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Listen to why our foster carers chose Torbay Fostering Team

I’m Kate and I’m a foster carer. Hi. I’m Dan and I’m a foster carer. I’m David and I’m a foster carer in Torbay. Hi, I’m Julie and I’m a foster carer. I would recommend the fostering team in Torbay because they are so lovely, so friendly, obviously very professional but make you feel at ease,
make you feel comfortable. They’re always there at the end of the phone
if you need anything to speak about. You can email them, we have support
groups that you can go to and talk, they give you a mentor where you can speak to
somebody if you need to for support there’s lots and lots of training
which really helps with the fostering children and with your own children. I really, I really would advocate for Torbay Council with anyone wanting to be
a foster carer they are a very good place to to foster. The training is
something that they are really, really sort of dedicated to moving on and
making the best of at the moment and the team in general, you know, there they are
all very good, you know, all our social workers are very dedicated.
I really enjoy being with Torbay. I don’t envisage moving anywhere anytime soon. I’d like to think we’ve got a good interaction with with most of the team.
I’ve personally worked with most of them so has my wife. Some of our support workers and
one in particular was an absolute gem, could not have been better.
But everyone brings their own different style but generally speaking we’ve been
more than satisfied with with the work that we’ve done and the way that people
have worked with us. Well initially we were with a private foster care team and then we looked at Torbay because our girls had come from Torbay obviously
and we’d heard good things because when you do foster you do need good support
from your fostering team. Social workers are really supportive, really helpful and just there when you need them for advice for anything you need at the end of a
phone or to come around see you and they’re just really good so it’s
made life much easier.

Reynold King

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