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Mental Health in Schools | Engage, Empower, Educate | Starts With Me

my name is Mike and I’m the founder of
Starts With Me. Our purpose is to create spaces for conversations about mental
health that change lives. We’re giving people the story underneath the slogans
and the articulation of things that are deeply rooted inside of us and that’s
where I think the healing or the freedom or the liberation comes from. I feel like
a lot of people they don’t want to talk and they don’t feel like they can talk.
Being able to speak about your problems without feeling as if they don’t matter
because somebody might be going through something that’s worse really really
helps. Like if you get it out and you have someone’s like opinion back to see
like it’s not just you like at war with yourself in your head you can
actually express your feelings and someone can tell you like don’t worry
you’re not crazy or maybe help you if you have like a mental illness. Starts With Me
designs talks workshops and programs for schools which is brought to life and
celebrate it at the annual State Of Mind Festival. We’re all in a different spot
of how mentally healthy we are and that can change throughout the day at
any given time. By participating in positive activities
like today we feed our own mental health I would say normalize, but it de-stigmatized. so students are able to feel really safe and comfortable opening up and talking about mental health and I think that it was very therapeutic for a lot of them
and then having things here that they were able to showcase and show their
talents in a very differentiated way was a super powerful experience it
gives these students a natural way of seeing people talk about it and seeing
other students talk about it and other teachers talk about it and I think that
this was amazing but it needs to be bigger! Join the Starts With Me movement. To Engage Empower and Educate your students today

Reynold King

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