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There is a japanese phrase: “sooner or later, discipline will overcome the inteligent” will overcome the inteligent” it´s so interesting talk about this because this is something that we must have on mind the discipline that they have take them where they´re now Japan it´s the 3rd world power and like the conferesist Yokoi Kanji Diaz said: “The japaneses are´nt inteligent they are discipline people” but they´re owners of big companys like: but they´re owners of big companys like: Toyota, Nintendo, Canon and Sony But what i´d learned is that they´re inteligent people for their discipline japanese people never arrives late for their dates and if the´ll do it they´re telling you two days before that the´ll arrive 15 minutes late they education and discipline are admirables and here a few points to put on practise as persons the first academic years they didn´t concetrate in knowledge they teach to their young people to respect others, patience, generosity, compassion, discipline, self control and care about nature until they have 9 years old They uniform for clases: this teach them to see others like the same way as they´re, no matter their personality, mindset or social clase as they´re, no matter their personality, mindset or social clase Assistence and timeliness: the perfect description for japaneses it´s untikable that a little kid miss clases or arrives late this discipline is taught until 9 tears old, where the aducation is requiered the 97% of students in Japan continues their education Test dates: there is a day called: “A silent for students” that nobody works the constructions stop they work and everybody ensures not to do loud noises that can disturb students when they´re studying for their important test this few points that japaneses show us is something to admire, Japan it´s a country with a lot of sucefull even they´re world power after of the tsunami in 2011 they rise with all they have and their awesome discipline take them where they´re now.

Reynold King

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