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KRAV MAGA TRAINING • End a fight in 3 seconds!

Reynold King

100 Replies to “KRAV MAGA TRAINING • End a fight in 3 seconds!”

  1. Hi guys, do you want to watch other tutorials in english and detailed on-line courses? Find us on PATREON and follow our training program!


  2. Now lets see a boxer end a fight come on how many of these instructors from any art or style have had real street fight experience

  3. everything taught is a puzzle piece. It's up to you where it fits. Every fight is different, and every fight is the same.

  4. Unless you SPAR in whatever your discipline, it's all for naught. You can rehearse for this or that, but what happens when your opponent attacks you in a way you weren't trained for? What happens if that day you haven't "warmed up" ahead of time? What iF this, that & another dozen things happen? Guys train for months in the UFC to block and bob and weave and duck and avoid and parry punches and yet these pros STILL get hit – – and that doesn't even begin to include kicks & takedowns! Oh, and the person who attacks you on the street will most likely be Bigger, Faster & Stronger than you. Attackers don't pick on Opponents, only potential Victims!

  5. For the average guy like you and me the most effective way to win a fight probably is to learn how to avoid, take and throw a punch. So that you don't go down when getting hit right away…

  6. Thanks for the offer and good performance. I like the show.

    Riyad Al-Khowaiter from Iraq Basra

  7. I would have to type these instructions in my phone, then pull out my phone and go over the instructions because I would have forgotten the moves then after 10 or 20 seconds I would be ready but I would probably be hurt within the first 3 seconds. Does this still work for me?

  8. Ma che sciok cervicale rottura del setto ecc c si difende per immobilizzare se no ti arrestano e finisci dentro tutte cazzate ste arti marziali alternative mica si va in guerra

  9. Full of bullshit this video, today MF got fast a knife in the hands and then you stupid fuck, what you gonna do huh, on the street your bullshitto isn't working

  10. The standard instructor uniform camo military pants boots and tight tee, funny my instructors never dressed like this and he was the lead instructor for the Israeli counter terror school

  11. I’m not afraid to say it: that blonde chick in the back has bigger forearms than me.
    That being said: I don’t back down from a fight. Getting beat down is vital to training.

  12. It's cute how many Keyboard commandos are saying this won't work in a real fight lol. You think the Navy Seals and British SaS use this because it doesn't work?

  13. TAI SABAKI – 体捌き Tai-sabaki significa spostamento del corpo ed è forse l 'azione più importante che può fare un praticante di arti marziali in risposta ad un attacco, qualunque sia la propria disciplina. Kendo, jujutsu, aikido, judo, karate sono tutte arti marziali che hanno come fondamento il tai-sabaki.

  14. они одного роста так в жизни не бывает – я 170 вдруг подошли трое 190 уже техника не будет работать

  15. All you people in the comments saying this doesn't work, obviously if all you did was watch a video and then try it out in a fight it's not going to work. You have to train correctly and consistently dumbasses. You're probably not going to know what the fuck you are doing the first time.

  16. This is most "CLASSIEST and STYLIST MOVE" in the entire krav maga 😍😍😍😘😘😘😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  17. Ragazzi in mezzo alla strada non capita di riuscire a fare tutto questo. Come artista marziale da quasi 10 anni, nonostante faccio sparring MMA 2/3 volte a settimana, vi consiglio sempre di CORRERE se la situazione ve lo consente. Non esiste tecnica contro un coltello che via da la certezza di sopravvivere e non c'è gloria nel morire con un taglio in pancia su un marciapiede sporco. Questo però non vi giustifica dal distogliere lo sguardo, aiutate sempre chi è in difficoltà e chiamate le forze dell'ordine specificando con fermezza il luogo e la natura della chiamata.

  18. Finalmente siete tornati.L'unico canale che spacca con video di qualità era lasciato alle milioni di visualizzazioni .CURATE il canale che avrete belle soddisfazioni.MERITATE!

  19. 3.28 min di cazzate, già evitare non è facile, tanto vale appena percepisci il movimento di avanzamento aggressivo entri in anticipo sul naso o sul collo stop. Se aspetti che ti tocchi ciao bello, PREVENIRE.

  20. O titulo desse video foi infeliz…..ninguem pode afirmar com tanta pontualidade que essa ou aquela tecnica vai garantir que vc ganhe de um adversario em 3 segundos…..OSS

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