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LEAKED Hypixel YouTube Rank Training Video

Subtitles BY Verbose Cake11
So you just received your hypixel YouTube rank! Congratulations Welcome to the hypixel YouTube rank training video! The Hypixel YouTube rank is a highly esteemed rank And it is reserved for the most upstanding and hey hey there hey what you doing there? Don’t don’t press that enter button. Come on now, good job Uh, Looks like you’ve got a thing or two to learn about the hypixel YouTube rank. Well. That’s why I’m here I will be your guide to the hypixel YouTube rank and I’m going to teach you everything that you need to know from the things That you can post and chat to the cool abilities that your rank has. LETS BEGIN!!! Chat The YouTube rank removes all chat restrictions. Unlike normal players, you’ll have the ability to say anything in chat! But don’t let this fool you. YouTubers are held to the same standard as normal players, which of course begs the question; Why did Hypixel remove the chat censor for YouTubers? Hypixel removed the chat censor for YouTubers to provide them with an extra opportunity to get banned and use it as clickbait! Wasn’t that nice of them? However, as a Youtuber You’re granted the distinct privilege of being able to post your channel link in chat. So advertise away, you’re special! Special Abilities YouTubers get unique commands abilities and perks to use. The coolest of which is the [YT] tag. which makes you popular. If you’ve played on hypixel all this time without buying a rank then you’ll be pleased to know that the youtuber rank includes all MVP+ donation perks, you cheap motherfucker ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) You can even pretend to be an MVP+ with the /Nick command Do not attempt to impersonate other Youtubers or Hypixel staff members with your disguise Aside from it being against the rules some asshole will always figure out that your nick YouTuber and spamming in chat Another unique ability is the /p private command. This allows you to play private games with the people in your team (and break the game) Hey, whatch-watchu you doing there? There’s only one other person in your team. Ace: So? Retarded narrator: you just joined a private teams game of Skywars… Actually, I’m a bit curious to see what will happen, go for it! SPAMCLICK how do win??? Cmere. Cmere. I’m gonna put this on your feet AAHHH, OH GOD You did this to us, You did this 🙁 *Falls* hahahaha. I win. I Win! I fucking win. so, the Youtuber rank allows you to BREAK the game. That’s a cool feature THIS is Build Battle. with your rank, you’ll be able to set the theme of the building challenge. Hypixel likes to pretend that their server is Family-Friendly, so pretend along with them. Don’t use profane themes in Build Battle. If you want to play Build Battle with a dirty mind, just vote Legendary on the penis buildings. See? You can still play build battle with a sense of humor and not break the rules. Don’t forget to report him! YOU”RE AN EMBASSATOR TO THE COMMUNITY!! Now. What would you say that your favorite game is? Ace: BedWars Oh, O-Okay, so it’s not murder mystery Ace: *Shakes Head* Retarded Narrator: Well, uh, maybe you’ll change your mind because with the Youtube rank, you’ll receive a higher chance of being the murderer! Ace: *Shakes Head* Please come play murder mystery. it’s very lonely here… Besides the gameplay features, the YouTube rank includes an assortment of housing themes that are unique to only those with the YouTube rank. Isn’t that exciting? Ace: (No) Okay, I think were done here… Once again, congratulations on your YouTube rank! *Exits* if you enjoyed this presentation Please order tape 2 for additional advice on getting views with your Hypixel YouTube rank. Learn clickbait titles such as: “I lost my Youtube rank!” “Hypixel banned me!” “I apply for staff on Hypixel!” “Hypixel banned me then I applied for staff!” and many many more. You can also get your very own AMBASSADOR TO THE COMMUNITY T-shirt at the link in the description below! Show your hypixel pride order today! This concludes; Tape One. As always, keep it fresh! (Jazzy Music) *Ends* Subtitles ALL BY Verbose Cake11

Reynold King

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  1. can you give me the yt rank cause idk how to make videos unless i dont need it because i have no videos but 2 subs and i can always try to figure out how to subbot but it will be hard

  2. Hypixel Discord Server

    Owned By @ZF9
    Description Hypixel discord server


    :bed: Bedwars :bed:
    :cloud: Skywars :cloud:
    :video_game: Arcade :video_game:
    :knife: Murder Mystery :knife:
    :crossed_swords: Duels :crossed_swords:
    :stop_button: Walls :stop_button:
    :house: Build Battle :house:
    :house: Player Housing :house:
    :coffee: MUCH MUCH MORE :coffee:


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