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Meet the Teaching and Learning Group

[music] [Amin] The teaching and learning group is important
to Unizin because they provide a unique advisory opportunity for us to learn
about what’s actually going on in the teaching and learning community, so the service and solutions we provide, how they’re actually being used by faculty and students. [Jeremy] A year ago we were kind of looking at
things at a ten thousand foot view in terms of what is this group really going
to be. So high-level strategic discussions, and now we’re working
much more towards actionable items. [Liv] We’re really starting to leverage the strengths across institutions around affordability, around open content around open standards, around the
development of tools. [Jeremy] The learning experience needs to drive all decisions and I think
that’s such a valuable thing that Unizin offers. [Matthew] Now that we’ve actually
gotten sort of past some of the technical issues related to learning
analytics and now we’re really getting into the meat of how do we actually
drive this forward in order to make our students more successful. [Liv] What was really
exciting for me today is the level of collegiality and collaboration that was
happening across institutions. And I think within the learning technology
field there’s really a commitment to student success and helping students
learn and really looking at some of the serious challenges we face around who’s
successful in college and how long it takes students to move through a degree. [Jeremy] Our ability to rely on other Member institutions and other specific
individuals within those institutions is really growing and
that’s a very empowering thing. [Amin] They have a more unified resolve toward what the
end goal is and I think that’s a result of the leadership of this group and also
the Unizin board of directors. [music]

Reynold King

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