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Mediation – How to prepare and outcomes

Do you have a mediation
and want to make sure you get the best outcome? Preparing for your mediation is the best way to make sure you
successfully resolve your workplace dispute. Here are a few things you can do to
prepare for your mediation: Get ready for the phone call, make
notes if you need to and make sure you know the date and time
the mediator will call. Think about the issue in dispute.
Most people approach the Fair Work Ombudsman to get help with unpaid wages, deductions
or entitlements on termination of employment. You should check whether any money is owed
and calculate the amount. is a good
place to start and we have online tools including pay
calculators to help you. Check your records.
Checking your payslips and rosters or time and wage records
are the best way to see what has happened and work at it any mistakes have been
made. Think about the outcome you want. there are two sides to every mediation
and you need to be flexible to reach an agreeable outcome Find a quiet space. Take the call in a private area and make sure there is not a lot of
background noise or people around you to distract or interrupt you. Be willing to negotiate. The key to a successful mediation is to
listen to the other party, be flexible in your approach and willing
to negotiate for an outcome that is easiest and quickest for both parties. 8 out of 10 workplace issues are resolved at or prior to mediation. This means that a solution is agreed upon by both parties. to get the best outcome for both parties.
Sometimes workplace disputes are resolved by payment of a settlement
amount but sometimes no money is owed and the
dispute is withdrawn. Other disputes can be resolved by
providing payslips or returning property. But the best outcome is one that both parties can agree on. We can even help you put your agreed
solution in writing. If you can’t agree on a solution to your
workplace issue during your mediation our mediator will discuss some options for you to
try and resolve it in other ways like taking action in a court in small claims. For more information about your entitlements or obligations, how the
Fair Work Ombudsman can help, and enforcement options including small
claims, visit for more information about mediation

Reynold King

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  1. All said very quickly. Extremely overwhelming. Please slow it down and show your images and text on the screen for longer.
    Thank you.

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