need to train as heavy, so it’s not gonna be as hard on your joints, and get
the same strength benefits from that. Here at Fitness Culture we like to train
biceps and triceps, doing some blood flow restriction. We don’t do it all the time,
but it’s a great tool. You’ll get an insane pump, and it’s
that deep, deep burn, because there’s a lot of lactic acid building up. So
basically here we’re gonna strap up to restrict, but not to totally cut off. From
there I’m gonna pick a weight that I can do 20 times. I’m gonna do 15 reps,
take a 10 second break, 10 reps, 10 second break, 10 reps, 10 second break, and then
10 reps. So we’re gonna be doing
a set of 15, and then three at 10. I’m not gonna take the bands
off, or the cuffs off for this. I got 10 seconds here, you’re gonna start feeling
more vascular, you’re gonna notice a little by little of lactic acid buildup.
Full range of motion, as always on these, and get a nice squeeze. Okay, that’s two sets down,
we got two more to go. Ten seconds here,
really starting to feel the burn. The pain’s real right now, we got one more
set here. Now for my favorite part, taking
off the bands, letting all that blood rush out of your arms. That’s how we do
blood flow restriction here, you can also do it for your legs. We’ll do a
video like that in the future on how to use BFR training for your legs. Thanks
for watching. Make sure you check out Fitness Culture and subscribe so you get
that training program.

Reynold King

19 Replies to “How to Use Occlusion Bands for Blood Flow Restriction Training (Arm Workout)”

  1. Download our arm training workout featuring blood flow restriction training and occlusion bands →

  2. Loads of science behind this, for some of the best bands on the market check out Pump X Band! Awesome prices and made of flexible material to facilitate arterial flow but not veinous. CHECK EM OUT!

  3. I’ve personally tried this and it gives you a massive pump after it’s a really unique feeling .

    Highly recommend

  4. So I have a question, how did you know if the bands are to tight or loose, I recently bought them and I feel like I want them tighter

  5. is it ok to use it as begginer (im 16 ) since i started work out soon and can it be dangerous and can i use it on every training

  6. If you do a arm workout with 5 different exercises, how many exercises you should use them bands? Every exercise or just 1 of 5 exercises?

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