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How To Write a Video Script For YouTube (Paid Marketing)

– So we’re gonna cover
exactly how to write a video script for YouTube
and this is gonna be more specifically for paid marketing. So if you wanna create highly-targeted paid marketing campaigns with a powerful script that
captivates and motivates and influences your
audience to take action then this video is for you. And I’m talking about this
kind of stuff in November, in London, and I’m also gonna
do talks around the world where I cover these sort of things specifically regarding online business. Now, by the way, if you want the version that’s to do with free organic videos, so where you’re trying to rank in the search results on YouTube, you’ll see a little i in the top coroner, click the i and that will show you the free organic scripting
process that I use which is very different for this paid marketing process. All right so as we dive in if you like the video, if you get value, don’t forget to hit like
and also comment below. If you have questions,
perspectives to share, anything that you’ve
done if your business, or with your campaigns,
I would love to hear it and a lot of people get value as well. And finally, don’t forget to his subscribe which you’ll see below this video ’cause I do three videos like this every single week to really
help you move forwards in your business. Okay, so let’s start into the process. Now as you’re going through this with, as you’re creating a script
for your YouTube videos and you’re gonna do paid marketing, there’s two things that are
super important to get right, now the first one is your
ideal customer avatar. You’ve gotta get crystal clear about who is that you’re targeting and when you’re answering this it’s looking at it through their pains, their problems, their fears ’cause that is what creates
connection in human beings and that is where you can
influence and empower people to find the solutions
or to use your solutions in their pains and problems. You know if I just reel off a
whole lot of logical reasons why, like I’m really good, and online business is really great and here’s why my training is awesome and click here and
enter your email address and buy now, or whatever. Like there’s no connection in that. There’s no trust. There’s no relationship. There’s no rapport. There’s nothing that would enable you to feel that I understand
where you’re coming from, I understand what you’re going through. And when you get clear
about your customer avatar, about their pains, their
problems, their fears, and you start building
your script around that that’s where you’re meeting
someone where they’re at and you’re connecting with them on a level where if you can get to the point where they feel that you understand their problems better then they do, that is exactly when they
are ready for the solution that you’re gonna present
to those problems. All right, so custom avatar,
getting crystal clear about who it is that you’re talking to and who your products, or service helps, but through their pains, their problems, their fears, that’s the first part of developing a powerful script that is gonna move people to take action. And then the second part,
off the back of that, is gonna be your targeting. So getting in the mind of how, what are they doing on YouTube, what are they typing on YouTube, to try to solve that
particular pain and problem? And again, if you can get in their space, you get in the mind of where they’re at. Like visualise the customer journey, or go through the customer
journey yourself on YouTube, actually type on YouTube
as if you were them. So let’s say for example
they’re, you know, they’re sick to death of their career and they wanna get out
the corporate rat race, but they don’t know how. And so they might talk on YouTube like, I don’t know, how to quit your career. And then they type that and
then you look at what comes up and maybe it’s property,
maybe it’s forex trading, maybe it’s like online business and they might start looking at a number of different solutions. And when they start
looking at those solutions, if you were doing that as them, you actually go through this process. What puts questions, what objections, what reasons not to start
might pop into their head. You know, property straightaway, you might think well this
is all well and good, but I didn’t have that
much capital to invest so property is not right. Or forex, they might start
thinking, wait, hold on, does that mean I need to sit
and look at charts all day ’cause I can’t I’ve got a full-time job, like that’s not gonna be possible for me. You know, online business, what reservations and fears come up then? And the point is that
if you can meet somebody at that point in their journey, and connect with them where
their at based on their fears, their problems, their pains, and then handle those
objections at the right moment, that’s exactly where you’re
using your target theme to meet someone with the right message at the right time. So once I’ve got that sorted and I’m crystal clear about my avatar and about the targeting that I’m gonna use for this particular video,
to get in front of my avatar, the structure then for writing the script it follows a, it’s called, a hero’s journey type of process. Now if you’re not familiar
with the hero’s journey you can just search YouTube for Joseph Campbell Hero’s Journey, and it follows a
particular story narrative and that narrative
connects with human beings on a very deep emotional level and it’s how we resonate with stories and relate to stories and have done for thousands of years. And the format is that I will, I start the video with
a statement, a question, something that will qualify,
or disqualify people, from the word go. So for example I might say, I always got a huge amount
