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How to Workout Like a Bodybuilder | Lee Haney | Training Tips from 8x Undefeated Mr. Olympia

classic physique is where I come from is
where Arnold Robbie Frank Zane that is classic
physique they say physique but it’s really classic bodybuilding a lot of
guys chasing me you know is the sport of bodybuilding has grown tremendously and
so have the number of competitors so yes I do have a lot of added competition
that Arnold didn’t have to face during this era eight Mr Olympias where
you gonna go beyond that I felt that was that was it for me but to win it
eight years in a row at the age of 31 that was a miracle in itself it was a
gift from God yes I had to work hard you just don’t hand gifts out you have to go
get it and I went and got it with all of my heart with that 8th Olmypia felt like
I could finally exhale because when you’re on the top there’s nowhere to go but down
and so you’re always focusing on how do I stay here and you know I’m living and
I lived you know I had two children while I was training for the mr. Olympia
stayed on top and was still reigning but there’s there’s a certain amount of
pressure I had businesses going on you know there’s a lot of stuff happening so
that last Olympia I said what I needed to say and I was ready to bow out
and say thank you come in close with me baby
hey come on baby let’s go the intensity I generally try to work
towards preparing for the Olympia 12 months out of the year the intensity
starts to increase about six months away from the show and then the final of 12
weeks is when I really start to pour it on because the body cannot withstand a
great deal of punishment an entire 17 18 weeks so 12 weeks is very intense well
it’s a lot different now because I have younger bodybuilders that I meet at
competitions and you know one of the things that I’m a sticker on is
what are your wheels looking like you know you gotta have some legs
listen I’m okay with physique and I love physique but I love a full package too
you know that’s that’s how I grew up and that’s where I am so I want to know that
a guy actually have calves I want to know they have legs you know so one of
the things that I see that’s sort of off balance now is athletes don’t give
enough time to bring it about growth and muscle maturity in the different body
parts they’re now in a system where they would train one body part a week legs
once a week calves once a week particularly calves you
know and that’s a biggie for me I never will forget when I first visit world’s
gym and you had Joe Gold there I mean Joe golds was like one of the godfathers
of bodybuilding when he came to the gym world because he created worlds and
golds gym his name was on both of them so I never will forget as I came in for
the first time at Worlds in California ed Giuliano Eddie Giuliano was standing
there and he said Joe come out the office and check out this this young kid and so he
did in So Joe walked around the circling and
watch me and said uh pull up your pants leg kid so I pulled my pants leg up and
he looked he said you’re going places he didn’t give a crap about what he saw
up top because everybody got something up top if you don’t have wheels you
don’t make it in the sport of bodybuilding not in the sense of where I
came from and the era prior to me so that’s a very important deal and so I
meet a lot of young athletes you know one of the things I actually I look and
then I know it’s a lot of them lack calves so I how many days do you be training calves one – two – one two – hey man we train our calves five to six days a week a
calf is a stubborn muscle so how do we expect for it to respond you’ve been
walking around on them since you were born so your calf is used to high
endurance so in order to go beyond that you got to give us something very
different you have to stimulate and nearly annihilate a calf in order for it
to respond heavy hard consistent and then I look at the fact that a lot of
the athletes are training you know one body part a workout it they have an arm
day they have a chest day they got a back day said how ridiculous is that and
what I see a lot is immature muscle that particular type of program is more
designed for a power lifter the details for actual bodybuilder and so you can
see it in a physique the cross striations and the muscle maturity is
not here like it used to be so I spend a lot of time rewriting and fixing
programs for the younger generation of body builders I’m definitely Pro classic
physique classic physique is where I come from if we Arnold Robbie Frank Zane
that is classic physique they say physique it is really classic bodybuilding
that’s what it is it’s beautiful bodybuilders
you have a vacuum you have a nice lines and yes you have the wheels you know so
I see no difference in that I’m really have to see that element of bodybuilding
make its way back because I felt that the physiques had sort of gotten out of
hand you know what made bodybuilding
beautiful was no longer beautiful and classic physique brings that back

Reynold King

100 Replies to “How to Workout Like a Bodybuilder | Lee Haney | Training Tips from 8x Undefeated Mr. Olympia”

  1. 6:15 I completely agree, the mass monsters are more freaks to me, I mean no disrespect its just not nice looking imho

  2. Watched Lee from his start. Calves are what judges look at first. The problem is legs along require many hours of each day.

