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Leadership and Management | Part 1 of 4: Levels and Types of Management

The question is, how do managers differ? We’ve
identified that they differ through levels, different types, functions and skills. Today I’d like to talk to you about how
we differ at varying levels and types of management at those levels. When we think of different
levels of management within organizations, I want you to think about a pyramid. When we look at this pyramid, we’ll look
at three different levels. First and foremost, we have your front line
managers. And this frontline management, is often who you report to or where your first
job in management may be. In the middle, fittingly, we have middle managers,
and at the top, we have our top levels of management. Now we use a pyramid for two reasons,
and I want you to know these two reasons. Two reasons being, first, at the top, we will
have, maybe one executive director or CEO, but at the bottom here, we’re going to have
many more employees and managers. Who do those managers actually manage? Well, it’s you. When you start out in the
industry, it’s the operatives, those people hands-on, on the ground, making it happen.
The second reasons we use a pyramid, is because it’s hierarchal. So, you start at the frontline
management, move to middle management, and then top management. The types of managers
at each of the levels is something I’d also like you to know. At frontline management,
we would have individuals that are project managers. These project managers may manage
coordinators, assistants, interns, and as I mentioned, would be the first level of management
that you would naturally step into. At the middle management, we actually have,
what we call functional managers. The functional managers would be in charge of functional
areas such as marketing, finance, operations, or HR. And at the top, we would typically
have your general managers, who, in sport organizations, are often indicated, or identified
as your CEO’s or Executive Directors. So, there it is, I want you to be able to look
at this, and go, okay, I went into the field as an operative, but, what level of management
do I aspire to, what job descriptions might I want to look at, to them be able to move
through the pyramid, ultimately, if its for you, to a middle management or top management
position. So, know those levels of management, and the
relevant types of management at each level.

Reynold King

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