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MFA in Child Culture Design

Child Culture Design is more a way of seeing things. It’s not really… hands on competences. It is you who decide what you’re going to make and what you are doing. When you design for children you have to be a bit more careful than designing for others because whatever you do, you’re going to influence them somehow for the rest of their lives. Adults always think that they know much more than younger ones. But we are often not right. We’re a small group of students, usually around ten. We work from the objects to, for example, a playground, to space. We work together with preschools and schools but also teachers and pedagogs. Some students work together with companies as well. To find a way to… let the voices of children speak. Through books, through working for an institution, like a municipality, but that is my main goal – to advocate for the right for children.

Reynold King

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