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ITIL Foundation Tips and Tricks | ITIL V3 Foundation Training

In this section we will identify the key topics from each section of the ITIL framework That you must be familiar with to pass de foundation exam In the next section we will review the details of each of this topics to ensure you understand the concepts, processes and functions that are covered at the foundation level The first topic is service management as a practice you must understand the concept of service management Why we need service management in the first place andwhat values service management brings to the world of IT

Reynold King

30 Replies to “ITIL Foundation Tips and Tricks | ITIL V3 Foundation Training”

  1. i watched this the night before my IT Service Management exam and it proved very helpful and easy to understand, thanks a lot

  2. WOW I got this ITIL class for two days but I was lost. but with this 30mins video I got it thank you so much.

  3. Wow, there's a surprising amount of hate in the comments directed towards the need for ITIL. I mean, I know it's not a fun topic, but it's how IT is currently managing SLAs and metrics. I think we need a better way to measure metrics and meet SLAs, but this is what we have and I don't have any better ideas, so knowing this stuff is important to making your working career less stressful.

  4. This cert is pointless. Without giving real world examples, actual processes instead of theories, this is just information. It’s fluff and BS. Anyone already working in the field is usually doing it without this certification.

  5. Great quick review, cannot be a main source though. Found a really good video from edureka on here if you can deal with the thick accent and 3 hour run time paired with this as a review i dont even think youll need the source material feom anything else.

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