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The key is remember where you came from, keep that in the front of your mind. And when things go bad and sideways, you getting boo’d out the building.. People are writing you off, you gotta keep it in here. Ramy is the biggest pro bodybuilder in the world. There’s not any guy right now in that lineup, that is bigger than Big Ramy. When I’m training heavy, I’m fighting for it, I like that. I have to wait to come stronger than ever. Life is ups and downs. I’m better than I have before, in the best shape for me ever. I’m super excited to show something great. To be such a mass monster and have a small waist with deep abs, is phenomenal. I promised them something. You will see Ramy for the best conditioning for him. They’re gonna bring a package that we’ve never seen before and finally we will see Ramy come in at his full potential. You gotta be the hardest workers in the room. And don’t fk the opportunity up. At some point you gotta be tired of not being Number One. You have to be, and you gotta play angry. It should drive you.. It should. Keep the hard times in the front of my mind, this allows me to go into these big moments. That I work my A$$ off with a different perspective. Make sure you push yourself. You’re mentally stronger than you think. I’m not gonna let this opportunity go by… Without giving it my all.

Reynold King


  1. ''At some point you gotta be tired of not being number one.. And you gotta play angry. It should drive you.'' #CantStopNow #AlwaysSetNewGoals

  2. I’m currently prepping for a men’s physique show and fitness motivation content like this is what gets me through!! I’m sure there are a lot of other bodybuilders who feel the same

  3. Long way coming.
    Ramy has his chance now. He is running out of time.
    Would be cool to see a non-English speaking competitor to take the throne. Will it happen?

  4. *Ya Allah" before Squatting heavy, Never forgot God In Good, Bad, Difficult or Sweet Times In Life, He Gave A True Example!!! 1:15

  5. في دقيق 29 تظهر عنصرية الغرب ل بيك #رامي وتظهر بعده أخلاق وإنسانية #كاي كرين 💪💪

  6. 0:28 look at Dexter's gut.. is he really one of the greatest of all time? Seriously? Is that body- BUILDING???

  7. Well you've reached pretty much the maximum potential of being human, maybe you should think about the possibilities of becoming super human, even bigger muscles with definition above and beyond human belief! not only will you have the body no other human can achieve for the competitions you do but you will also be able to walk into absolute jokes of strength competitions and be able to wipe them out! setting new standards in weight lifting and bodybuilding and winning all kinds of gold in Olympics! I've been there and done that as far as size and strength as well as definition! what you will find in training is that what you were doing is good cardio but strength requires something completely different it takes both what you have been doing mixed with weighted isometrics once you try it you will know i'm telling the truth! When I destroyed Mark Henry in the brigade gym of Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473 on Dec.6th 1991 General Mccolaczek Dec. 7th 1991 asked him why he felt I deserved no recognition for absolutely destroying him on the bench press his reply was because that son of a bitch ain't human my god look at him he looks like an explosion at a muscle factory from the mouth of hell, where did you find this guy at!

  8. He can definitely win the Olympia in 2020. Time is running out though. That would be one huge waste of talent. With that said, I’m a huge fan of Ramy. He’s also a very humble respectful guy.

  9. ferrigno, Gunter, Ruhl, nasser never won the mr o, and they were the biggest, mr o is a beauty pageant, “big is not always beautiful”. The guy looks like shrek, oaf it is better he go the piana path

  10. Dudes already big. Hes lucky all he has to do is worry about conditioning while others need to worry about mass and conditioning. ID LIKE TO SEE ALL THE RETIREE'S DO A REALITY SHOW WHERE THEY EACH GET A PROTEGE TO SEE WHO WINS. FOR INSTANCE TEAM COLEMAN, TEAM CUTLER, TEAM YATES, EXCETRA….

  11. Tone down quad training and put it into calves training to help your proportions….those huge quads aren't helping your placing…then nail that conditioning and back details…everything else is Olympia material

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