of value from Tony Robbins, from his books and from his events, but I wasn’t able to start
my first online business until I mastered one thing which I never got from any of his stuff. And when I did it changed my life forever and I’m gonna tell you
what that is right now. So that would be an example of a, you know so a 10-second hook which is both something
that creates curiosity and intrigue and it
also disqualifies people who aren’t interested. Because I don’t want people on YouTube, I don’t want people watching my videos that are in no way the right
sort of prospect for me. Now if my targeting’s
right, from the word go, a lot of the people that are watching are gonna be the right sort of audience, but you’re still gonna
get people who aren’t. And what this qualifier does is, or disqualifier should I say, is from the word go,
someone watching knows that I’m gonna start talking
about online business, and if they’re in no way
interested in that whatsoever, then they’re gonna skip out which means that I don’t pay for it, I don’t pay for the view. Okay, so you’ve got 10 seconds to get someone to escape otherwise if it’s less than 10, sorry, if it’s more than 10 seconds then you pay for the view which is fine it’s only pence, or cents, but you still wanna make
sure that the people watching are doing it for the right reasons ’cause that’s gonna improve
your engagement rate, your click-through rate, your opt-in rate, which shows as a higher quality video which means your rank goes up which means you’re more likely to show in front of other advertisers. Now the second part after the qualifier, or disqualifier, is you start to go into the pains and the
problems and specifically you wanna highlight the implications of those pains and problems. So rather than me just ad-libbing this, ’cause I don’t have a script in front of me for this right now, I’m gonna cut now to another video that I’ve done where we
go into pains and problems so you’ll get this right now. I was caught in the corporate world and I was working 70 hours a week and I had this wake-up moment where I realised this feeling of dread that I was feeling on Monday morning for another week of the
same slavery essentially, of trading my time for money, being a cog in the machine, building my boss’s
dreams instead of my own, everyone put that down as normal. But I was like, why is
this normal, you know? And I knew if I did this
for another 20, 30 years, I was gonna wake up with
this deep sense of regret that I’d thrown my life away. Now again, the golden
points to get to with this is if you can help somebody realise that you understand their problems, their pains and problems
better than they do and you highlight to them the implications of them not solving
their pains and problems and off the back of that you create an epiphany within someone. If you can create an epiphany
where they realise something, or they think of something like, something clicks in their mind that they’ve never thought of before, where they’re like, oh my
goodness this guy’s right, and they’re often going to
the solution that didn’t work before going to the
solution that did work. And what this means is that the solution that didn’t work is typically where you’re preempting objections that might come up for them at that point. So, for example, you know,
if you’re talking about the pains and problems of being trapped in a corporate career and
feeling suddenly unfulfilled and sacrificing your whole life to build your bosses
dreams instead of your own. You know, if you’re then talking about how you looked up property, and you looked at starting your own brick and mortar business, you looked at franchises, you looked at forex, and none of these things worked ’cause you didn’t have the capital and you had a full-time job
that you still had to work to pay the bills. So it was like you were stuck, you were stuck between
having to keep the job, but the job was stopping you from having the free time
to build the businesses. So that would be a
solution that didn’t work. And then you transition into
the solution that did work which would be, for example, and then I came across online business. So now I was completely
sceptical from the word go, because I didn’t have any training, I didn’t have any education, I didn’t have, you know as I say, time to do this kind of stuff. But I discovered an education company that helped be figure out from the word go with community, mentors, accountability, live training, exactly
how I could get started on building a business that would allow me to create freedom in my own life to get back the power
to make my own choices and my own decisions for myself instead of waiting for someone else to tell me what to do with my life. So that would be an
example of the solution that did work. And then you’re gonna
talk about the result of that solution. And then an example of that could be, and then 12 months after
starting I was able to quit my job, I was
able to then start doing what I wanted to do which
for me at that point was travelling and, you know, getting it out of my system and then really start focusing
on building businesses and creating the kind of life that I wanted to live. And after that you’re then gonna go into the finer point of handling
or preempting any objections that might come up. So again, at this point
like where’s their mind at? Is it scepticism? Is it doubt and lack of
belief in themselves? Is it, are they still looking
at, oh I don’t have the time, I don’t have the tech skills maybe, I’m too old or whatever it is. So if you can at that point say, or throw in something that preemptively handles objections. So for example, you know, I didn’t think I had
the time from the start, but I’m so glad that I did because all it took was a
