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IDEA Data Analysis Software training by AuditWare Systems

My name is James Loughlin, I work for AuditWare Systems and I’m the Head of Technical and Training. We offer a number of different training courses: basic level, advanced level, Automation, bespoke courses as well, which focus on data acquisition or which are tailored to specific business processes, and the types of advanced techniques that you would need to know for those business processes. And in that, we deliver in a variety of different ways. We also offer online training courses and this affords our delegates much more flexibility in how they approach their training. AuditWare will host training courses and training events in a variety of different locations. London is always very popular with delegates. Dublin for the Republic of Ireland. Leeds for the north of England. Cardiff for Wales and the West of England and Edinburgh for Scotland, as well. I was a bit apprehensive coming in for day one. Obviously, we don’t know any people, not knowing what level of skills they would actually have. It was a very well-organized training day. I thought they were about, I don’t know if I remember rightly, eight, eight or ten people in the room, which I thought was a good size. It was a two-day course and we had a small group. Our trainer was very helpful. He engaged with us, he was patient. He took time to explain things if we didn’t understand them straight away. There was a lot of practical exercises in the course. It wasn’t just being talked at, you know you had a good chance to have a go all the aspects of the training and I found it very useful. So, immediately after the course, the tutor sent through their contact details so that if we need anything at any point after course, any support, we could email them or phone them if we needed to. This call was offered at any point that we need to after the course in the future. So, that’s really good to know that if you come across any problems, then you contact somebody straight away. We try and manage all the different skill levels and so if people are struggling we’ll work with them, but at the same time if they’re people who are sort of more advanced, we try and feed them the extra information that they need so that they get the best experience out of the day as well. What we try and do with our training is we try to make it as realistic to as many scenarios that we think most users will come across. We try to make our training is enjoyable and as interactive as possible. We feel that by creating a friendly, relaxed, and open atmosphere, the delegates will get the most out of the session. And if they have shied away from using data analytics in the past they will return to the office and hopefully look to implement some of the processes, and the practices, and the learning from the training sessions into their everyday working lives. I think in the long run, yep, there’s definitely gonna be cost savings for anybody who takes the course and then applies what they learn in their work environment. We’re quite a large company, so when we’re doing internal audits, being able to look at say fifty to a hundred thousand records in one go is really, really good. Rather than kind of just working on the sample basis. I got straight on to it and there was actually something that I was doing the time, a piece of work. As soon as I got back, I used the software on that and it was really really helpful. The training was very good value for money. It is going to help with going forward. As a team, we are going to use this, as I say, to take our skills and experience to the business and use it as a selling point for our team, that we have this knowledge and experience. You know, what could we do to help?

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