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KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to survive a Strong Choke

Reynold King

100 Replies to “KRAV MAGA TRAINING • How to survive a Strong Choke”

  1. KM seem sooooo sexist to girls. In most kids classes they won't teach girls. Plus In this video it says ' EVEN a 47 kg GIRL can defend herself' I mean it's like saying if your a girl you can do anything, I mean kalen Whaley is a girl but who cares??? Boys get all the glory.

  2. Thank you Luca! The initial response to an aggression is so important.
    You make the first steps clear. I will bring them to our class and practice. 🙂
    Would you visit and give a seminar in Sweden?

  3. Aaaaaa what.
    It's all fuckin Kenpo.
    I'll keep watching but so far krav magav or whatever is just Kenpo self-defense techniques.

  4. whats the follow up for the "ragazza"
    sure shes hit him 4 or 5 times in the nutsack
    what if he gets up from that?

  5. This Martial Arts Teacher looks simply Badass. He is like a complete Fighting Machine. x)

  6. One of these days the guy  getting choked and hit all the time, will get pissed off and beat the crap out of the taller guy with tattoos, lol
    I love your guys channel.

  7. While a 150 kg bodybuilder is choking you, you, a 50 kg girl is hoping to give him a kick or a punch so strong that it will stop him before he kills you (which will take less than 5 seconds).

    Good luck with that.

    I would prefer to go with the Jujitsu approach.

    Despite how enlightened Krav Maga kick boxers are and how they think that 5.000 years of martial arts is ineffective unless they re-invent it and give it a different name.

  8. Or just lift your shoulder and turn quickly to the side , atleast this one works because choking hurts a lot and you probably won't have the strength to do all those movements .

  9. Sorry to say but Krav maga is not much thinking of some escaping move from Knifes and Guns doesn't make you a martial artist
    And Please WHY you Israel Hate OUR BALLS SO MUCH ????? WHY

  10. He shows punches in slower speeds but always uses his palms at full speed.  Our instructor show tells us, "hard target, soft strike (skull=palm), Soft target hard strike (throat=closed fist).  Just an observation, very good video.

  11. maestro un'altra tecnica interessante è quella della mia biu tze terza forma del wing chun praticamente nel momento dello strangolamento frontale con una mano andare dritti alla gola dell'avversario oppure agli occhi visto che in un certo senso lui è impegnato nell'attacco ma è scoperto allo stesso tempo cmq bellissimi i suoi video sul serio ci sono tante cose interessantissime da provare grazie mille

  12. what is this bullshit. of course its easy to do in slow motion. no attacked is going to attach you in slow motion and let go.

  13. Krav Maga are Rubbish. Krav Maga stole all these techniques to Japanese and chinese martial arts …….. If you wanna do a real martial art go a practice Karate or Kung Fu

  14. the most important step here is moving backwards, setting your attacker off balance and make his grip easy to break. the butterfly technique is the most effective in this position. this is wrong. if the girl breaks the lock she still has a stronger male attacker to knee, she will still be defeated, she will not force him back. she'd be better off stepping back, make a praying shape with her hands, break the attackers hands to the outside and groin strike.

  15. lol it wouldnt work if the person who's defending tried to kick my balls i just put up my right/left leg and boom u just got life hacked

  16. everybody here is commenting that "oh if youre a woman in krav and youre attacked go for the balls." Id like to point out she's doing general knee kicks, something taught to both genders

  17. We just rip your fingers out at the socket. You wouldn't believe how much pain you feel when your pinky is broken into pieces.

  18. it is an easy situation to get out of as, you are the ones with your hands roaming free you can also crunch your stomach to defend against any kicks/knees.

  19. The best way is to bring your form arms on top of the choke and twist downward with an upward thrust to the neck or nose or jaw. While moving away, a solid kick to the groin.

  20. Good training video!

    Starting at 2:25, notice how the instructor's left hand disrupts the attacker's ability to choke him while his right hand is busy with the offensive work. The left hand (and the head turn away from the centerline of the body) basically pulling the attacker's hand from the neck, thereby interrupting the attacker's ability to grab you and choke you.

    By the way, many people ineffectively or inefficiently attempt to choke / strangle an opponent. The choke is meant to disrupt the flow of oxygen to the brain and rest of body to impede cognition, motor skills functioning, and ability to contract muscles, all of which require air. Though the throat is what is typically grabbed (well, the neck actually) when an assailant believes he or she has the upper hand and you'll somehow acquiesce because you're focused on trying to breathe rather than return fire (strike back offensively) Well, know that compressing the trachea shuts off air (asphyxiation) does this, but much of the time, the assailant doesn't do an effective job of compressing the trachea, but you can asphyxiate someone with your thumb pressing onto the trachea, right below the Adam's apple.

    Anyway, the move the instructor is demonstrating at 2:25 is very important because much of self-defense is avoiding being grabbed in the first place because now you're forced to expend cognitive and physical energy to free yourself from the hold so you can run or strike back. In fact, never allow a threat to get that close to you without you striking. Close-quarter combat is difficult for all but the best of fighters out there because there is no room to maneuver. You don't want to wrestle with your opponent and risk getting put into some sort of debilitating submission hold, nor do you want to stick around for your upper hand to against your attacker to work against you. Perform your offensive strikes rapidly and deliberately! Don't be a show off and spend time trying to 'punish' your attacker; your objective is to DISABLE your attacker and then move the hell out of there in case any more threats show up! Make your strikes deliberate enough to both disable and punish the attacker!

  21. Sorry, serious bullshit. If someone is going to grab you like that, there will be a wall or something similar behind you. Anyone who promises that an average woman can beat even a less than average man is lying. The attacker is most likely to use his weight to take you to the ground.

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  23. Insomma…. tutta 'sta storia… per un caro, vecchio, abusato…. calcio nelle palle…. mah…. la domanda è… se ti assale una donna…. 'ndo je lo dai 'sto calcio….?!?!

  24. hi guys I follow ur videos it is so helpful to me. it even saved me basically I am a kick boxer but krav maga techniques are more effective thank you for uploading the videos.

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