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Joining the Police Force: My Story

Reynold King

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  1. I’m the only comment on this I and I want to become a police officer well I changed at last minute but can you reply on what you need too do please

  2. Do you need to go to a police station or do you need to go to your school and ask also when you do the writing test is it inside of a hall just asking lol

  3. When I was 24, I turned away from my duly appointed career path, one I'd been working toward for years. At the time I was just really unhappy, unfocused, distracted with other stuff, and I dropped out and went in a different direction.
    Over the years I've questioned that decision many times. I haven't ended up doing work as meaningful and fulfilling as I'd planned. I've had other experiences that were meaningful to me. And at the time, I simply wasn't in the right place mentally to devote myself fully to that work. I no longer dwell on my choice. But I'd be lying if I said I never second-guessed myself. Or rather, regretted that I wasn't mentally healthy enough to take full advantage of the opportunities I was offered.
    I'd advise you to do the work you need to do on yourself first. The more confused and unwell we are, the harder it is to actually determine what we want and pursue it. And remember, it's not necessarily a done deal. A couple years down the line, if you come to the conclusion that you really want to be a police officer after all, you can still do it, right?

  4. I'm interested in joining the police force myself. Do they ask about your sexuality or your polictial views?

  5. Back home in Ireland, our police force, An Garda Siochana, have similar to the regular Gardai, called Probationer Gardai – I’m not sure if they train alongside the regular Gardai at the Garda Training College in Templemore, Co. Tipperary or the HQ in the Phoenix Park in Dublin, but they are posted at some point to a Garda Station in the Dublin Metropolitian Area, regardless of where in Ireland they are sent to after that, as it could be to either urban or rural areas in any County in Ireland – it is similar to PCSO’s here in the UK and here in Manchester City Centre, we have some very good ones in dealing with shoplifters in our store – I grew up in a little village in Rural Ireland and we always had good relations with the Gardai and still do when I go back home to Ireland on visits – one of my classmates joined the Gardai and she is a Detective Garda in Kevin St in Dublin now

  6. Yep. Join plod & nick people for saying offensive things to people. Aint no real coppers anymore. Just common purpose trained paramilitaries. Trust me , you made the correct choice. No respect for old bill anymore. And yes they do kick the shit out of people & they do lie to get a result.

  7. Thanks for sharing a really interesting story! I have just currently underwent an assessment centre for PC and am awaiting results so I am very excited as to possibly accomplishing a dream of mine that I have always had. Great video, I will certainly be subscribing! 👍

  8. I’m looking to become a ctsfo but just want some clarification as to what is required before being able to apply.

  9. I was a volunteer special constable for 1.5 years in the Met from 2016 to 2017, I used to work a day job as a travelling IT technician offering IT support for several schools across the south to mid part of the country, including Brixton, Northampton, Margate and Sevenoaks, at the end of my working day (which I'd wake up at 5:30AM for) I'd come home from work, around 6PM, on a Friday night, most Friday nights, and be in uniform, on duty and booked on at the station by 7PM, then on duty policing either the town centres or response team going to calls until the early hours of 4/5AM.

    I eventually resigned 2 days before I started my training as a regular PC in mid 2017, I'm now nearly at the end of my 2 year probationary period and of all the jobs I've done this is the best.

  10. Why join what's becoming the most hated group next to politicians!! They do not even teach you the law and you call it a police force as you are dumb among many others. There a corporate body. Like a private security firm!! Country is fucked and grats!! Numb nuts like you are implicit!!

  11. Sent my online application and took ages especially with the family members part about 3 weeks now. Just wondering what the time frame actually was from sending the application to starting training. Also what was the interview process like and what questions do they ask you

  12. I want to become a patrolling officer in Eastbourne when I'm 18….i hope it isn't too hard since I'm not a great fighter, but I just think it'll be fun.. 😂

  13. If u want to join the police but your not old enough then you can join police cadets in your area (13-18yrs) I’m currently a police cadet and it honesty the greatest thing I’ve ever done

  14. great video dude! what do they do for vetting? is it just your family who you live with they want info about? or even the cousins you never see? what if you don't have any family though?

  15. I’m slightly confused, so did the police say, you need to stop doing YouTube to be a police officer? Or did they say you just need to watch what you post?

  16. Really appreciate this video, I have just applied for the same role. You have given me a great insight into what I’ll be getting into 👍🏼

  17. Hey Jadon, thanks for the video. I applied for the Special Constable role and I have my assessment/interview at the end of the month. I’m dreading my interview. I feel like I will struggle with the core competencies questions! What did you do to research – Did you read any books? I’ve been watching the career tv vids on YouTube. Which have been helpful too. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks again!

  18. Everytime I try and watch this video the buffering circle of death appears at 0:10. Every other video I've watched has ran smoothly. WTF??

  19. Beware of those who love obeying orders and enforcing spastic laws written by verminous deep state parasites. Idiot loves peer pressure.

  20. Hi, you mentioned that you had to have a levels to become a full time police officer, do you not need a university degree like? I read somewhere that that is what you need but now you have said that it has made me more interested as I wasn't keen on going to uni anyway. Thinking of joining the police when I get older

  21. Thank you for sharing the video ,but just a quick question 🙏Like what course did you study in university or polytec to become a police officer?Because i am really interested in becoming a police officer,it’s something that I am really keen to do in the future ,but I don’t know what course should I study

  22. Police Constable Oath ( I do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law )

  23. Please help! I’ve just applied to special Constable… unfortunately I didn’t even get past their assessment stage (stage 2)! Any tips ? Please do a video on this mate I’m really struggling.

  24. Hi Jadon I want to become a police officer but I am 18 I have been told 18 is too young and I am unlikely to get in and could you please tell me what the job interview is like is it nerv racking?

  25. i want to do pcda and there is this new thing called t levels what i am going to do at six form how do i apply to become a pcda

  26. This might sound like a stupid question 😂😂 do you have to take any equipment / uniform home? Im guessing you leave Batons at the station and other stuff like CS gas, but in terms of the stab proof vests and hats etc. I’m hoping to join the police soon but I was just curious if you’re able to take any part of your uniform home and travel to work in it, rather than having to change into it in the station every morning. Every force might be different in terms of uniform procedure but I thought I’d ask anyway 😂

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