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Liverpool’s new training base | EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE and The story so far…

In July 2018, Liverpool FC
confirmed they’d be leaving their
world-famous Melwood home behind. The plan was to move from West Derby… to Kirkby, and in the process, bring the club’s first team
and Academy together in one spot. The aim was to be all done
by the summer of 2020. In September, they broke ground
with help from a few recognisable faces. And then it was all systems go, as work began on the
9,200 square metre training complex. For the foundations, they poured in
2,300 cubic metres of concrete and 30,000 tonnes of stone. A structure began to rise from the ground,
made up of 2,000 pieces of steel. That’s 520 tonnes of metal placed with
precision by more than 2,000 crane lifts. In May 2019,
the main structure was completed, after the last of 144 timber beams
were lowered into place. Work could now begin on laying
out space inside for two gyms, one full-size sports hall,
a pool and hydrotherapy complex. As part of a plan to
give back to the local area, the nearby Eddie McArdle
training pitches were renovated – and handed over to Knowsley Council. And, in the weeks that followed Liverpool’s historic Champions League
triumph in Madrid, work began on marking out pitches
fit for European kings. Towering floodlights sprang up while three
full-size fields were carved out beneath them. Strengthened by cutting-edge
GrassMaster reinforcement, the new grass will be able to
grow from the spring of 2020. And shortly after, the Reds will be all set
to move into their new home.

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Liverpool’s new training base | EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE and The story so far…”

  1. time for the next generations of Gerrard's and Trent's (even though he is the current generation)
    let's overcome la masia and make history, playing a champions league game with all academy graduates

  2. Most important is that players love it and it’s top quality.. Nothing but the best because we are footballing GIANTS YNWA.

  3. I love you LIVERPOOL FC! You are the greatest club in the world, you are the greatest example of a public face in football! You have always been the best and you will always be so to me. God bless the 96 and all who believe in and support this great club. YNWA

  4. Damn Time Surely Moves Fast. I remember when Liverpool were a “small” club in terms of premier league and champions league recognition. Now they are the best team in Europe and One of the best Teams in The Prem. And One of the best teams in the world… ⚽️

  5. this looks like a world class training facility. I can't imagine there is many better and our visit to usa and seeing there state of the art facilities last summer would have given us ideas. There seems room for further developments, if needed

  6. What's being done to address and offset the environmental footprint of the construction and maintenance of the new complex?

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