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JASON MOMOA TRAINING for «Aquaman» Behind The Scenes

[Wan] Jason knows
the emotion of the story. But he also worked out so much,
getting all that muscle definition, to get the body of a leading man.
flaughs] [Wan] I think James wants me
really slim. S0, I get two and a half months
ofjust doing fight choreography, and then indoor climbing. I’ll be just climbing a lot. So, your body is constantly working. And then this is… Some meat. [sighs] ‘Cause I ran out of my house
and just threw some meat in my pocket. I always have meat in my pocket.
It’s weird. This part [bleep] sucks. [Kyle Gardiner] In pre-production, Jason spent a lot of time
in harnesses on this job. Just rehearsing and just defining his
movement for his character in the rig. naughs] [Momoa] That’s the fun part
is I get to build his character. S0, I go boom and I hit it,
and I can control my whole upper body. I enjoy the creative aspect of that. It starts to take its toll
after 12, 13 hours a day. [Momoa] It’s like a giant
giving you a Wedgie, but you’re stuck in the Wedgie. -[chuckles]
-Just stay in the wedgie for a while. Yeah. Ah! And it’s not a comfortable thing,
those rigs. Oh, yeah, it’s nice and tight. Drop him, Jack. Jack, you have the most importantjob of getting me the [bleep] out
of this thing. Okay? [all laugh] [Momoa] When we start shooting,
I’ll probably be very sad, ‘cause I’ll have been away from my kids
for almost two months. Yeah, I’ll probably
just be missing my family, man. -[Momoa’s son] Hi, Papa.
-Hi. -I love you.
-Hi. -[man] Aw!
-You’re going to bed? [Momoa’s son speaking] [laughter] Heck, no, there’s not!
There’s only one, baby! These guys are impostors. -[Wan chuckling] Ready and roll.
-Don’t believe it, son. -What’s up… [bleep]
-[men chattering] -The Aquaman is gonna save you.
-[all laughing] [Wan] Filmmaking is such
a challenging industry that we ‘re in, you can’t really make a movie like this
without a sense of intensity. [Momoa] I take my action very seriously. -You all right?
-[man] Yeah. I enjoy doing my own stunts. If you don’t like that,
you don’t like French vanilla ice cream. -That tastes good.
-[all laughing] He loves
the sort of physicality of performing. -We’|| shoot it.
-And action! I put ideas in anything that I do.
I feel like that’s myjob. And it made sense to me that he’s gonna become the one
who can wield the Trident later. But I wanted him
to be very much like a bar fighter. And then you can take
what he’s gonna be great at With a little bit Of that bar fighting. He’s gonna be a fun character
to watch fight. Jason, up the step,
rise up so you face that camera. [Momoa] It’s fun being a boy
and playing and fighting. [grunting] But the more takes we do,
the harder it gets. [Wan] Action! [groaning] [coughing] [Momoa] That was real. I’m getting older.
It’s harder to recover. -[b|eep] Sorry. You okay?
-[9roans] Yeah. [Patrick Wilson] Jason is awesome. There’s a little humor or playfulness
that Jason has, and that’s important. He’s such a presence on screen, and you can see the fun,
the charm behind the eyes. That’s, to me, what always
sets people apart. I have to tell you,
working opposite him was so fun. I mean, he’s got so much energy. [Abdul-Mateen ll] Jason has this gift
of he’s just a big kid. If you take a look at Jason on set, he’s walking around,
he’s playing his bass guitar. [Momoa] I’m learning bass.
I’ve never learned bass before. That’s rad. Keeps me ready. [Abdul-Mateen ll]
He’s been in the business for so long, so he’s a mentor to me. I watch how he works the set, and how he’s very attentive
to the shots and the details. He’s on top of it. You can go a little higher.
Anywhere in here. Chest, anything. -Yeah, there.
-Okay. [Wan] Action! [grunts] I exude a lot of energy on set. [Momoa grunts] [Wan over microphone]
Boo!Boo!Boo! Sometimes, I love to rile my actors up. And when it’s a big scene, where there’s supposed to be
thousands of people around, it’s cool to just get on the microphone
and just yell at the actors. Get out of here! Get out of Atlantis!
You’re not welcome! Boo! The crowd is so against Jason,
so the idea to just boo him was fun. And cut! S0, Jason’s making fun of James
for trying to act like the crowd. James, I love the idea. lthink
we’re gonna need someone else to say it. [all laughing]

Reynold King

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  3. I think a lot of ppl forget a lot of the film was actual sets and physicality despite the movie requiring a lot of cgi since it is you know water and all but I appreciate the art and craft so much and the actors sacrifices

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  9. This is…ahh, some meat.
    'cause I run out of my house and just threw some meat in my pocket.
    I always have meat in my pocket. It's weird.

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