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INTENSE Vocal Training (EN subs)

*** EVERYBODY *** You can change register! Change register! *** HEY, FERMA! *** Hit it! Hit it! You shouldn’t feel it in your throat. If you feel it in your throat, you are doing this: But instead it should be like this: *** HA HA HA HA HA *** Move it out, singers! Move it out! Hit it! Hit it! Last time! Good job! Relax. When we get tired, the body starts to compensate with the throat. We do not understand what is happening, we lose control of our voice and go back to the old bad habits. So, it’s a real good exercise to work out when we are tired. Because, unfortunately, we are used to practicing in ideal conditions, where everything is comfortable and perfect. Because real life on the stage is not like that! Hit it! Raise your legs! Well done! Well done, I didn’t ear you pushing from your throat! Singers, drink some water! We must remove all tension from the throat. The throat has nothing to do with singing! Like when you turn your head to get to that note … Instead, just think, “Ok, I have to get to that note, then support (Appoggio)! Grrr!” You don’t get to the note by focusing on the throat. The note comes from the core, not from the throat!

Reynold King

100 Replies to “INTENSE Vocal Training (EN subs)”

    Beth is like if Robert Plant and Janis Joplin had a baby.

  2. Hey there ! I really wished I could be coached by you,
    It’s always been my dream to become a good singer ever since I was able to talk haha
    I’m really inspired by you ! 😄😄

  3. I want her to teach me because my voice like really changed Idk if it's becuz of puberty but I cant do high notes anymore… Love from the Philippines🇵🇭BtW

  4. I wish you could teach me. I have a burning passion for music but I need help with a lot. I know how to sing pretty well though.. I think?

  5. i noticed it too.. when i'm singing while cleaning and scrubbing the toilet, it somehow makes my breathing and singing more stable and strong. i will follow your tips. thank you! 🙂

  6. Sometimes I always wonder why doesn't this channel have 1 million subscribers! Like she is a great singer and a great singing coach! You deserve better! Keep it going sis! 🎶🎶🎶😊👏👏👏👌❤️❤️💖🙏☺️🤗🎶🎶🎶

  7. after watching this it makes me think and wonder how the hell does BTS manage to perform with their crazy ass energetic choreographies and still use the correct techniques and sing with stability and on pitch despite moving and dancing all around. its insane.

  8. I have a very serious question can anyone learn how to sing???? It was always a childhood dream to be a famous singer but I would settle for being able to sing to my kids at night and not make them cry…..

    They seriously cry when I sing. 😭😭😭😭

  9. Hey, I am just a huge fan of the way you teach vocal lessons and how you are amazing and I was wondering if you could do a world tour, to teach different people how to sing and you could pls come to kenya, pls we need you here 🙏😭, I hope you can and anyways your really good at what you do

  10. What is the meaning on 0:30
    „You shouldn’t feel it in your throat“
    And whats the difference about her 2 examples
    I mean how should i sing with my throat or with what?

  11. So this is how celebrities get famous and good singing voices, me: comes running out of house IM COMING IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! breaks in wrong one

  12. Добрый день Cheryl! Как купить ваш диск с распевками? Буду вам бесконечно благодарна. Обожаю вас и ваше творчество.

  13. hola jeje solo una cosa de donde es que quiero ver si puedo convencer a mis padres a ver si puedo ir con usted por que es muy genial ;3 <3 ?

    (hello hehe only one thing where I want to see if I can convince my parents to see if I can go with you because it's really cool ;3 <3 )

  14. I have been watching your videos and I could listen to Cheryl Porter every day of my life sing. I also love how you are so proud of each of your students. I can see and feel your love that you want them to have their best. Any students of yours are surely blessed to have you help them.

  15. so love your teaching vids. i noticed that in a clip if the OPERA SINGER ivd you using STRAW practice, I think a KaZoo may be more fun and easy?

  16. Dear Cheryl sono italiana e vivo in Belgio. guardo i tuoi video molto spesso e sei veramente bravissima con un indiscutibile talento. Qui il re leone è già uscito poi guardando il trailer italiano non sapevo che fosse la tua voce nella prima canzone. Ho fatto un tuffo nel passato con questa tua voce potentissima. Grazie per questa emozione immensa che mi hai regalato! Ti ammiro da lontano spero che un giorno avrò la possibilita di poterti incontrare ❤

  17. Daamn girl I need you in my life! I wish you were in England. 😭❤️I always seem to sing from my throat, its annoying as I end up with it sore!

  18. I'm so happy that I discovered your beautiful channel and your super awesome coaching! Definitely one of the best coaches ever! 👍

  19. Ma'am I'm from India I want to learn from you I want online classes I can pay you but not much cause I'm financialy unstable cause I'm a student right now. I ll pay for your videos please try to understand me ma'am love from India 🇮🇳😘😍🙏🙏🙏💋❤️ I want every tutorial to practice everyday plz ma'am love you 😘😍❤️💋💕💞💖🙏💐💘👏👍🌹

  20. where are you From??
    i Neee a Teacher Like you !!!

    Saludos desde México 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽😗😘🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  21. Hey Cheryl I was wondering how you give lessons? I am looking for a vocal coach. I went to your website but I don’t speak Italian so I couldn’t understand it! Haha

  22. Please react to Diana Ankudinova (Диана Анкудинова) songs:

    – "Wicked Game"

    – "Human"

    – "Derniere danse"

    – "It's a man's word"

    – "Rechenka"

    – "Tomorrow is lie"

  23. Димаш Кудайбергенов ''Sos Dun Terrien En Detresse''

  24. Ho visto la pubblicità del re leone al cinema e ho visto Cheryl nel cast 😍😍😍 Cheryl che canta nel film della mia infanzia 🥰🥰

  25. I love to sing, but I sound horrible like my voice is not good but this looks so fun to learn how to control your voice and learn better. Lol I'd like to do something like this if I could actually sing. Lol..

  26. Hi I opened the YouTube channel recently if you give us a look I would be happy. Let me know what you think. I'd like to get to 50 subscribers thanks for your attention. ♥️

  27. Hello! i have one question for you!! Where do you do vocals with children!? In what city are you doing this?? Please notice!!

  28. Booo I really neeeeeeeed you in my lifeeeee! Please, u see… I started noticing some sort of weird changes in my natural/speaking voice right after I'm done singing. ¿would u mind checking 1 of my videos to see where am I going wrong? I've got a casting in less than a month and I MUST practice my song correctly if I want to get inside the competition 🙁

  29. Nice way to get people to engage their body with their singing and get them to act out of their comfort zone! Makes them feel more confident with themselves. This works great for shy singers scared to open up, especially.

  30. I think I'm falling in love with you. I've been searching for a good vocal coach online and here I found you. ❤

  31. Cheryl che canta “IL CERCHIO DELLA VITA” tratto dal film IL RE LEONE 🦁 è davvero fantastica 🤩

  32. I just want to so I've been following your vocal warm ups and exercises, along with he different techniques. I've improved trmendously even my coworkers who listen while I practice at work during the day have even noticed and complimented me. I want to get a pair of boxing gloves ans try this. I've gotten even more confidence just by practicing and just having fun with it. Thank you.

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