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How to use Video to Market and Educate your audience through Social Media and YouTube

we don’t sell widgets we don’t run sales and you know we don’t sell product based on what’s the most convenient we build relationships with our client and as customers are accustomed to shopping on the web for going to our website they’re going online they’re going to youtube they’re going to facebook and they’re looking for content about us started looking at ratings are looking at reviews and video has been the most effective way for us to interact with our customers and build that relationship my law firm is nationwide and we were able to build a nationwide practice because of the fact that by the time the person picks up the phone and calls us or send us an email they feel like they already know us they have that relationship with us if they didn’t have the video they most likely wouldn’t be calling I mean more than fifty percent of clients who call say i just watched your video or I was up all night watching your videos I mean currently I think we have over 300 videos so there’s hours and hours of videos for these potential clients to watch it’s so much easier to sit down talk about it on a video as opposed to have to sit down collect all your thoughts have a continued know an outline of what you’re going to write about and spend two hours sitting there writing one article where you know in that time we could we could have done six videos ok spanning different insurance companies different topics different subjects and that just saves us a tremendous amount of time tremendous amount on there’s almost there is no sale that even goes on once they call because they say I saw your video and I’m just like that person or I saw your discussion of this particular case and that’s my situation so they already feel that our team of lawyers relate to what’s going on with them i think we’re averaging over 30,000 unique viewers a month on youtube which is pretty remarkable because how many people really want to go watch a lawyer video we’ve used videos at our trade shows we’ve actually even put videos in a mailer with a fancy binder in a book to have someone open up and see a video certainly we’ve used a lot of social media we do use YouTube but it allows you to be able to have content that you can then repurpose but things that you might not have even thought of when you first shoot when someone comes and watches your videos they’re there because they want to learn everything and anything they can about you i find that are potential clients watch almost the entire duration of the video and click off because they either say I got the information I wanted number one or number two I’m now ready to call the store because i feel that they’re confident in what they do so the duration of the video should be as long as it takes to get the message across as to what you want to say websites were 10 years ago right and and and having a website right now is is not meaningless but it is a part of your digital presence it is not a thing that can operate independently anymore for your business it has to work in conjunction with your digital strategy you need to be on facebook you need to be on social media whether or not Facebook’s right for you or something else right for you but video is a major major piece of our digital strategy it’s the backbone of our digital strategy because of all of our digital channels those are just constant content distribution channels your website is a content distribution channel facebook is a constant content distribution channel a blog so on and so forth video is the content that needs to be distributed that is your voice that’s the piece that’s important to us and managing and getting out there all those other things in avenues are just ways to get out their website being key and one of them but it is not the most important piece anymore to relationship building

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