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Local Doctor On What To Buy To Be Prepared For Coronavirus

Reynold King

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    83 Being Monitored For Coronavirus In Long Island's Nassau County, 8 Quarantined In Westchester: Live Updates

    CDC Reports 6 New US Cases Of COVID-19 As Total Hits 59; Italy Surpasses 400: Live Updates
    Brazil Confirms South America's First Case Of Coronavirus:
    • WHO warns the rest of the world "is not ready for the virus to spread…"
    • CDC warns Americans "should prepare for possible community spread" of virus.
    • HHS Sec. Azar warns US lacks stockpiles of masks
    • Italy Hotel in Lockdown After First Coronavirus Case in Liguria
    • First case in Switzerland
    • First case in Austria
    • First case in Spain
    • Iran Deputy Health Minister infected with Covid-19

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  2. Funny she said to stock up on "antibacterial soap"! This is a VIRUS NOT BACTERIA! Get regular soap and wash for 20 at least seconds. ALCOHOL HAND SANITIZER & LYSOL spray or WIPES KILL. CORONAVIRUS!

  3. You all might want to reconsider your retirement plans. Especially if you around retirement age on social security with a underlying health condition. On the bright side, SS wont go bankrupt now. 🤔

  4. im living in tokyo and hard to get face mask, toilet paper, tissue, gas bombe, mineral water and pack of rice. normally 5 kilos of rice is 1800 yen but no longer available right now in super market so i purchased to amazon, same brand but 2500 yen plus 700 yen delivery fees

  5. I found running around in a supermarket screaming uncontrollably whilst buying just about everything and randomly yelling "DON'T PANIC!" cured me of the virus……………………. 🙁

  6. While I totally get stocking up on water for any event, is there really any reason for this one in particular? This won’t compromise the water supply to your home.

  7. Yes. Great advise but too late. The answer was to shut borders. Political correctness on one side and fear of financial losses overran common sense. So prepare to quarantine and take your C vitamin if you can find any.

  8. Paper face masks are not designed to protect against a virus or be worn over a long periods outside. 🙈😷 They do nothing other than impair your breathing.

  9. Why in the world would you need to buy water! Most water in this country is serious chlorinated. Water can also be boiled.

  10. I've been planning on eating one of my cats out of curiosity, and if quarantined, I'll finally have an excuse!

    Noodle Catserole!!

  11. This is being blown over the top. Your going to get sick and it will be a cold. The few that will die will already be months from death anyways.

  12. Top virologists
    working in bio labs with viruses, making vaccines, don’t get vaccinated. They
    use antiviral drugs, if sick. Even though vaccines are their meal ticket. Buy
    the time a vaccine is approved the virus has mutated, and the vaccine becomes
    dangerous. Antiviral drugs and antiviral herbs will kill all virus’s. Not
    enough money in antiviral drugs for big Pharma. A culture of hygiene, antiviral
    and self isolation when sick is the strategy. Hysteria will have a bigger body

  13. I drive for Lyft I can't stay home and they haven't developed beaming devices yet so. But in the meantime my riders will be in a clean car.

  14. For water, if it gets to the point utilities shut down or water is contaminated… you can cut off the feeds to and from your hot water heater and use the water in it for drinking.
    A gallon per person per day is near impossible to store… 14 days x 4 people = 56 gallons… even the 40 half liter Costco cases are around 5 gallons each.

  15. Dude saw a video about a truck driver who was at a port to pick up a container usually filled with supplies but said there wasn't nearly as much containers that's supposed to be there I'm worried about a food shortages if people are buying everything is it possible that stores aren't going to have anything left?

  16. This is very serious, many people are dying. It is all in your Bible Matthew 24. Jesus said, I am the Way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me. John 14:6 Pray Ask Jesus to save you to come into your heart, forgive you of your sins, in Jesus name. Read your Bible tell others how to have eternal life

  17. I might be exaggerating but I did all my groceries shopping today and stocked up for 2months worth of can foods, frozen food packs of water, first aid kit, medicine , toilet paper… I have 2kids live in Los Angeles 😰 and I will not b leaving my house until all this hopefully stops been so dangerous 🙏😫

  18. Oh fuck sake this is just getting out of order the world is not coming to a fucking end and not coming back as zombies it’s a virus

  19. Simple.. just like each other countries prepare their army, arsenal, weapons, aircraft, tanks etc.. to prepare for any enemies! Same goes to family household.

  20. The coronavirus has evolved into two virulent forms: "S" and "L" … the latter being more dangerous. If you recover from one, you can still get sick again from the other. Scientists are working on a vaccine, hopefully to address both forms. It will take awhile for it to be available to all (10 to 18 months). In the meantime do everything to keep yourself well. For expert info see videos of Dr. John Campbell.

  21. I wonder what he wanted to say at 0:38 after he said "It's important not to panic" — given it was cut off so quick, he clearly said something that was censored.