  3. A very wise man. I saw him in Perth, Western Australia, back when he was Mr. Olympia. It was a great talk!

  4. Not trying to be a dick head but can someone explain to me why his right bicep is bigger than his right ?!

  5. Most important part, they ALL START THE DAY WITH STEROIDS. How is it HEALTHY when they have heart attacks just posing?

  6. It would take some serious juicing to recover/grow calves in "*Obliterating them 5-6 days a week*" ! 😯

  7. Respectfully and honorably after his prime, but his arm are better then mine, and , probably "Wheels" and I'm 25. Lol, respect , even if he where not a O.G.

  8. That sums it up muscle maturity training the muscle more often. The muscle look different more polished. Now they just look big like baby muscle.

  9. The man is a great mind and comes from the tail end of the classic era, just look at how good a shape he is still in, that is someone who young bodybuilders should be listening to! However, the game has changed now, back then they still looked great, now pro bodybuilders look awful in my opinion, many have bubble guts and the fact that so many have health problems at a comparatively younger age shows that stuffs going on that perhaps was not going on back in the day or not to such an intense level. I think anyone going to the gym to work out in general should listen to this great mind though, a legend in the game.

  10. What a legend. All time champ, family man, long time ambassador, no bullshit social media commentary/scandals, still healthy as a horse. Goals.

  11. Annihilate a calf? That's it… I'm heading to my uncle's farm out on the country. That calf will never see it coming.

  12. I’m not too familiar with the technicalities of bodybuilding but it seems to me that they wouldn’t have this bloating problem if the judges were all former champions.

  13. Fuck this channel I was trying to play hooky Today and not do legs still going tomorrow but I really need to go today turn on YouTube this is first thing I saw hell with this channel

  14. But at the end of the day we can all agree steroids are cheating and you shouldn’t have to kill yourself to compete.Stay natty my Friends.Heres some Spiritual weights Shepherdschapelcom God Bless

  15. Sorry but having too big wheels will not win MMA or fighting or let you run after a theif. I want to fight, be jacked and be the kind off guy girls want to be with. Not for match stick legs but neither for body builders legs either.

  16. The open class Bodies are grotesque now.
    When you look back at the 70’s 80’’s and early 90’s there is NO comparison in the two.

  17. I was unaware that the Mr Hany had a very deep southern accent . I haven't heard the word children being g said like that in a long time.

  18. One thing that gets me about Lee Haney is how hes against steroids, yet he obviously used then. This makes his advice very confusing and misleading. For a roid user, sure, do everything everyday, eat tons, etc. For a natty, 1 body part once per week is enough.

  19. Undefeated? How is that? Haney lost the Olympia on his first attempt. Then he went undefeated in the Mr. O after that.

  20. He talks about muscle maturity! Well that shit shows usully after you turn 30! That mutherfucker almost ended his career at 30! So talk for yourself you muscle freak of nature! 💪

  21. Remember when lee haney had his own bodybuilding show on tv, and he had bobby the brain heenan as a guest with the barbarian lol and heenan was like oh look we named these after hulk hogan, we call them dumbbells 😂😂😂

  22. 8x Olympia… the knowledge is true. Back day, chest day etc…never made sense to me. A person can't tell themself it's leg day, I'm not use my arms, or chest at all today.

  23. I love that he talks about how bodybuilding used to be beautiful. I'm as striaght as an arrow but guys like Lee Haney and Arnold back in the day were massive, handsome men with great physique lines. They look like ninja turtles nowadays. Nothing beautiful about that.

  24. Lee's journey through bodybuilding speaks for itself look at him! Wisdom and knowledge will take you farther than you could ever imagine.

  25. Sir Lee made a wise decision to stop after the 8th. He knew full well that from next year on, Dorian will be unstoppable.

    And BTW this heavy duty training one muscle group a week works only for certain individuals like Dorian, not everyone's cup of tea…IMHO of course

  26. The man you looked up to if your a 80s baby. I didn't know anyone else Arnold was a high paid actor at the time. Lee was on allll the magazines.

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