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Karim and Jahar Scope Out the Gym – Key & Peele

Don’t stop Don’t stop walking.
Keep on walking. Don’t stop walking.
Oh, my god. Jahar, my friend. Yes, Karim. We are a long way from home. Oh. Every American woman
is more infidel than the last, my friend. You’re telling me. You’re telling me
my good friend. Yes. Oh, there’s a nine o’clock,
nine o’clock, nine o’clock. Here she comes. Blip. Okay. Come on. Full frontal face.
Only in America, baby. Only in America. Only in America. Grab it. Grab it. What did you see?
I want to grab. Want that? Take it.
I’m going to take it. This is yours.
And then that is yours. This one here? What did you see?
What did you see? I’ll tell you what I saw.
What? I got to see the forearms.
A little bit of the thighs. Yes. Oh, I saw this. And I definitely got
some ankle knot. You got ankle knot? Oh, I got ankle knot. Oh, the whole baba ghanoush? You’re telling me. It’s like
we’ve got the x-ray visions. You’re Superman.
You’re Superman, ah? Oh, here we go.
Here we go. Here we go. Holy tabouli. Would you look
at the leg elbows on that one? Mm-hmm.
I’ll tell you what. What I wouldn’t do
for a six seconds with her. Yes, you would. Yes, you would.
What would you do? I want to show you right now. You’re going to show me?
Spot me! You’ve got to spot me because Yes, I am her. I am her. Yes. I’ll tell you
what I would do right now. I would pump her full of iron. And then I would lift her
to the ceiling. I’m her. Lift her to the ceiling.
I’m her. Working the body.
Working the body. Working the body.
Working the body. Working the body.
Doing the head. head. Belly button. We’ve got belly button.
We’ve got belly button. We’ve got belly button.
Oh, my god. Oh, my god a belly button. That’s belly button, my friend. I couldn’t believe we saw
the belly button. I’ve never seen the belly button
on a woman before. I thought it was a myth. Yes. It’s like the butt hole
of the belly. Kiss. Kiss.
Oh, what I wouldn’t do for her. What would you do?
Give me the … Oh. Show me.
Give me the ball. Show me. Show me. I’m going to show you right now.
Come on. I’m going to show you right now. I’m ready. I get in here. Come on. It feel good. Yes. Grab the hair. Into it. Yes. Hold the hair. Okay.
Come on switch positions. Switch positions. Lock arms. I will show you the world.
Come on. Shining, shimmering splendid. Don’t do that. Close your eyes. Yes, princess. Yes. Infidels.
Homosexual and American devils. Give them the whistle
of disapproval. I will right now. That is my boy. That should teach. That is my boy, huh?

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Karim and Jahar Scope Out the Gym – Key & Peele”

  1. i'm an in an infernal spiral. From the first video I watched from them, I can not stop. 2 min becomes 2 hours. How many more videos is there? I want to free myself from this cycle and get back to my life, but I just can't stooop. No single comedians ever had that effect on me. They hijacked my mind.

  2. In all seriousness this is the result of extremely gender segregated societies, and the extreme importance of purity and bloodline. There are fundamentalist Christians that are just as bad with rampant sex abuse that is covered up. It doesn’t matter under what religion it is gender segregation puts women and children at higher risk of sexual abuse. You are not protecting anyone’s chastity you are enabling abusers.

  3. They wouldn’t be able to handle strip clubs or Porn without automatically jizzing on themselves. Or each other. lol

  4. Tbh this is not even close to impersonating Arabs. The Kha is just over the top and sounds more like a Hebrew speakers voice, no Arab ever says infidel and its overall just an orientalist piece of shit sketch for white people to laugh at. Just like old depictions of black people in sketches by whites. Cringe as fuck to watch. I love their content usually, but this is a huge let down.

  5. I love when I find a new key and peele video that I’ve never watched it likes finding a 20 dollar bill on the ground

  6. This is one of the super rare key and peele vids that doesn't get a like not because it's racist, but because u put muslim names when they were clearly any pair of hindus (mostly poor class) u can see on the guttered footpaths of India.

  7. Arabs are biggest homosexuals on the planet, nothing wrong with homosexuals btw. Just because they don't fuck or kiss each other doesn't take away from the fact how much more they love and adore men over women. Basically they are deluded gay eunuchs who take everything else out on women and to be fair this is not exclusively a Arab thing.

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