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Mark Wahlberg – Workout Motivation 2017

Mark Wahlberg Thank you for watching

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Mark Wahlberg – Workout Motivation 2017”

  1. this compilation is stupid lol half the movements hes doing looks like part of his warm up…..this makes Mark(total beast with a great physique) look like he just warms up to get jacked lol

  2. I had my sport complex. And I had electric energy field at CVS am district.I can't member all of man in the world are you understood me.

  3. Yo no te digo yo digo que hay que motivarse al principio es difícil pero después te acostumbras a m llevar una vida sana y hacer ejercicios lo mejor de la vida motívate que tú puedes

  4. What a bunch of losers calling him names and saying he does steroids. I doubt he is on steroids he is not like crazy huge

  5. Ohhh!!! Looks like someone's been working out! I'm so scared. Nice video, Mark, but high school was a long time ago. I don't care how big your muscles get, you're still so short I'll be able to hold your forehead while you swing and kick at me. Get over it, Bro. Lookin good tho.

  6. Hate all u want but Mark is dedicated to his craft. His physique, work ethic, attitude, love for his family and God is simply amazing. He may have done things in da past but past is past bro.

  7. At one of the golf shots he is hitting from the left but on the other two he is hitting from the right? There is something fake about this video

  8. Guys need to stop doin those dumbass monkey shine turkey jerky pull ups. There is no more benefit to em than using controled movement. Then you throw back out from doin that fish flop bs.

  9. he has a personal chef and home gym plus he can afford all the supplements he wants.. of course he will be ripped..

  10. I used To like this actor but since he admited ones that he hit an asian guy when he was young wich made that Guy lose his eye bcz only for case of racism, I dont know how je can live in peace and focus on build muscles !!!! such shame

  11. It is easy to workout when you have plenty of free time and Do nothing whole day, if all us of have many like those movie Stars many of us will look good as that even better

  12. "I have million dollars. i earn money if i do this workout. i can buy what steroids i want. i can hire which traniner i want. I have time for training."
    Yes good motivation bro..

  13. Good workout and great shape,but bro you still can't do not even one full pull up.Whatever you are paying that coach, it's too much.

  14. Who cares if he has a big bank account or not. I look at it this way, he is inspiring people to get in better shape…

  15. He has a trainer but he curls with his shoulders what a joke … roids baby roids 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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