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Job Training Health Success Stories

(whimsical marimba music)>>(with Swedish accent)
My name is Zina Kado.>>My name is
Elizabeth Pena.>>I’m Chaldean
Christian from Iraq. I grew up
in Sweden. Then, I came here,
I got married here, and I had my kids
for 10 years, then I start
my school. (music)>>Before I started
the MA program, I was doing
CNA work. I became a
young mother. Juggling two jobs,
CNA jobs, and most of the
week working at least three 16-hour
shifts a week.>>I took a program
here in GRCC. Phlebotomy classes. I always wanted to
be in healthcare.>>As soon as I heard
of the program, I instantly– I didn’t
even hesitate– I was like, “Oh, my god,
there’s a program I can work “and go to school?”>>The program
was amazing, the way how, you know,
it teach you how to take care
of the patient when they’re not
comfortable, to do they’re– like,
drawing their blood.>>This program
is special to me because I noticed that I was
in a classroom with people who we all had
something in common, which was we had some
kind of hardships but we all
had one goal, which was to become
a medical assistant. It was kind
of comforting knowing that I wasn’t
the only student that had some kind
of hardship prior, and actually took the step to
come back in the classroom. (music)>>A lot of things
change me, like, since I attend
the orientation, I passed my
all classes. And it’s, like,
make me so feel good at least, like, yes, I
did something for myself and for my family,
for my community. I always wants
to help my kids, so I’m gonna be
their role model.>>I actually got hired
about a month ago. I received my
offer letter. In this last month
of the course, I’ve been actually transitioning
into my position there.>>I did had interview with
Spectrum, face-to-face. Right away, they call me, and
they said, “Hey, we hired you.” I’m in GRCC and
pass classes. I’m in Spectrum
Health now, and, like, look
now where I am. (music)>>I can’t wait to
see them later, their little faces here.
(chuckling) To see me, you know, walk
across and get my certificate. This program, I believe, has set
us up with the skills completely to be 1,000% confident in
everything that we’re doing. And… I’m proud
of that.>>It was my dream
really came true, and I told my
mom about it, and I show her the
picture, she was crying. And I told her,
“Mom, I did it. “I reach my star, and I will
wait another three years, “I’m gonna reach
another star.” (music)

Reynold King

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