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the best gift that you can give your wife and your kids do you know what it is there are some husbands they never spend time with their family they think that I can compensate just by giving gifts he just gives her the wife of the credit card and that’s it as if this compensates Allah so Allah he says if a man a man who spends time with his wife you spend an hour you spend a half an hour with your wife and your children you sit with them you listen to them you laugh with them you ask about their day you ask about their needs Rasool Allah he says that evening that you spend with your family is more beloved to Allah than someone who does ehtekaf for three days not in any Masjid in masjid of the Prophet in Medina do you see how much Islam wants us to preserve our families that Allah loves the husband who sits with his family more than the one who leaves his family and goes and worships all night for three days in the message of the Prophet the best gift that you can give to your wife to your children it’s time you give them time you know there was a young boy his father never used to spend time with him always working he works 70 80 90 hours a week he never sees his father yes there’s a roof over the head there’s food on the table clothes on the back but you know children they need more than money they need more than a roof over their heads they need a father they need that emotional care that attention they need it so this young boy he used to get an allowance and used to save it until after 2-3 months he saves 50 US dollars because he asked his father three months earlier Baba how much do you get paid an hour he says I get paid fifty USD per hour he spends three months saving $50 and at the end of the three months he gives fifty dollars to his father and he says I want one hour of your time I want one hour there is no amount of money in the world that can replace this type of relationship it’s better believe me it’s better to live a more simple life and have time with your family than living in a man Qin and the family doesn’t spend any time together well long because these kids that have all the money in the world but they didn’t have a father around or a mother around they’re gonna have problems later on they’re gonna resent you they’re gonna feel that you were chasing money instead of spending time with us and believe me these kids they would rather live a more simple life and have a relationship with their fathers and with their mothers so we have to ask ourselves what do we want out of this life is it just about driving a fancy car living in a fancy home or is it about having these real relationships

Reynold King

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