  22. The Reason I Am Not Preparing Is Because I Know What's Coming And If Your Like ISIS Is Sensible Enough To Prepare Their Gonna Drag You Out of Your Home And Their Gonna Take Everything You Own And Call It A Fucking That's Was All About Unless You Have Written Admissible Evidence To Prove Otherwise Believe Me The Only Lone Survivors of This Are Gonna Be The Militias Who Are Not Gonna Be So Easy To Rob Not-Prepared And Not-Panicing Is Because Your Dealing With Gomi At That Point My Lifestyle Hasn't Changed Much The Only Difference Is I'm Not Awakened Every Hour of The Damn Night By A Landmine Going Off In The Streets or A Goddamn Missile Hitting A Nearby Armory And That's What The Democrats Are PYST Off About When It Comes To Sex I Would Risk And That's Why It's Called "dedsex"
    If Time Travel Was Real The Only Thing My Presence At That Club Would've Changed Is Who Got Stabbed
    Here In America We Are Not Gonna Survive This Politically This Might Be The Event That Frantic Caller From Area 51 Was Warning Us About Needs To Be Maintained In The United States At All Costs Because The Greater Isn't Even The Virus No We Are Not Staying In Homes Waiting For You To Greet Us At The Door With A Bullet Because We Voted For When I Was 9 Years Old We Didn't Even Have One Year "demockracy" Lasted All The Way Up Until The

  23. 1. High blood pressure – Published in the journal Fundamentals of Clinical Pharmacology, researchers found extract from black seed to cause a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol and blood pressure, offering a natural treatment for mild forms of hypertension.
    2. Asthma – Multiple studies, including this one published in the journal Phytomedicine, has found Nigella sativa to possess anti-asthmatic effects. One even found it superior to conventional drug treatment.
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    10. Cervical Cancer – In a cervical cancer cell line, extracts of thymoquinone were able to trigger apoptosis or cell death, slow cancer progression, and stop the spread of the cancer.

    Nigella sativa, black seed, black cumin, or black coriander – whatever you choose to call it – is not a meager spice. This powerful healing agent has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties.

  24. My parents are preparing with foods and stuff … keep in mind even if it doesn’t hit you didn’t lose anything because you still can use it overtime… smart…

  25. Stay away from crowds, wash your hands, keep your dirty hands away from your face (!), and get sleep. All good.

  26. They forgot to add butter and bread 🍞 You can freeze it to make it last, over a month. And maxi pads or tampons for the ladies, just saying. And coffee/ tea sugar or sweeteners. God bless America 🇺🇸 and stay healthy everyone, with hand💦 👏 soap 😅

  27. “While there is not panic about Coronavirus, we are the news, and our job is to incite panic”
    (and racial tension, and stress, and general nervousness about pretty much everything)

  28. WashING hands is good habit. But right now it’s pointless. IT IS AIRBORNE. IT GETS IN YOUR CLOTHES, SHOES, HAIR, PETS, CARS, HVAC UNITS.

  29. If people are quarantined inside their house and have access to their plumbing and a filtration unit there's no reason to buy bottled water. Are you thinking we're going to have a disruption of utilities as well????!!!

  30. I for one am looking forward to having 2 weeks at home to tackle some overdue projects! I say "bring it on!"

  31. If you tell people not to panic that's exactly what they're gonna do next thing you know well all be issued with ration books that'll take years to get rid of for heavens sake stop treating people like idiots

  32. Sounds like the virus was made to take out old people and sick people. Culling the herd and getting rid of the "useless money wasters". NWO

  33. Government and army should be going from home to home and drop off all these things for us for free because we pay taxes so the government can do everything else while we are working to pay taxes and having kids so the country won’t go absolute so if they can’t get their part of the deal under control then they need to supply all this for us. Rich need us for buying their stuff and serve them so they feel special just because they have money and government needs us otherwise who will pay the taxes so then they can buy 5 million dollars houses on a $50,000 salary 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Local Doctor On What To Buy To Be Prepared For Coronavirus
    "A gun.. otherwise you will be trapped in line behind illegal immigrants"

  35. Why non perishable? Electric isn’t out. I have a freezer and keep it stocked. Water won’t be turned off. Gas will be on.

  36. By the way. What happened to the Deadly BIRD FLU Virus 15 yrs ago? And of cause the Mainstream media which has reported this craziness of fear this time , were the same ones that reported the same Craziness of fear the last time . God Bless America.

  37. Of course they didn’t mention not to mess with your nose hairs that are your bodies only defense against everything going into your lungs and they didn’t mention to buy a lot of weed✅🤪😎

  38. Idiotic advice. Prepare for what? The regular flu spreads and kills more people…who is advising the public to prepare for that? Are they expecting all the grocery and places like walmart to run out of clorox, diapers, can food etc? The doctor and anchor woman are both STUPID for spreading fear. you forget we live in America not a third world country.

  39. TRUTH on all Health Topics – resources without price gouging Namaste

  40. Just treat it like a tornado, "if it's my time to go, it'll take me." Worry about the 150 million that died from guns according to Biden. 150 million. Biden said that. Yeah these are the people we put in charge…brain damage is spreading faster than this virus.

  41. Toilet paper!? Not really, I can just hop In the shower and wash my ass. Better to focus on food and water.

  42. Lol funny how people think everyone can stay home from their job and teleconferences. Shows you just how out of touch people like that Dr. are.

  43. Everyone should stay home for 30’days –
    Landlords should not charge for rent in those 30 days because no ones working ..

  44. Stop Hoarding, you gonna die anyway. Leave some things for other people too cause you ain't gonna need it all

  45. Hey ! You need to buy Cloxox wipes ! They kill the germs !! Use em on doorknobs fridge door handle tables toilet 🚽 handle !! Or mix bleach with some water …. I mix little bleach with laundry detergent in bucket & wash kitchen and bathroom floors (they are linoleum ).

  46. Bad advice about cold and flu meds. Do not take these! They will prolong a viral infection by reducing fever and give the virus more time to replicate increasing mortality.

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