couple of hours in the evenings to really start making progress. Or if you were preempting scepticism you might say something like, I know when I began I was super
sceptical from the word go, but I’m so glad that I
was able to overcome that because if I didn’t then I
wouldn’t be where I am today. Or, so for example, I
don’t have the tech skills. It might be something like, you know, and I was a complete
amateur with technology when I first started and I had no idea how to do any of the
things you’d associate with online business. But when I went through the education I discovered that I didn’t need to be like a tech wizard. You know all it took was for me to have basic skills of
how to use a computer and then I could learn
the skills required. And with the community, and the education, and the mentors, that was
exactly the environment that I needed to learn the skills, just like learning to
drive, it was no different. And then after you’ve preemptively
handled key objections. By the way, top 10, if
you already have customers your customers are your best source so speak to your customers
and they are your best way to discover what the main objections are in the front end of your business. All right when people are
feeling that resistance to buying your products or service, what’s the main reason that
they’re always giving you about, you know, why they’re
not ready to purchase, or why they feel that it’s not for them, or something like that. If you can preemptively
handle that right at the start in your ads at the moment
they first come up with it, ’cause you’re meeting
them where they’re at, that is a very, very powerful thing to do. So if you, somebody literally, if the thought pops into
their head of, oh yeah, this sounds good, but
I don’t have the time, and then you immediately
at that point in the video are saying, you know
what I actually thought I didn’t have the time,
but what I realised was da, da, da, da, da, da, da, that oh, okay, well, well that makes sense then, this guy’s talking sense so I think I might give it a go as well. He sounds like he gets
what I’m going through and where I’m coming from so let’s take action on
seeing what he’s about. And that takes us on to the final point which is the call to action. So in the call to action what you’re doing is you’re relating the pains and problems, or the journey, sorry,
into the call to action, from the pains and the problems through the solution and the result. So it’ll be something, for example you’d say something like, so that if any of this is resonating, if it sounds like you
then just below this video you’re gonna see a link to click which will take you through to my website where you can enter your name and email to access exactly the same education that took me from being
unfulfilled, unhappy, and miserable working 60
to 70 hours in a career I didn’t like into having the freedom to create and build my own life that I truly wanted to live. So click below, enter your
name and email address and I’ll see you on the other side. Bye for now. All right, so that would
be a typical, you know, and I’ve just kind of rushed through that, but that would be a typical structure for call to action that took
me from pain into solution. Okay, obviously there is, this is not like a black and white hard and fast only way to shoot and script a video ad. There’s many different formulas, many different marketers
and business owners who use different structures, but that’s the structure
that I’ve typically used throughout most of my stuff over the last three years or so. Okay, so quick recap. You’ve got the disqualifier at the start, you’ve got the pains and problems, and then the implications
of the pains and problems and you wanna try and hit an epiphany within your target market. Then you’ve got the
solution that didn’t work, the solution that did work, the result of going through the solution, any objections, so objection handling before your call to
action right at the end. All right, so that’s my process for scripting a video. If you write your script
within that structure and you hit those points powerfully there’s some other things that you can do which I probably won’t
go through on this video is do with like NLP and sort
of language of influence and so on and so forth, we’ll do another video
on that another time. But in simple terms if
you’ve got that format down and you’re then shooting your video and you’re either using a teleprompter or you’re, you know,
say you’ve got a camera like my Osmo at the moment which doesn’t have the abilities to put a teleprompter on it. I’ll often put an iPad behind, right behind the lens and then I’ll use a teleprompter app where then my script will scroll up, so I’m always focusing on a point that’s like behind the lens of the camera so it looks like I’m
looking into the camera, but I’m actually looking through it and I can read the script. I’m not at the moment, but, you know that’s sort of a tip. If your camera is not
teleprompter friendly. All right, so I hope this has helped. As I say, if you’ve enjoyed this video and you’ve got value from it, please like, please comment below. Any questions, any perspectives to add, anything you do differently
with your structuring of video ads I’d love to hear from you, let me know, and a lot of people get value from the comments as well. And finally, don’t forget to hit subscribe in the bottom corner right now ’cause I do three videos like this every single week. Typically online business, mindset, but really designed to
help business owners move their businesses
and their lives forwards and that’s what I love doing. All right, so thanks for watching. I hope this has been powerful and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye for now.

Reynold King

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