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Liper™ Device for tongue training in cases of tongue-tie & Sub-functional tongue

[Music] let’s face it if there is one organ in our body that’s truly underrated it’s the tongue I mean can you imagine life without it well as it turns out our beloved underrated tongue impacts many functions including speech breathing swallowing sleeping breast feeding and later on in life even the kiss common practice teaches us about the ongoing value of encouraging tongue movement during the first week of a baby’s life whether tongue die has been diagnosed or not but no worries it’s really nothing all you have to do is stick two fingers under your baby’s tongue and stretch it praying that your baby won’t cry of course wait wait hold on that was before have you ever heard of the lipo device chances are that you haven’t because there is nothing of its kind now in the age of the lipo device tongue training has just become simple child’s play the lipo device brings compliance to professionals and peace of mind to parents though we invented it for the sake of babies after having witnessed the positive impact that proper tongue training has on their lives then there is ankyloglossia otherwise known as tongue tie and it’s no laughing matter tongue tie makes breastfeeding very difficult and results in pain and sores for the mom but this is only the tip of the iceberg it’s also associated with a range of psychological social and physical implications in some cases of restricted lingual movement training the tongue with a Leiper device might replace furn atomy a surgical procedure to cut or remove the lingual frenum and if Renata me is performed active wound management with a lifer device has been shown to improve outcome ensuring proper tongue functioning and flexibility while preventing the friend alum from reattaching using the lipo device is really easy you just have to slip it on your preferred finger insert it beneath the tongue and slowly lift and lower the tongue do this three to five times daily for up to a minute for as long as your surgeon or professional consultant recommends all babies deserve a fair start in life and the lipo device makes it possible starting with a tongue

Reynold King

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