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Improve Motivation and Self-Discipline 2019 – Motivation Theory

do you have a tendency to get really
excited and motivated to do things only to find yourself struggling to get
motivated when things go off the tracks a little bit when this happens how does
it make you feel if you’re anything like me it makes you feel pretty bad studies
show that people with higher levels of self-discipline are happier they spend
less time having that internal dialogue with themselves whether or not to do
something and they are less likely to engage in behaviors that are not
furthering their goals making it much easier to make better decisions
self-discipline people are not controlled by impulses and are instead
focused and in a mindset that leads them to decisions that support their goals as
a result and as you can probably guess staying on track and focused helps you
feel more satisfied with your life hello everyone my name is John and this is
motivation Theory today we’re gonna be going over three tips to help you
improve motivation and self-discipline but first if you are new to this channel
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appropriately it’s probably safe to say self-discipline and consistency is a
regular challenge for most of us you may be working on getting into shape
creating content if you’re a youtuber or just getting motivated to do everyday
tasks like cooking in home instead of going out to eat
reading motivational books watching motivational videos and good intentions
only get you so far so how do you develop more drive motivation and
self-discipline how do you tap into that intrinsic motivation each day to keep
you moving forward tip 1 change your perception about willpower and what you
think you can and can’t do studies show that the amount of willpower a person
has is predetermined by their beliefs so in more simple terms if you think you
can’t you won’t don’t make excuses as to why you can’t do certain things I cannot
tell you how many times I hear people say I just can’t do certain things or I
have never been good at certain things that is a BS excuse you are looking for
movement to build momentum not perfection or to be the best at
something you’re just looking to get moving toward the goal that you’ve set
your internal conceptions about willpower and self-control
absolutely determine how much of either one of those you actually have being
honest with yourself and being self-aware about skillsets is good but
using them as an excuse to be lazy is not get disturbed get honest with
yourself so you stop making excuses and start moving forward tip 2 the kiss
method keep it simple working on self-discipline and creating a new habit
can feel overwhelming at first even more so if you’re really focused on the
larger goal like graduating college are running 50 or 100 miles to keep from
feeling overwhelmed and staying away from the analysis paralysis fees that we
can somehow get drug into break your goal into small achievable steps focus
on smaller incremental steps and executing them consistently to gain that
confidence and self-discipline tip 3 build your self-discipline like a muscle
self-discipline is like a constant mental battle between the instant
gratification of doing nothing versus the goal or result you want and that has
that discomfort in between that’s what you’re fighting with that’s what your
body doesn’t want to do your mind doesn’t want to do but it’s important
that you tolerate and even embrace these feelings of discomfort in order to grow
look we aren’t born with self-discipline self-discipline and turning extrinsic
motivation that external reward system we have out in life it’s about turning
that into an intrinsic motivation that internal drive that thing that makes you
who you are it makes you want to do the things you want to do that’s what bursts
that drive inside of you that leads to action it leads to a learned behavior
and it is built up like a skill some people get there quicker than
others and it requires daily practice and repetition and until actions become
habits the efforts in focus that self discipline requires will be something
you have to work on every single day and once you can understand how to win those
daily mental battles those actions and habits that you develop by doing that
will become a part of who you are instilling those feelings of power
motivation and self-discipline alright everyone that is all for
today hopefully these tips help you improve motivation and self-discipline
and know the things that I leverage every single day if you like this video
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Reynold King

20 Replies to “Improve Motivation and Self-Discipline 2019 – Motivation Theory”

  1. I have that problem when I feel lazy and dont want to really do anything. Yes I have goals set in my mind but when I do sit around and do nothing, that tends to turn into a habit. Something I am improving on. Thank you for the awesome tips!

  2. I've been going for years, and I'll keep on going. I can't wait to see how big you become on this platform. It's quality content.

  3. Great tips John.   Self confidence helps to drive self discipline.  If you think you can't because you're not confident enough then you won't.  I totally understand that one.

  4. Great video man, this channel helps people like me, who struggles to get motivated day by day, thanks for the regular uploads!

  5. There is a very simple method to being motivated, it's called "click the bell notification on this channel" method, it does the trick!

  6. "That is a BS excuse" I like that, I also think it's a "Basic Sausage" excuse, don't be a sausage LOL no excuse, get to work.

  7. Love them all but the Build momentum, not perfection” really speaks to me. I can tend to overdo and nit pick 😀 I am much better these days though👍🏻

  8. Hi Just joined your ch. From Nick Nimmins live. Very interesting channel you have and I plan on coming back here later and learn a little. Notification on!

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