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Marketing and Communications Training: Meet Public Relations and Internal Communications

(upbeat music) The University of Minnesota a diverse community of
faculty, staff and students on five campuses all working toward the
University of Minnesota mission of research, education and outreach. University relations tells the great University
of Minnesota story promoting the activities of
all parts of the university to every corner of the state and world. At the same time, individual
campuses and units also tell their own stories promoting their accomplishments
and initiatives. With all of these communicators
and with the diversities of views and experiences on our campuses we must be intentional to
cohesively deliver messages that further the reputation
of the university. In University Relations, we
do this in a variety of ways. Public Relations uses
all media to tell the University of Minnesota’s story and to convey the value that
the university delivers. We demonstrate the University’s critical contributions to the state and beyond. This is important, because
how we show up in the world affects the day to day
work of our faculty, staff and students. With a strong reputation,
we’ll attract high achieving students, distinguished faculty
and garner the resources that help us succeed in our mission. To do its work the Public Relations
team builds relationships with state, national,
and international media. So that we can be both
responsive and proactive in telling our story. We develop media tools and
training to assess individual campuses, colleges, and units
and sharing their specific stories. We support the University
of Minnesota campaigns and systemwide initiatives and we manage critical issues and crises identifying risks and developing
communication strategies to respond and recover. The internal communications
team has goals similar to those pf Public Relations, but instead, delivers
messages internally to faculty, staff, and students. This work promotes employee
engagement, trust in leadership, and an integrated University culture. To do its work, the
Internal Communications Team shows the connection between
employee and the mission of the University, shares
news across the universities supporting broad messages
from across the units and from leadership, promotes employee engagement
and provides best practices and consultation on
communications plans on individual colleges and units. The Public Relations and
Internal Communications Teams of Universities relations,
partner with communicators at all of the campuses,
colleges, and units of the University. Wherever you work, there are
people and resources that can help you be more
effective at telling the University of Minnesota’s story. Share your knowledge
and promote good stories by connecting with university
relations and communicators at your campus or college or the whole network of
communications professionals across the University for resources, guidelines, and assistance, go to to connect with other University
of Minnesota communicators, go to (music gradually fading out)

Reynold King

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