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Little Superhero Kids 4 – Super Squad Training Mission

New Sky Kids [dramatic theme music] Narrator: If you’re watching this video,
congratulations! You’ve been selected to become… A superhero! But like all the great superheroes before you,
you must go through training! [tooting train]
[disc scratch] Not that kind of train, Spiderman! Spiderman: Oh, sorry. [upbeat music] Meet Timmy.
He’s an ordinary kid, just like you But with the help of the Super Squad, He’ll be one step closer to becoming… A superhero! Timmy: What are you guys
doing in my house? Captain America: That’s right, Timmy.
I am the real Captain America. Narrator: In order to train like a superhero,
you need to dress like one. Let’s help Timmy pick out the perfect… Superhero uniform! [buzzer] Let’s try again. [buzzer] Not quite! [heroic music] [disc scratch]
Captain America: That’s my uniform! Narrator: Let’s just save
the uniform for another time. Which brings us to… Lesson #1: Finding your superpower! [upbeat music] Every superhero has special
powers that make them unique. Take Supergirl, for example. Supergirl’s so fast she once
beat a cheetah in a foot race. In addition to her supersonic speed, Supergirl also has x-ray vision and
the ability to shoot lasers out of her eyes. Which brings us to Captain America
with superhuman strength, A shield made of 100% Vibranium,
and an innate sense of justice, Captain America is
certainly a hero to MARVEL AT. [laughing]
Get it, because, Marvel Comics. [clears throat]
Well, anyways, up next, we have Spiderman! [grasshopper] Spiderman? Oh, didn’t see you there! In addition to his climbing skills,
Spiderman also has catlike reflexes, [meow]
And the ability to shoot webs from his wrists. Now it’s time to figure out
Timmy’s superpowers! What are you good at Timmy? Timmy: Uh, well, I like playing Minecraft
and, uh, eating cereal? [grasshopper] Narrator: What about hidden talents? Timmy: Uh, well, I like
making fart noises with my armpit. [fart sounds] [disc scratch]
Supergirl: Here, I’ll show him. Supergirl: Timmy, I want you to light
this candle with your eyes. Timmy: With my eyes? Supergirl: Like this. [laser beams] Timmy: Uhhh, okay. [suspenseful music] Timmy: Wait, what? I think I did it! Supergirl: Not funny, Spiderman! Spiderman: Sorry. Captain America: Come on, Timmy.
I’ll teach you some real superpowers. Timmy: Wait. How long were you behind me? Captain America: Okay, Timmy.
I’m going to shoot this nerf gun at you… And I want you to shield
yourself from these darts. Timmy: But I don’t have a shield! Timmy: Ahh! Ow! Wait! Captain America: Villains don’t
wait for anyone, Timmy! Timmy: Ahh! [gunfire]
[Timmy yelling] Captain America: Okay, this is not working… How much can you lift? Timmy: So what I am supposed… Ow! Spiderman: Your reflexes have to be quicker! Timmy: Ow! Spiderman: Channel your spider senses, Timmy! Timmy: But, I don’t have… Ah! Supergirl: You need to be faster, Timmy! Captain America: Shield yourself from his slaps! [air horn] Narrator: Time out, Super Squad! Narrator: Timmy’s superpower is supposed
to be unique to Timmy! [Superheroes]: Ohhh. Narrator: Timmy, what is your favorite
way to help other people? Timmy: Well, I like to bake
cookies for people… But that’s not really a superpower. Narrator: Are you kidding me? That’s a great superpower!
Timmy: Really? Narrator: Of course! Making others feel
cared for is what a real superhero does. [cheerful music] Timmy: Bon appetit! Narrator: Congratulations, Timmy! You’ve turned out to be
a marvel-ous superhero! [laughing] [clears throat]
I said, you’ve turned out to be a marvel… Supergirl: We get it! Click to subscribe Or watch more videos!

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